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Collections of translations of the Kagyu

Books and collections of translations of various Kagyu lineages

General texts (outside of collections)

Text or cycle of teachings pdf html
Karma Chagme. The shortest torma for nagas - -
Karma Chagme. A short form of one hundred thousand apologies to the sadag - -
Oral Precepts for Six Teachings - html
Marpa Lotsava. Nectar that has a radiance - -
Karma Chagme. Condensed Smoke Offering for Lungta - -
Karma Chagme. Throwing back enemies and scandals - -


Karma Kagyu

Text or cycle of teachings pdf html
Lodro Thaye. Practice of Hevajra - -
Four Teachings on the Sequencing of Oral Instruction - -
Shamarpa. Meditation of Great Seal
- html
Rangjung Dorje. Practicing the alchemy of wind and awareness - -
Khakhyab Dorje. Instructions on Key Points of the Great Seal of the Absolute Meaning "Seeing Naked Awareness" - html
Rangjung Dorje. A treatise on distinguishing between ordinary consciousness and intrinsic wisdom - -
Prayer to the Great Seal Lineage Teachers - -
Puja of Avalokiteshvara. meditation and chanting (mantras) of Great Compassion that covers all space for the sake of sentient beings - -
Karma Chagme. Mountain Dharma. Hermitage Instructions - -


Drugung Kagyu

Text or cycle of teachings pdf html
"Purified drop of immortality" Practice of the longevity mandala of the noble Tara -  
Collection of practices of the deities of wealth -  
Entering the corpse (drong jug) -  
Transferring and entering a corpse (phowa and drong jug) -  



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