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One hundred protective chakras. Images

Content by groups of protective chakras

1. Chakra of three hearts
2. Chakra of the golden turtle
3. Five chakra of elements
4. Five turtles
5. Five chakra aspects of six parts
6. Four to protect against spreading enemies for four forces
7. Five for doing deeds with nyen 
8. Five for protection from obstacles and demons
9. Three defenders of three families
10. Five families and ten fathers and mothers
11. Ten chakras of ten wrathful
12. Four increases and spreads
13. Four for movement towards the accomplishment of deeds
14. The four essential meanings of yoga
15. Twelve signs
16. Four protections against errors
17. Four discarding harm
18. Four defenses against decline
19. Five bonds
20. Five for body, speech, mind, qualities and activity

    How wonderful!
    This method of pure teaching is vast! Although there are many enumerated methods of special protection, this one, being collected from everywhere by the Lotus King, is the royal treasury of protective chakras! There is nothing higher than this!
    There, in the royal list of chakras: the chakra of the three hearts; chakra of the golden turtle; chakras of the five elements; five turtles; the five chakras of the six [parts] aspects; four to protect against the spread of enemies; five for doing deeds with nyen; five for protection from obstacles and demons; three defenders of three families; five families and ten fathers and mothers; ten ten angry; four chakras for increasing and spreading; four for movement towards the implementation of acts or purposes; four essential meanings of yoga; twelve years old; four error protection; four discarding harm; four defenses against decay; five connections; five for body, speech, mind, qualities and activity. In total - a whole hundred.
    All these kings of the protective chakras should be depicted in accordance with the small drawing. Having done this, carry out the consecration in accordance with the general precepts. Tie as explained when applying to the neck or body. All mistakes will then not be able to harm you and will become the highest protection. You will also become extremely lucky.
    This treasury-terma of perfect and deep chakras is not ordinary and simple. She met me because of good wishes! May it be useful for living beings!
    This concludes the description of the commentary and the one hundred and two chakras that are known as the deep and perfect Chinese chakras, a basic ceremony from science [astrology] that was extracted from the red stupa in Samye by the great grated Nanam Drukpa Thubgyal.
    Heart commitment. Seal. Seal. Seal. Shubham. Mangalam.

    Common substances are: turtle, five kinds of earth, five kinds of fire, five kinds of water, five kinds of metal, five kinds of trees. When eliminating fire for five people or one in a family that unites people - juniper, willow, sampa (bsam pa), rhododendron, vose (wo se). Six good ones. The Minor Records of Instruction also describe the need for silk in the five colors. Also, five types of land are used, such as land from the countryside, etc. The text also contains five types of water, such as water from a bath, sea, drops, rainwater, water falling from above, etc. Five metals: gold, silver, copper, iron, heavenly metal.

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