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Winds and channels. Secret Treasury of the heavenly deities. Circle of dreams and clear light

Winds and channels.
The secret Treasury of the heavenly deities
the circle of dreams and clear light

    Praise to Vajravarahi, that free from your own delusions!
    The dream instructions are three-part: recognition, training, and time extension.

    First. This is the perception of dreams as a method of energy.
    On all paths of practice, even when I walk, eat, and sleep, I still come to sleep. Concentrating hard on the intention to understand that everything is a dream, I repeat again and again, "this is a dream, this is a magical illusion." During sleep, in the middle of the chakra and channels in your own throat — is Amitabha, the ultimate wisdom of awareness-leading, with your spouse. Since his body is full of red color, in the heart there is only the syllable A of red color, like a coral. Meditate like this.
    Then say a prayer:
    Bless me to comprehend the dream in the dream state! Bless me to clear my own the power of sleep! Bless your ability to transform the manifestations of sleep! Bless you to gain control of your sleep!
    As you perform this prayer with all your heart before the teachers, the deity of meditation, and the heavenly deities, emit unthinkable red rays of light from the primordial wisdom of awareness-knowledge, Amitabha and his consort. The outer vessel-the universe turns into an immeasurable Palace of the deity. Internally, the contents, the living entities, turn into gods and goddesses. When the rays of light return, the habitual tendencies of one's own flow [of the mind] are cleared. They gather again and dissolve into Amitabha's heart.
    When the syllable A becomes bright, focus on it in one direction. Diligently hold the wind in three - exhale, inhale, and hold. If you do not hold it, if you have strong veils and attachment to the self, recognize [the dream] with diligence, however small, and faith.
    If you think about how to recognize [a dream], if you perform prayers from the heart, you will retain [awareness].
    If you cannot recognize [the dream] in this way, then contemplate Amitabha on the top of your head, throat, heart, navel, and secret place. If you fall asleep while approaching retention [of the winds and awareness], then by concentrating with your eyes half open, you will release and increase awareness.

    Recognizing in this way, then purify your own dream energy.
    When you recognize a dream, think: "I will transform these manifestations of the dream." If you are afraid of fire, water, or the deep, think like this: you don't burn with fire in a dream, you don't fill up with water, you don't fall into the deep. Thinking this way, gradually mix it with the beginningless [state]. Similarly, it should purify the energy of fears of wild animals, demons, rakshasas, etc.

    The third. The third. After purifying the energy of [dreams], increase it in a vast way.
    Think "How can you transform these manifestations of sleep?" Thinking like this, turn water into fire, fire into water, gods into demons, ten into one, a hundred into ten, tesyachu into a hundred. Perched on birds and predators, head for the pure lands. Sitting on the sun and moon, you will revolve around four continents. You will see the faces of the Enlightened and Bodhisattvas. Turn the dispute into friends, etc. Even if you recognize a dream, if you have stability in the force and the ability to transform manifestations, it is important to work hard to control the winds. If you do not stop the dream, then you will not stop the intermediate state. It should be diligent in the practice that is acceptable for death and life.
    Heartfelt commitment. Seal. Seal. Seal.
    Jatshon Nyingpo discovered this as a valid achievement of Vajra Yanzong. Let it be successful.

    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (Filippov O. E.)

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