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Winds and channels. The secret Treasury of the Dakini. the clear light that is itself pure from error

Winds and channels.
The secret Treasury of the Dakini
the clear light that is itself pure from error

    I bow before Vajravarahi, the liberating magic manifestation of clear light!
    There are three points in the clear light instructions: mixing the Teaching body and the clear light at the moment of falling asleep; mixing the pleasure body and the clear light of time during sleep; mixing the manifestation body and the clear light at the moment of transition to wakefulness.
    First. Mixing with the body of the Teaching is like this. All daytime manifestations are associated with dreams. When you fall asleep, focus on this state by meditating as follows. In the middle of the channels and the wheel-chakra, the Vajrasattva teacher appears in the heart. Self-created, it appears in the form of the Union of Father and Mother. In the multicolored sphere at its heart is the blue syllable Hum. It dissolves the blessing for recognizing the clear light. Just as in the dream state, one should radiate and collect blue rays of light and focus one's consciousness on the syllable Hum, which is manifested from the nature of the great Seal. By falling asleep, there will be recognition of practice and light or heavy sleep. Stay as long as you can in this state of falling asleep in the state of practice,. This is mixing with the body of Learning and the clear light of falling asleep.
    Second. Second. The mixing of the pleasure body and the clear light of the dream is as follows. From the nature of the clear light of falling asleep, explained above, there are manifestations of sleep. At this time, manifest as the bodily form of the body of perfect pleasure, like a rainbow of colors. Staying in this state for as long as possible, sink into balance in a deep concentration of the semblance of illusion. By doing this, you will mix the body of perfect pleasure and the clear light of a dream.
    The third. When you Wake up, mix the clear light with the body of manifestation. Understand by meditating on the form of the primordial wisdom being-the Vajrasattva in the heart. In this way you will mix the clear light of the transition to wakefulness and the body of manifestation. In short, the manifestations of night sleep are mixed with daytime practice. The manifestations of daytime practice are mixed with falling asleep and night dreaming. What else can you do if you mix day and night? If the day practice is separated from the night dream, then in the intermediate state, drop the hope of recognizing the practice. By practicing in this way, you will no longer separate the clear light of falling asleep and the body of Learning, the clear light of death and the body of learning, and you will become enlightened just as water enters water. And even if there are visions of an intermediate state, in the intermediate state there will be a body of pleasure and you will be born as a body of manifestation. You will also achieve two goals spontaneously.
    Heartfelt commitment. Seal. Seal. Seal.
    Jatshon Nyingpo pulled this out Vajra Yanzong. Let it be successful.

    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (Filippov O. E.)

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