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Molten Gold of Great Perfection. Essential clarifications from the heart drop of Samantabahdra

Molten Gold of Great Perfection

Essential clarifications from the heart drop of Samantabahdra

Natural radiance of mind, heart of wish-fulfilling jewels

 Praise to the glorious Samantabhadra!
 [Here] the natural radiance of the mind, the heart of the jewel of the fulfillment of desires - the essential explanations of the Great Perfection, [the section of] the oral instructions, the essence of the heart of Samantabhadra, is explained. 

 So [there are] three points - the foundation, the path and the fruit.

 1. Foundation
 The basis of cyclic existence and nirvana manifests itself as its own nature, essence, emptiness. [Self-nature] has the core of compassion and knowing-knowing. Abides in the great naturally shining inner sphere [higher reality]. As for the manifestations and projections that arise from there, the spontaneous self-nature [manifests] in the eight gates. [all manifestations] arise in two [aspects]: pure and impure.
 Six aspects arise in the pure gate. When they manifest as external bodily forms, light and so on, [this is a manifestation of] one's own ignorance of the natural state. It is ignorance, which is considered to be born together. [And appears as] the perception of oneself and others, objects and subjects. This is ignorance and conceptualization, speculation.
 Ignorance creates conditions for dualistic [perception]. The three spheres [of being appear] due to delusion as cyclic existence. Six kinds of beings manifest themselves like a dream.

 2. The path.
 The stages of the path are as follows.
 At this time [one should recognize] one's own consciousness, one's own face in bodily forms, light and so on. The underlying noble manifestation from the foundation of co-born primordial wisdom is primordially free nature as explained. The primordial wisdom, which is not dual to the essence of liberation, manifests itself in the form of endless bodily forms and pure lands that manifest spontaneously.
 [But] at this time the teacher Samantabhadra is looking at the nature of the manifestations of impure cyclic existence. For the sake of the liberation of all beings without exception, various magical manifestations of peaceful and angry [deities], bodhisattvas, the Enlightened ones appear, which manifest themselves according to the spheres [of the universe] and abilities. Many methods of the Chariots are proclaimed.
 For disciples with a pure [mind] flow, symbols are shown in relation to the bodily form. For completely dull living creatures, sayings, songs, recordings and more are demonstrated.
This supreme summit of all Vehicles is completely unified by Vajrasattva. Since the nature of the protector of the three families is manifested, [the doctrine of liberation] spreads in the three worlds. Countless beings are liberated in the body of light.
 Teacher Garab Dorje received [these instructions] from Vajrasattva and further granted Jampal Shenyen. [Later this teaching] was requested by Sri Singha. This kindest teacher transmitted this [Teaching] to me, Padmasambhava. Now I am explaining it to friends, servants and followers. [Then] I will hide it as a treasure for the sake of the future.
 Heart commitment. 

 By practicing this path [can be] quickly acquired in this life the essence of the perfect Enlightened One for the sake of all boundless beings. The lucky one, the person who longs for it, must find a good saintly teacher. Having found, he must carry out all good deeds and discard all erroneous actions. By doing this, by virtue of initiation, the stream [of consciousness] will fully ripen. Having purified one's mental continuum through vows, one should be diligent in the stages of cleansing the veils, collecting savings, etc. One should follow in the snow, mountains, terrifying gardens. When you are in a secluded place, you should rest in good doctrine. Pray to the teacher unidirectionally. Stimulate the flow [of your mind by remembering] impermanence and mercy.

 First. Need to split [tib. ru shan].
 Bring your feet together and pull them down. Stretch two hands up, palms together. The eyes are directed straight [into space]. Finally, fall on your back.
 [With regard to deeds] speeches - utter long and short Hum.
 Think first of all, whatever arises. Everything has no beginning, does not arise from anything. In the interval [of apparent existence] does not dwell anywhere. Neither inside the body nor outside - there is nothing. In the end, it doesn't go anywhere. There is nothing in ten directions that can come. You cannot establish yourself or others. Everything is immaterial, objectless, free from root and foundation.

