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Jonang. Glorious [teaching], detailed analysis "A drop of cause, fruit and middle"

Glorious [teaching], detailed analysis

A drop of cause, fruit and middle

    Om swasti!
    Praise to the Teacher, the Enlightened One and the bodhisattvas!
    Praise to the Enlightened One!
    I bow to the feet of Sherab Gyaltshen, Jonangpa, the protector of beings!
    I will explain here the teaching of the Middle, which is not comprehended by others, the essence of everything.
    The natural state, the middle, is all-encompassing, be it cyclic existence or nirvana. For sentient beings [it] manifests itself as the teaching of the basis. For bodhisattvas, it manifests itself as a path. For all disciples, it appears as a fruit. Although it manifests itself in a threefold way, it is not something temporary, transient. But the naked natural state is seen only by the Enlightened ones. Those who have embarked on the path see only a few aspects. [Why? Because] there is manifestation as a mixture of the natural state and the state of delusion.


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