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The Tantra of Self-arising awareness

The Tantra of Self-arising awareness

    I bow down before the non-repressible self-arising stream!
    Teacher Samantabhadra, in union with his Mother, has proclaimed the tantra of self-arising awareness-knowledge:
    How wonderful! Let others hear about their own awareness-knowledge!
    The self-arising primordial wisdom is the essence of the only essence! Arising by itself, it is free and natural, being free from fixation [on anything]! When you grasp it at the end, you will be free! When you are free, you will release all the phenomena of cyclic existence and nirvana in the sphere of the energy of self-arising awareness!
    Because of the liberation of the cloth [with the tantra text], you will be called Enlightened.
    [Nothing superfluous] will not arise, will not appear, and will not appear.
    Thus ends the tantra of self-arising awareness, which emerged from the realm of awareness of Samantabhadra.
    Seal of body. Seal of speech. The seal of the mind. Let the one with destiny meet this!
    Seal. Seal. Seal.


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