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Records of the sequence of contemplations of the four feasts. White feast

Records of the sequence of contemplation of the four feasts from the deepest Cutting off

Ornament of the mind of the Great Mother

Black feast White feast Colorful feast Red feast

    Second. White feast associated with dawn.
    Say "Phat! Grasping for the self, habitual tendencies ..." At the same time, from the heart of the accumulations-skandhas of the body of magical illusion, which arises in interdependence as something solid, habitual tendencies, the consciousness that clings to the self from the beginning, radiant awareness-consciousness is transferred into perfect purity, heavenly space, primordial foundation, supreme reality. From the unborn realm [supreme reality], the supreme reality of dharmata, the unbroken intrinsic wisdom manifests itself as a magical illusory manifestation.
    I myself am transformed by the force of the path into the bodily form of Vajrayogini, white, naked, adorned with bones and in a dance pose. In his right hand is a sword, with which he cuts the impure accumulation-skandha of the body into pieces. Having done this, it scatters [the pores of the earth] in the form of the smallest particles. Left - scatters everywhere, in the main and intermediate directions, meat, bones and blood, moving the trident like a flag in the wind. Having done this, he mixes with hot breath, meat and blood the four elements, fire, water, earth and wind, and the manifest objects that arise outside. Embracing everything in the same way, white, red and blue rays of light appear again, blessing the body, speech and mind of all the Victorious. In doing so, one should imagine that through the deity, by the power of the mantra, other magical manifestations are subdued, their own sensory objects are established. Immediately, all sensory objects of manifested existence, which are similar to magical manifestations that have no beginning, turn into clouds of nectar of immortality, which is offered to the white [deities]. As the nectar of immortality of inherent wisdom, which liberates by the experience of uncontaminated nature, [appears] an ocean of milk and cottage cheese as the own nature of the three whites, mountains and countries of butter and cheese, rocks of the essence of three sweets, sugar, molasses and honey, and other desired riches that fill the sky like clouds. All desired, vessel and contents, externally, internal and unsurpassed qualities and glory of the inexhaustible treasury of heavenly space are distributed as decorations of spontaneous offerings.
    Pronounce three syllables as much as you can. By pronouncing the three Phat, imagine that the guests are hearing and gathering.
    Sing the song of view: "How wonderful! Enlightened One …"
    When you say "How wonderful!" - self-recognition is definitely gained in meditation and view. Since the enlightened one is not acquired anywhere except for one's own knowledge-awareness, the very essence is enlightened. Since all living beings of the three spheres [of being] are not found elsewhere except for the aspect of manifestation of the base, they appear as living beings. All manifestations of sensual pleasures external and internal, vessel and content, are established as the basis of their own essence. Nirvana and cyclic existence are magical manifestations that arise from their own energy, the essence of Sugata. Because of the interdependence with the non-duality of everything, be it the foundation of the self and the manifestation of the foundation, all dharma particles manifest from themselves, being manifested or composed. Everything again then gathers in itself.
    "Phat!" means the explicit formation of a direct vision of the essence of the basis.
    "I have a central channel ..." - the nature of the base has three liberations. Whatever manifests itself as a fall or extremes of mental constructions, it spreads in the great Madhyamaka. By me, the yogi who has gained such a distribution, all the dharmo-particles of cyclic existence, manifested existence, and nirvana are perceived as a great emptiness. Therefore, I rejoice at the holiday of the absence in objects of good and destructive, hopes and fears.
    Now - I carry out the asceticism of suppression in the sphere of equanimity and lack of selfhood of the accumulation of thoughts of delusion and clinging to the self.
    "I, the seal ..." - everything, whether it be cyclic existence, manifested being, and nirvana, are comprehended as not separate from the great seal of emptiness, the natural state. By me, a yogi, all dharma particles are perceived in deep concentration as similar to magical illusions. Through this, the particles of substances that are given now are transformed into the manifestation of the objects of offerings for the invited guests, etc. Thanks to this, the asceticism of cutting off in the sphere [of the higher reality] of the delusions of attachment to matter in objects of various manifestations is carried out.
