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Collections of translations of the Nyingma

Collections of translations of the Nyingma

    Many different schools can be attributed to the Nyingma tradition. Sometimes these directions differ according to the traditions of monasteries, sometimes according to the terms opened by one or another teacher. These collections contain texts that are divided into specific groups of collections that can be selected separately. As an example, we can highlight the traditions of The tsamdrag monastery, Tingkye, Kama collections, traditions of Dujom tersar, Chokling tersar, texts of Mingyur Dorje, etc.

Texts outside of collection
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Practice of the Lotus Dakini (Kurukulla)    
An offering of the sang to the Nagas    
Vajrapani. Protection from spades. Blood of poisons. Vajra armor and yogic activities    
Records of protection that is possible for everyone. The vajra armor, the armor protection.    
Tsondru Dragpa. The transfer into the corpse    
Collection practices of Tara    
Jamyang Chokyi Lodro. Red sur and short sur    
Guru Chokyi Wangchug. Dharanis uniting the heart of the Kangyur [edition] Rochog    
Heart drop of Samantabhadra. Trekcho. The cycle of primordial purity   html


Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Tantra of the Heart of liberation by contact   html
Tantra of the Liberation of All Consciousnesses by One   html
Tantra of the Single Golden syllable   html
The Tantra of the All-perfect Fruit, the Great Perfection   html
The Tantra of Self-arising awareness   html
The Tantra of the syllable-seed of the one son   html

Dujom Tersar

Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Completion stage of Vajrakilaya according to ati yoga    
Collection of practices of the cycle Lama-shitro (without Tibetan)    
Vajrakilaya practice    
Lake Born practice    
Deep path. Drop of mind of dakini. Instructions on completion stage, winds and channels, yoga    
The burning of the gifts or jinseg of Simkhamukha    
The daily practice of Simkhamukha    
Brief daily practice of Hayagriva    
The practice of the three wrathful pdf html
Deep path. A brief ritual of [bringing] the deceased to a [higher] state, associated with the activity-deeds of the heavenly deities-dakini "Metal hook of compassion"    
Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. Daily practice of Lionhead [Simhamukha] with palm strikes pdf html
Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. White and red sur    
Guru Dragpo
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Ritual practice of the Great Wrathful Teacher    
The Practice of the Blood Drinking [three Poisons] Wrathful Teacher "Revealing the Rain of True Achievements"    
The ritual practice of the vase of activity from the [teachings] of the Wrathful Teacher    
Blood Drinking Wrath Lotus Torm [Offering] Ritual "Destruction of All Enemies and Obstacles"    
Fulfillment of heartfelt obligations of the Blood Drinking Wrath Lotus "Clouds of the Ocean of Desire"    
Visualization for reciting the [mantra] of protection, aversion [from oneself] and destruction from the [cycle of teachings] of the blood drinking Wrath Lotus.    
The Wrathful Teacher's Daily Ritual Practice    
The shortest ritual of the ordinary torma of obligatory deities.    
Sangye Lingpa
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
The ritual of initiation [transmission] of the texts of the volume - - html
The embodiment of the mind of the teacher. One hundred thousand types of protection - html
Lama gongdu
- html
Tsakli of cycle Lama Gongdu - html
Nanam Drogpa Tubgyal
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Instructions on the deep and perfect Chinese chakras from the ceremony of discarding negative and [temple] science - html
One hundred protective chakras. Images   html
One hundred protective chakras. Ceremony   html
Jatson Nyingpo
Winds and channels. Dakini's secret treasure
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
A clear light that itself is pure from delusions - html
The circle of dreams and clear light - html
Rigdzin Sogdrub
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Internal heat. Lotus boat of Great Bliss. Small notes explaining the whole hidden essence   html
Rigdzin Sogdrub. Practice the life force of the Vidyadhara. Yoga clarifying mirror   html
Oral instruction of the oral lineage. The heart of the tantra section. Inner Heat Instructions "The Flame of Inherent Wisdom"   html
Yoga of channels and winds   html
The stage of completion of Varahi "The essential drop of dharmadhatu and magical illusion"

Mingyur Dorje
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Heavenly dharma. Vajrabhairava pdf html
Heavenly dharma. Guru Dragphur pdf html
Simkhamukha practice pdf html
Heavenly dharma. Torma practice of 60 Yamantakas pdf html
Heavenly dharma. The practice of peaceful and wrathful deities pdf html
Heavenly dharma. The practice of peaceful and angry deities. Addition pdf html
White Mahakala practice pdf html
Chokling Tersar
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Dukyi Shechen's practice    
Heart practice of the Master, dispelling all obstacles. Prosperity Practice "Superior Precious Vessel"    
Sang Thig. Vajrasattva Practice of Longevity
Sang Thig Korsum. A small particle of small and large activity of the single form Vajra Kumara "Chariot of Activity"    
Sang Thig. Practice of the singular form of Vajrakumara    
Collection of Lotus Dakini Practices (Kurukulla)    
Molten Gold of Great Perfection. Essential clarifications from Samantabahdra's heart drop (trekcho and togal)   html
Three sections of the Great Perfection. Guru Yoga Practice    
Sang Thig. Practicing Vajrasattva with union    
Practices of offering to the defenders of the Teaching    
Offerings and a short practical ritual of the Blessed Teacher of Healers "Swirl of nectar-amrita"    
Secret cycle. Eight Teachings to recite, embellished with recitation and contemplation (eight classes)    
Brief Daily Body Offering (Brief Chod)    
Heart practice. Brief Channel Yoga "Blaze of Primordial Wisdom"    
Brief Prayer and Offerings to Kilai's dog-headed protectors “Instant activity that cuts off enemies and obstacles”    
Sangthig Korsum. Offering offerings to Vajra Kumar in union (ganapuja)    
Treasury of the mind. Deep Drop of Tara the Liberator "Inner Practice with a Ritual of Initiation"    
Troma Nagmo
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
A Brief Procedure for Establishing the Torm for the Guardian Kings of the Four Sides    
Restoration of heart obligations. Desolation of the depths of the low lands    
Correction of place and condition    
Records of the sequence of contemplation of the four feasts. The Black Feast    
Records of the sequence of contemplation of the four feasts. White Feast    
Wheel of Descent of Rain    
A feast for yogis, men and women    
Request for the execution of the deeds of the demon king Rahula    
Laughter of Troma, which suppresses with greatness and subjugates    
The shortest liturgy for reciting the preliminary practices    
Text for reciting deep preliminary practices taken from the text of explanations (extensive)    
Transference of consciousness "Open gates of primordial wisdom"    
Ritual practice of longevity of Troma Nagmo "Treasury-source of immortality"    
Oral instructions on meeting your own face of the natural state. Deep Drop from Saraha's Heart (chapters 1-11)    
Kunzang Gongpa Kundu
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Preliminary practices    
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Root [Tantra] of Vajra Dagger    
Piece of Vajra Dagger Root Tantra    
- - -
Tantra unveiled Lotus of Avalokitesvara    
The Tantra of highest peak of Avalokiteshvara's views    
Tantra is about the single point of focus and deep concentration    
Secret Tantra about the intermediate state    
The structure of the chariots. The nine chariots Sutra    
Lamp of the three spheres of the universe    



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