 Second. Descent into a natural state.
 If there are no thoughts about the past, then how can you cut off or destroy what follows the past? If not thoughts about the future, then how can you destroy everything that lies ahead? But in the moment of comprehending the present - there are no shapes, colors and outlines. Therefore there is no reason to say "This". Since you are in such a nature, you rest in a soft and clear tranquility outside of concepts. The body [will feel] pleasant. Speech will rest in its natural state. The mind is to be without radiation and collection.
 Third. Stay in a natural state.
 One should train, combining with practice, when the eyes are in different positions, body postures in different forms of yoga, speech expressions are varied. Thus, whatever arises, whether it is a meeting of people, happiness, suffering, big, small, attachment or anger, accumulations of thoughts and defilements-kleshas - everything rests in the essence of natural nature - emptiness. At this time, everything, not existing, is liberated on its own level. 

 Second. Main part. Breakout or cut off hard [tib. khregs chod]. The essence of taking appropriate action. Don't do anything to suppress speculation. Do not do anything for your own awareness. Rest in nature without clinging to anything.
 At this time, in the absence of clinging, the pure state [tib. he bde wa] as non-conceptual nature, emptiness as essence. The natural self is a luminous and pure awareness that has a heart of knowing-awareness, clarity and emptiness.
 In the all-encompassing [space] without division into inner and outer, naked awareness and emptiness rests, being the body of the Teaching of Samantabhadra.
 Everything that transcends [this] dimension is cut off. From the nature of the inseparability of awareness and emptiness [manifest] emptiness and manifestations as unshakable. Everything appears like a magical illusion. Sounds are heard like echoes in rocks. Whatever obscurations-kleshas and accumulations of thoughts appear, everything has no foundation, is free from the root and dissolves at its own level. Everything is like drawing on water. Cyclic existence is empty as such.
The game of the highest reality appears as various manifestations of the body of the Teaching. When you cut off the thread of this, so that it does not occur among the five objects of the senses - [you will perceive] as a manifestation of magical illusion without clinging and attachment. Everything is a decoration generated by primordial wisdom. Whatever happens [is] an accumulation of spiritual merit. The quality of the path is increasing more and more.
 If, having met such instructions, you will not be zealous in comprehending their essence, then the brain and heart will rot. Therefore, when you meet these instructions, which are like the jewel of the fulfillment of desires, you will cut off the rope of the mind. Why carry out any other instruction? Thus, if you adhere to these views-dogmas, you will quickly acquire the [level of] the perfect Enlightened One.
 This is the remark regarding the assurance of release. Thus, when you rest in treccho, you rest in a natural state [calming] the hopes and fears of the mind [that says] yes or no. At this time, there is no need to eliminate the doubts of the mind that it generates about the past or the future. [Everything will] simultaneously arise and be liberated. There is no that which is destroyed by antidotes and there is no one who destroys. Constructions are liberated by themselves. Through vision, everything dissolves on its own level. Through the fact that [awareness] is naked, everything is liberated by vision. There is no need to correlate with what is seen and by those who see, past and future, since everything is initially free.
 In this way, the four [levels] are [shown]: liberation [at the moment of] arising, self-liberation, liberation [by force of] naked [awareness], and initial liberation. Having subsequently acquired these four, according to the understanding of time, [you will see] that there is no need for analytical objects of the mind as temporary states while in equilibrium.
 Self awareness is a clear light that has transcended the [conceptual] mind. The two paths and the fruit of liberation are perfect in the realm of the only nature.
 When you meet a person who has read this before, there will be no need for a "yes" or "no" analysis. Having gained, thanks to the implementation of the [Teachings] of the Great Perfection in this way, confidence in the sphere of the highest reality, which is free from efforts, you will come to the noble path.
 Heart commitment. Seal. Seal.

