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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). Fourth volume

Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

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Number in the volume Name Tibetan Location
  Contents of the fourth volume gter chen sangs rgyas gling pas pu ri phug mo che nas spyan drangs pa'i gter chos bla ma dgongs pa 'dus pa'i chos skor pod bzhi pa (nga) pa'i chos tshan (dkar cahg) -
Secret tantra of guru "Repository of Teachings" bla ma gsang rgyud bka'i bang mdzod 1-18
Secret tantra of devata "Plantain of teachings" yi dam gsang rgyud bka'i tha ram 19-31
Secret tantra of the Dakini "Keys of the Teaching" mkha' 'gro gsang rgyud bka'i lde'u mig 33-50
An explanation of the greatness of tantra, the methods and methods of tantra, made by a person with faith and diligence dad brtson dang ldan pa'i skyes bus rgyud 'chang thabs dang rgyud kyi che ba bstan pa 51-61
Comment on the root tantra "The building from lotus stems" "A small decoration of flowers" rtsa rgyud pad sdong brtsegs ba'i 'grel pa me tog rgyan chung 63-314
Instructions "Piece of mind", heartfelt talk "Secret teaching" zhal gdams thugs kyi tshal pa snying gtam bka' rgya ma 315-332
The condensed essence "Heart of the Mind" don bsdus thugs kyi snying po 333-341
Discarding disputes "Treasury of Texts" rtsod spong lung gi bang mdzod 343-385
General detailed explanation of the Chariot "Chakra of Decoration" theg pa spyi'i rnam bshad rgyan gyi 'khor lo 387-564
10  Chapter from the supplementary Teaching " The main bead that cuts off embellishments. The lamp that illuminates existence" rgyab chos spar khab mdo 'dzin spros pa gcod pa snang gsal sgron ma 565-621
11  Refutation with the definition of inconsistencies 'dra min shan 'byed sun 'byin 623-662
12  The story of devotion and authenticity "Clear Mirror of Crystal" yid ches shing khungs btsun pa'i lo rgyus shel gyi me long 657-732
13  Instructions on the garland of oral Tantra, which emerged from the ornaments of authentic understanding nges shes spro ba bskyed pa gtam rgyud kyi phreng bar gdams pa 733-755


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