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Vajramala. Final rituals and explanations

Lama gongdu. One hundred thousand types of protection. Vajramala

Final rituals and explanations

     This is the sequence of protection. If the person who has the connection and has written down all that is desired wants to be marked with complete perfection, he must write down everything perfectly both at the beginning and at the end. With a light pressure, it should depict various palaces. Wrapped in five-color silk, it should be tied on the body.

     The qualities from this will appear as a temporary state in the form of glory-splendor in this life. You will also be free from all mistakes. Friendliness [from others] will be [manifested], primordial wisdom will grow and complete liberation of the absolute level will be achieved, etc. Countless qualities will be acquired.

     So, you should perform the consecration of the drawn wheel-chakra. [There are] three [variants of the ritual]: extensive, short, and very short.

1. The extensive option.

     In a place that is pleasant to the mind on the day when the planets and stars are lucky, imagine yourself as a deity and set up Torma and offerings. Make coming to the Refuge in the Three [Jewels] and the emergence of attitude. Offer offerings and Torm to the four types of guests. Put the wheel-chakra in front of you. Light the incense from the dark grey of incense. Perform the cleansing and normal removal of obstacles.

     Then [imagine by] instant remembrance the syllable BHRUM on the wheel-chakra. From it emerges an immeasurable Palace - the Palace of the three roots. From the syllable-seed of the Assembly of deities, the revealed divine house appears. Called, [the deities] are dissolved in the seeds and the lines of letters. After making offerings and praises, ask for the fulfillment of activity, words, protection, increase, etc. Repeat the combined practice of the Three Roots. For protection, repeat the Sanskrit vowels and consonants, the heart of dependent origination, and other [mantras] emerging from the wheel-chakra. Repeat them many times - a hundred, a thousand or more times. And then dissolve it in the wheel-chakra. Make offerings. This is how sanctification should be performed. Summon the obstacles that do harm and strike.
     One should point out oneself and one's own enemies, or utter acceptable instructions that were not given [in this text].
     Say good wishes and dissolve the Assembly of deities in protective seed syllables. Say [a prayer] for protection and all that is acceptable. Because of this, rest in nature, spreading everything in a vast way.
     Then roll the wheel-chakra. Without damaging the life force syllables in the center, make a straight rectangle. Collapse sequentially according to the individual text. Put it in front of you in a bound form. Lighting dark gray incense, eliminate the elementary obstacles. Bless the wheel-chakra and the three centers.

     oṁ āḥ hūṁ hrīḥ vajra guru deva dākinī kāya vākha citta adhiṣṭhana-abhiṣiñcā māṁ

     So bless and meditate on the protective circle.

2. Short version

     If you do this in a brief manner, manifest yourself as a deity. Within the immeasurable Palace that has emerged from THE bhrum syllable in the wheel-chakra, the seed-syllables and the acceptable three Roots appear. Perform the invocation, the prayer of abiding. Repeat the mantras 21 times. Scatter the flowers. Say good wishes. Roll it up. Contemplate the protection and meditate on the protective circle. Ask the deities for protection or prescribed activity.

3. The shortest option

     If you do it in the most concise form, you should also give birth to the deity and the one you are protecting - in the sphere of the protective chakra. Through the heart-essence of dependent origination, bless the place. Proclaim good wishes.
     Roll it up and put it on the body, guarding everything you want. Make the consecration, with a heart commitment. Don't touch or sit on the ground. Seed-syllables should not be seen by others. If they see it, perform the consecration again. Thus, you will find fruits and desired goals.

     Seal. Seal. Seal.
     Let the sequence of defenses and syllable lines that drive the life force of the dakinis, as outlined by me, Padmasambhava, be met in the present by the Lord, father and son, and followers in the future!
     Heartfelt commitment. Seal. Seal. Seal. Hidden printing. Certifying seal. The seal of the Treasury. The symbol is dissolved. Secret.
     The highest phenomenon of the body, Sangye Lingpa extracted the treasure from the cave of Phugmoche in Puri.

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