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Nyingma. Chokling Tersar

Chokling Tersar
Text or cycle of Teaching pdf html
Dukyi Shechen's practice    
Heart practice of the Master, dispelling all obstacles. Prosperity Practice "Superior Precious Vessel"    
Sang Thig. Vajrasattva Practice of Longevity
Sang Thig Korsum. A small particle of small and large activity of the single form Vajra Kumara "Chariot of Activity"    
Sang Thig. Practice of the singular form of Vajrakumara    
Collection of Lotus Dakini Practices (Kurukulla)    
Molten Gold of Great Perfection. Essential clarifications from Samantabahdra's heart drop (trekcho and togal)   html
Three sections of the Great Perfection. Guru Yoga Practice    
Sang Thig. Practicing Vajrasattva with union    
Practices of offering to the defenders of the Teaching    
Offerings and a short practical ritual of the Blessed Teacher of Healers "Swirl of nectar-amrita"    
Secret cycle. Eight Teachings to recite, embellished with recitation and contemplation (eight classes)    
Brief Daily Body Offering (Brief Chod)    
Heart practice. Brief Channel Yoga "Blaze of Primordial Wisdom"    
Brief Prayer and Offerings to Kilai's dog-headed protectors “Instant activity that cuts off enemies and obstacles”    
Sangthig Korsum. Offering offerings to Vajra Kumar in union (ganapuja)    
Treasury of the mind. Deep Drop of Tara the Liberator "Inner Practice with a Ritual of Initiation"    


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