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Translation of texts from Sangye Lingpa's terma cycle

Translation of texts from Sangye Lingpa's terma cycle


Over the centuries in Tibet there have appeared many amazing teachers - monks, scholars and yogis. In the ancient Nyingma tradition (the school of Old Translations), which originates from Guru Padmasambhava, one can also find a special type of teachers who discover spiritual treasures - terma. Such teachers are commonly referred to as tertons.

Each terton-teacher, because of his close connection with Guru Padmasambhava, receives the ability or competence to reveal teachings relevant to a particular time and beings. Padmasambhava himself left prophecies about the coming of the "Great" tertons who should play a particularly important role in the preservation and dissemination of his teachings.

Sangye Lingpa 

     One of the "Great" tertons is Sangye Lingpa. In the fourteenth century he discovered a great cycle of teachings, equal in length to fourteen volumes, which has still not lost its relevance and continues to be of great benefit to living beings. This is due both to the strength of the teachings themselves and to the purity of the lineage by which this cycle of the terma has survived to this day. 

     The collection includes numerous materials on astrology, rituals, meditative techniques, explanations of Mahamudra and Dzogchen teachings, composition of protective amulets, yoga, the practice of Chod, and much much more.

The goals of the edharmalib project

Cataloging the text collection.

Translating all volumes of Sangye Lingpa's terma collection into several languages (Russian and English).

Preserving the textual heritage of the unique spiritual tradition of terma treasures;

Supporting translators and monasteries who process, translate, and preserve the teachings.


Sponsorship for the translation of the cycle

Time required for translation - 4-5 years.

     You have a chance to create positive interdependence by sponsoring the project. You are creating tremendous positive karmic potential for your life and practice as a whole. In addition, you are helping others get in touch with and have ongoing access to the unique cycle of Buddhist teachings. 

Kindly take advantage of this opportunity!

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