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Records of the sequence of contemplations of the four feasts. Black feast

Records of the sequence of contemplation of the four feasts from the deepest Cutting off

Ornament of the mind of the Great Mother

Black feast White feast Colorful feast Red feast

    Praise to the Jnana-dakini!
    At the base - the sphere [of the highest reality], the heavenly space, which is free from mental constructions, the sun of bodily form rises, the manifested foundation! I bow to the great Mother of Troma Nagmo!
    A sequence of contemplation of the giving of the body has been compiled. She is the deepest noble treasure, which is considered the most special, unlike other paths. On the basis of Troma Nagmo, the blessing of maturation and liberation is obtained. The natural state of Great Perfection, of one's own nature, arises from the depths of a truly infallible [teaching]. The fortunate ones who are zealous in accordance with the essence of view and meditation will completely cut off, by increasing the practice of austerity, the attachment to clinging to the importance and transcendence of the body. Therefore, one should study with understanding the nature of the practice as accumulation from the giving of offerings in the form of accumulations of skandhas.
    There are four such methods: black feast, white feast, colorful feast, red feast.

    First. A black feast associated with the early morning.
    First, head to the Refuge in special facilities. Turn your mind towards supreme enlightenment. Collect savings through the seven branches. On the basis of guru yoga, bring down the blessings of realization-realization into your current [mind]. Having performed the four feasts necessary for yoga, [proceed] to the feast itself.
    Say "Phat! My body is fat ...". Instantly, this own body turns into a mountain of fat and lard, huge and majestic. In the middle of this body is a characteristic central canal that reaches the top of the head. Bindu, which combines the five essences, the nature of consciousness, the wind of the mind, is directed upward, being stopped by words in the heart. This drop manifests as an entity in the gate at this level. And like an arrow released with great force, it flies out into the sphere of heavenly space. Meditate that you are dancing in the realm of the blazing flame of intrinsic wisdom in the bodily form of Mother Troma Nagmo in dark blue color, possessing a dagger, skullcap, and bone ornaments and showing the nonduality of the realm [higher reality] and primordal wisdom.
    The light of the body completely collects the black radiance of all the usual tendencies, suffering, veils and destructive of all living beings of cyclic existence and the three spheres [of being]. Once collected, it dissolves into the accumulation of bodily form. Thanks to this, this corpse completely fills the sphere of three thousand [worlds], being majestic, huge, black and bold like a heap of a coal.
    Gods and demons through seeing, listening and remembering become powerless, even with the ability to leave.
    Imagine that through the fall in the form of rain of three syllables from the sphere [of the highest reality, the corpse] is transformed into the nectar-amrita of uncontaminated primordal wisdom, which manifests liberation through taste-experience.
    Repeat three syllables many times. Play the damaru, bell and flute vigorously.
    Imagine that after the first Phat, the guests listen, after the second, they head along the road. After the third, they gather like darkness.
    This is the creation [in visualization] of guests.
    "Nagas, demons, gyalpo spirits ...".
    In the sphere of intermediate space in front, seething, manifesting as people from below and as pig-headed beings from above, nagas, demons and gyalpo spirits in their own form of delusion and stupidity. They sit on dark green crocodiles, holding in their right [hand] a lasso made of a snake, and in their left - a bag of plague. Surrounded by an inconceivable gathering of nagas, demons and local lords.
    Beneath them [gather] in their own form of poisonous anger, demons and gyalpo spirits possessing serpentine heads. Sitting on white lions, they hold cymbals on a staff in their right [hand], and a begging bowl in their left. Decorated with three dharmic garments and a rhinoceros hat. Surrounded by an inconceivable gathering of acarya, myengpa and other male gyalpo demons.
    Beneath them [gather] in their own form the delusions of longing for the demoness and the devil with the heads of eagles. On the right, they hold a butcher's dagger and a sack of demons and diseases, stand right in flight position, trampling on rotting human skin. Surrounded by an inconceivable gathering of demons and devils.
    In the heavenly space above all of them appears the mistress of the sphere [of the highest reality], the mistress of cyclic existence and nirvana, Remati of black color. She is holding a sword on the right, a skull cap with blood on the left. There is a bag with diseases on his chest. Human skin is thrown over the top. Skirt underwear made of various pieces. The monkey's clean face has three fierce eyes. [The horse] has a saddle, reins of snakes. Rotting human skin thrown over the top. Ahead is a skein of multicolored yarn and black and white bloody stones. Sits on a horse that turns his head to follow the staff to the bag of diseases. Around are surrounded by black maidens like her, numbering hundreds of millions, with flowing hair. Meditate like this.
    Then follows the song of the view.
    Say "one taste of cyclic existence and nirvana ...". So comprehend the taste, equal in essence, of the equality of the natural state of all phenomena of cyclic existence and nirvana. Through this, by the fearless master of yoga, everything is perceived as non-existent since beginningless times. The essence of this accumulation of delusions, clinging to the self, which is poisoned in its essence, in the gift as a method of great donation to the collection of gods and demons of the manifested existence, which does not appear by chance.
    The actual gift of the body is as follows. Say "The object of talent, ignorance …"
    Objects of offering such as the gathering of gods and demons of delusion and ignorance, demons-nagas of stupidity, male demons of anger, female demons of craving arise here. When they arise, you offer them the gifts of the assembly, a great corpse for all the gods and demons of manifested existence. While offering, imagine that you are enjoying everything without a trace, showing your greed.
    Imagine that with the first Phat - you bring it, the second - they get, the third - they enjoy.
    Since you bring it in this way, then all the gods and demons gradually disappear, collapsing. All the little ones are eaten by the great gods. The great ones are eaten by the three main ones. The female demoness is eaten by the male demon Gyalpo. The naga demon devours the male demon gyalpo. The black maiden Remati instantly swallows Gyalpo, the demon naga, down the throat. Imagine that the Black Maiden disappears into the nature of emptiness, free from the mental constructions of the body of teaching.
    Imagine that with the first Phat, rest in invisible nature, with the second, nature becomes apparent, and with the third, you gain confidence [of the basic space].
    The dissolution stage is as follows. Say "I and the objects of manifestation …"
    Everything, be it the internal, that is, the mind that clings to the self, and the external, that is, the perceived manifest objects, gather in the nature of the heruka, the primordial foundation, awareness-knowing, just like waking up from a dream in the [higher reality] sphere. Through this, all gods, demons, evil spirits, enlightened, living beings, myself, manifested objects, everything harmful and damaged are equally embraced as the highest reality, uncreated nature of great width [of space], primordial purity, nature that has surpassed directions and edges ... Through the first Phat, mix with the sphere of the body of manifestation - energy, the second - head towards the manifestation of the body of pleasure - unaltered radiance, the third - rest in balance in the acquired mind of the body of the Teaching, nature-essence.
    Then grant the Teaching, realize the giving-taking of happiness-suffering, fulfill the prayers-good wishes, etc. Connect everything with the command.


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