 3. Fruit
 Third. The method of obtaining the fruit.
 [Here are] a temporary state, signs of the path, qualities and a way of obtaining the highest fruit.
 First. In the inner sphere of a drop of five colors that does not collapse and dwells in the middle of the heart, awareness manifests itself as a body of inherent wisdom. Immerse [there the energy of the winds] from the crystalline paths, soft and white. Then a [lamp] will appear in the gates of the far-reaching water [surface]. The view of clipping hard is the nature of it.
 The position of the body must be firm. Staying in this position and looking into space - [you will see how] various manifestations of light arise.
 Then one should rely on good awareness and abide in the nature of the indivisibility of the realm [higher reality] and knowing-awareness. When you get used to it, the bindu of the five colors and tongues [of flame] will appear. In the midst of the upright manifestations is the vajra sprout of awareness. All this manifests itself like a crystal rosary. These are the manifestations of pure supreme reality.
 Then, by getting used to it consistently, you will not hesitate due to movements [thought] or great doubts.
 [It will manifest] an all-encompassing dark blue heart-essence with five drops, in the middle of which a four-petalled flower with five kinds of light appears. This is a sign of a gradual increase in the manifestations of practice-experience.
 Then, according to the stages, the attributes, the seed syllables, the lotus necklace, the stupas, the sample squares, the images with many eyes will definitely appear. Internal signs - the emergence of clairvoyance.
 Then the bodily form will become perfect. Even if there is no clarity, it will become perfectly clear. The experience of enlargement in relation to the dimension of awareness is perceived as central.
 Then, five families, forty-five families, one hundred families, an immeasurable number of families will arise, covering the entire heavenly space. At this time even the body will manifest itself as light.
 [At this time, the] very essence of the rainbow body, the great transference, will also appear. Since it will be gained, one should meditate with awareness as shown above. [Then] you will attain immortality like the Lotus Lord. Through the bodily form, the goals of beings are realized.
The next suppression and the highest reality are as follows. The spread of manifestations and external experiences - becomes perfect. [All duality] of the perceiver and the perceiver is suppressed at the inner level. The secret reveals the perfection of increasing primordial wisdom. The manifestations of light dissolve in the body of the Teaching. Dissolving, they manifest as their own clarity, inner space without darkening.
 This is surely absolute fruit. Nature, emptiness - dwells in the body of the Teaching. Having met yourself through a view from cutting off the hard, [you will comprehend] the essence of primordial wisdom as a manifestation of your own nature. The veils of duality and ignorance appear as channels, winds, elements of various deeds. They are purified by deep and essential oral instructions.
 In [practice] togal [Tib. thod rgal.] bodily form and primordial wisdom are manifested. Also, nature, primordial purity, appears as the body of the Teaching. Therefore, even if you are in cyclic existence, there is nothing harmful. And even in nirvana there is nothing good. There is no binding and no liberation. In any case, from the aspect of the clarity of one's own nature, the channel of clarity, the wind, and so on, appear.
 Natural own face is obscured by the manifestations of the three spheres, the pollution of ignorance, conceptualizations, duality and ignorance. [All these are] unclean winds and channels.
[They are] purified by deep essence channels and essence winds. They are purified with great bliss and a drop-essence. Since it is difficult to clear sleep habits, you rely on the connection with the six realms of the world of desire. But there are no different [practices] of capturing the mind, which are like the lower scriptures of the tantras that purify.
 By means of the view from the [teaching] Cutting off of the physical, the body of the Teaching is established, of the primordial purity as an essence. [This is done through] the oral instructions on transference, fast path to self-liberation, natural state without clinging.
 All manifestations of the energy of the clarity of one's own nature are not [the fruit of] great efforts of deep interdependence and methods. Therefore, by clean channels and winds, a perfect body of pleasure is quickly attained without difficulty.
 In this way the body of perfect pleasure manifests itself as a perfectly pure mandala wheel. The various manifestations [that appear as] a pleasure body and a manifestation body, manifesting in completion as purity and clarity. The supreme manifested body is like the moon in water. Tied together with deep prayers of good will, everything appears as pure and impure. Having acquired [the state of] the good Samantabhadra, the nature of the inseparability of three bodies, [you will manifest] an unrestricted stream of deeds-activity.
 Heart commitment. Seal. 

 Let the heart teachings of Samantabhadra, these highest oral and most secret instructions, spread to the very end of time!
 The victorious ones are told that the oral instructions of the Great Perfection liberate everyone they meet. Therefore, since they are useful to many fortunate ones, they are revealed by the Lotus Lord.
 Tsogyal faithfully presented this in the notes. It was hidden as a treasure for the lucky ones. Let Samantabhadra's heart teachings move, embracing the directions to the brim!
 Heart commitment. Seal.
 By me, Chogyur Lingpa, the [treasury] was called from Yubal Drag in the southern direction as the treasury of the heavenly space of the original Victorious, the only source and tree of the world. Translated from the golden [scrolls] at Orgyen Samten Monastery, Ryumagang Library.

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