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Collections of translations of the Nyingma

Collections of translations of the Nyingma

    Many different schools can be attributed to the Nyingma tradition. Sometimes these directions differ according to the traditions of monasteries, sometimes according to the terms opened by one or another teacher. These collections contain texts that are divided into specific groups of collections that can be selected separately. As an example, we can highlight the traditions of The tsamdrag monastery, Tingkye, Kama collections, traditions of Dujom tersar, Chokling tersar, texts of Mingyur Dorje, etc.

Texts outside of collection   Longchenpa   Dujom Tersar
Guru Dragpo       Nanam Drogpa Tubgyal
Jatson Nyingpo   Mingyur Dorje   Chokling Tersar
Troma Nagmo   Kunzang Gongpa Kundu   Yangti-nagpo


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