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Translation of the Kriya-tantra section

Translation of the Kriya-tantra section

     The Tibetan canonical collection of sacred Kangyur texts contains many sections. One of these is devoted to tantras, which are divided into four types, including the Kriya-tantra section.

     Kriya-tantra (Sanskrit kriya-tantra, Tib. bya rgyud, tantra of action) is the first class of the so-called "outer" tantras of Vajrayana Buddhism.


About kriya-tantra

     This kind of tantra is intended for deep purification of body, speech and mind of a practitioner and for receiving blessings of various Buddhas and bodhisattvas. In other words, the correct practice of these techniques can qualitatively change our lives for the better on a relative level - bringing well-being, health, prosperity, happiness and harmony. But we should not forget that the goal of these methods is to attain the highest possible good on the absolute level--the Buddha state. The history of Buddhist tradition provides ample evidence that yogis and yogini achieved these kinds of benefits.

About the edharmalib translation project

     In all, the volume of the Kriya-tantra section is ten volumes. Many texts from this section are published in various languages with errors, which certainly distorts their meaning, belittles the tradition, and, in the end, brings less benefit to the beings than it could. 

The time to complete the work is four to five years.

The edharmalib project has several goals

Preserving the cultural and spiritual heritage of India and Tibet.

Distributing quality translations of authentic texts.

Providing access to the canonical scriptures of Tibetan Buddhism for a modern audience in several languages (English, Russian, etc.)

Helping Tibetan monasteries in the dissemination of knowledge and its preservation.

Supporting the translators. 


Sponsorship support of the project

The translation and publication of materials in different languages requires a lot of effort and support from people who care for Dharma and want to have access to high quality translations of the authentic teachings of the Buddha. 

By creating a positive interdependence through sponsorship, you help preserve the valuable authentic texts of Buddhism and accumulate positive karmic potential. You can share wisdom with the world and benefit a multitude of living beings with any sponsorship. Kindly take advantage of this opportunity.

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