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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). Second volume

Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

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Number in volume Name Tibetan Location
1 "A precious garland of clear insights." Explanation of the stage of origin in accordance with Maha Yoga mngon rtogs rin chen phreng ba zhes bya ba bskyed pa ma hA yo ga ltar ston pa 1-95
2 Brief visualization "Heart of the jewel" mngon rtogs bsdus pa rin chen snying po 97-119
3 Instructions "Disclosure of the innermost" lag khrid gab pa mngon phyung 121-172
4 Ritual of implementation" Burning of obscurations-flares". Collection of liturgies skong gi cho ga nyon mongs sreg byed kyi 'don 'grigs 173-180
5 Ritual of implementation "Burning of obscurations-flares" skong bshags kyi cho ga nyon mongs sreg byed 181-222
6 Instructions on the chakra of the winds in the implementation of the acts of "Fast messengers" las byed rlung gi 'khor lo'i gdams pa pho nya myur mgyogs 223-250
Description of the addition of four quick messenger activities. The sequence obtained at the hands of precious treasures pho nya myur mgyogs kyi phrin las bzhi'i shams bur bkod tshul nor bu'i dkor mdzod lag tu blang ba'i rim pa rnams 251-280
Ritual of burning gifts-homa "Blazing fire light" sbyin sreg gi cho ga me 'od 'bar ba zhes bya ba thams cad kyi kha skong 281-407
Practice of activity "Melody of Brahma, garland of nectar"  las byang tshangs pa'i sgra dbyangs bdud rtsi'i phreng ba 409-545
10  One hundred thousand hymn to the assemblies of deities "Brahma's Net" lha tshogs rnams la bstod pa bstod 'bum tshangs pa'i dra ba 547-617
11  One Hundred Thousand Promptings "Garland of Rapid Lightning" bskul 'bum myur mgyog glog gi phreng ba 619-658
12  Ritual of inducement " Precious Garland of radiant Restoration" skong ba'i cho ga mdangs skong rin chen phreng ba 659-701
13  Medicine, Rakta and Torma " Clouds of Nectar offerings" sman rag gtor gsum bdud rtsi'i mchod sprin 703-741
14  Garland of offerings "Rain flow of flowers" mchod 'phreng me tog char rgyun 743-771
15  Ritual of consecration "Building of Luck" rab tu gnas pa'i cho ga bkra shis brtsegs pa 773-814
16  Explanation of the Doctrine " The Motive of virtue as an interpreted essence" chos bshad drang don dge bskul 815-893
17  Purification of impurities "Radiating the light of primordial wisdom" sgrib sbyong ye shes 'od 'phro 895-934
18  Small notes on the sequence of actions to purify the skandhas of the dead tshe 'das kyi phung po sbyong ba'i las rim yig chung 929-935
19  The sequence of actions for establishing the saccha "Mountain of Spiritual merit" tsha tshwa gdab pa'i las rim bsod nams ri bo 937-965
20  Explanation of the procedure for radiating the light of primordial wisdom in the purification of veils " Nail of unmistakable key points" sgrib sbyong ye shes 'od 'phro'i lag len gsal byed 'khrul med gnad kyi gzer bu 967-1004


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