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Collections of translations on astrology, sache, mo

Books and collections of translations on astrology, divination and geomancy

Astrology, sache and so on

Text or cycle of teachings pdf html
The Mirror of existence
- html
Calculation of the fruits (dretsi) - -
The oral lineage of the secret practice of Machig. The method of analyzing the contemplation of the earth and the method of analyzing springs - -
Method of restoration of opponents-dunzur - -
The method of harmonizing the three harmonious - -
Method of Harmonization of Sickness, Death and Cemetery - -
Condensed Consecration of Saccha - -
Пхугпа Лхундруб Гьямцхо. Обширный комментарий на Свародаю, важную тантру славного Всепобеждающего в битвах «Звуки и мелодии высшей радости, берег благих разъяснений» - -


Tibetan divination and divination practices

Text or cycle of teachings pdf html
Padampa Sangye. Divination on five fingers - html
Padampa Sangye. Clairvoyance from fortune telling on stones - html
Mingyur Dorje. Namcho. Fortune telling on a rosary with eight names of the Guru - html
Calculation of five families of dakini together with the calculation of days - html
Padmasambhava. Divination through magical manifestation - html
Mingyur Dorje. Eight predictions from good symbols - html
Paths of movement of obstacles, eliminated negative forces - -
Records of the practice of predictions mo Vajrakilaya "Clear Mirror" - -
Padampa Sangye. Loss of livestock while driving. Will you find it or not? - -
Mingyur Dorje. Heavenly Teaching. Instructions from the corpse eater cycle. Enhancement method [clarity in predictions] - -
Apam terten Pavo Choying Dorje. The practice of divination with the help of Saint Tara - -
Namkha Gyaltshen. The practice of fortune telling with a mirror - -
Divination practice with a mirror - -
Analysis of the cry of the crow - -
Namcho. Clarification of color cards to clarify the point - -


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