    "I, having completed ..." - by me, a yogi who clearly perceives his own nature of Great Perfection, a natural state, is comprehended as naked awareness-knowledge, which by its vastness embraces all the dharma particles of cyclic existence, manifested being, and nirvana. Through this, now, directly with the help of the mind of asceticism of the perfect purity of the three cycles, the offering, the offering and the act of offering, I perceive the nature of great equality, which is pure and free from mental constructions, being the sphere-base.
    With the first Phat, nature becomes visible. With the second, the energy becomes perfect. With the third, imagine that you are gaining vastness, freedom.
    As for the material talent of offerings, say "foundation, Sugata ...". Since at the base, the heart of Sugata, compassion, one's own nature and essence are not shared, then the revered guest is a deity who unites the three Higher and three Roots. The guests of the qualities are the protectors that manifest as Vairochana and others of the eight classes of gods and demons, emerging from the feminine line as emptiness and the masculine line as clarity in the play of one's own energy of awareness as a path. By offering the nectar of the primordial wisdom of great bliss, the uncontaminated absolute level, [one obtains] enlightenment in the space of the great width of the all-encompassing body of the Teaching, the primordial basis, primordial purity.
    After that, say as above: "Phat! ..." up to "three poisons of the mind ...". This invites guests of mercy, six families [beings], all manifestations that unite in objects of cyclic existence, three spheres accompanying the three poisons of obscurations-klesha from the aspect of the impure mind. [Also welcome] guests of the karmic creditors and the hindering spirit class as manifestations of the aspects of attachment as hindering spirits and demons of the area pertaining to hope. All of them grant, as the wealth of the heavenly treasury, the space of the highest reality, the sphere of the natural non-fabricated state, through the instantly manifested Teaching as the essence of equanimity and non-duality, which surpasses at the level of absolute truth hopes and fears, good and negative.
    Say "External perceived ...". As a collection of gods and demons of manifested existence, which are perceived as objects when perceiving the external, the level of the ocean of the desired and necessary, spheres and dharma particles of various manifestations, magical manifestations of the base naturally arises. Thanks to the offering of all this, the habitual tendencies of attachment to the truth of objects perceived as real manifestations are completely purified. Having completely purified, you offer a clearly visible gift - nature that arose from the all-encompassing absence of objects at the absolute level.
    Say "Internal perception ...". Internal, which is perceived as a self, a collection of gods and demons of the mind. Here you bring sensory perception, which manifests itself as non-existent magical manifestations of the base. Thanks to this, on its own level, the binding rope of strength [of manifest forms] and attachment to the reality of objects perceived as me or self are released. Then you offer a clearly comprehensible gift - nature, free from the root, without foundation, self-awareness, knowledge, the absolute level.
    Say "Intermediate, from the duality of the perceiver and the perceived ...". The mind that arises in the interval [between them] is a collection of gods and demons associated with a continuous stream, when there is no division into the perceiver and the perceived, [there are no] interweaving of mental delusions. This assembly is bestowed without cutting off and attaining all the dharmo particles arising from the state of cyclic existence, the three spheres [of the universe], magical manifestations of ignorance, basic nature. Thanks to this, all manifestations of external and internal objects dissolve in their own state, equanimity without [division into] good and base, without rejection and capture. By doing so, they receive explicit offerings of a nature of great vastness, primordial purity, basic nature.
    This is followed by the stage of dissolution. [Say] "The three spheres of the worlds ...". All external and internal objects, the three spheres [of being], the mind of cyclic existence, the manifested dharmo particles - dissolve in the space [of the highest reality] like a magic wheel manifested by a magician. So now [you are] in the vast space of the vajra saint, the great emptiness, the essence with three liberations, the space free from all embellishments. It said "A-la-la! [I am] in the infinity of the great equality of cyclic existence and nirvana! " How wonderful it is!
    Imagine that with the first "Phat!" you are transported into the essence of the manifested body, with the second - the body of perfect pleasure, the third - into the body of teaching. And be in balance [in meditative absorption].


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