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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). Fifth volume

Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

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Number in the volume Name Tibetan Location
  Contents of the fifth volume gter ston sangs rgyas gling pas pu ri phug mo che nas spyan drangs pa'i gter chos bla ma dgongs pa 'dus pa'i chos skor po ti lnga pa (ca) pa'i chos tshan -
The sequence of explanations of the practice of a special Teaching, the sequence of the path "Garland of Light" khyad par chos spyod kyi khrid rim lam rim 'od kyi phreng ba 1-124
One hundred corrections and prostrations, giving offerings, repentance and prayer-benevolence kha skong phyag 'tshal brgya rtsa mchod 'bul bshags pa smon lam dang bcas pa 125-163
The magic wheel of contemplation and the essence of recitation "Roar of Brahma" dzab dgongs dmigs pa'i 'khrul 'khor tshangs pa'i nga ro 165-201
The stage of generation. Practice in six clusters [hours] of the day and night bskyed rim nyin mtshan tshogs drug lam khyer 203-210
Maturing external empowerment, the stage of generation with embellishments "Mirror of the Heart" spros bcas bskyed rim phyi'i dbang smin byed snying gi me long 211-426
Inner secret empowerment without embellishment "The gift of blood and the root of life" nang spros med gsang ba'i dbang srog rtsa dmar 'byin 427-446
The procedure for the empowerment of primordial wisdom and wisdom is completely unadorned "Immeasurable bliss and emptiness" rab tu spros med shes rab ye shes kyi dbang gi lag len bde stong rab 'byams 447-466
Togal. Empowerment of the energy of awareness "Unity of symbol and essence" thod rgal rig pa'i rtsal dbang brda don zung 'brel 467-473
Self-arising essential empowerment of the perfect foundation of Samsara and Nirvana "The Supreme Empowerment of the Great Seal" 'khor 'das gzhi rdzogs rang byung don dbang rgyas 'debs chen mo 475-487
10  Empowerment of the life force of the dakini, which is associated with a great passion chags can lam slong DA k+ki'i srog dbang 489-496
11  Condensed Essential Empowerment that matures "Drop of Nectar" don dbang bsdus pa smin byed bdud rtsi'i thig pa 497-606
12  Empowerment of the chod "Opening the Gates of Space" gcod dbang nam mkha' sgo 'byed 607-625
13  Empowerment of inner heat and fire "Bubbling joy in the secret treasury" gtum mo'i me dbang gsang mdzod dga' ba 'khyil ba 627-638
14  Empowerment of the life force of the Dregpa, defenders of the Teaching "Blazing Jewel of Heavenly Iron" bka' srung dregs pa'i srog dbang gnam lcags 'bar ba'i rgya can 639-663
15  Blessing, symbolic empowerment of the torma byin rlabs gtor ma'i brda dbang 665-681
16  Ritual of empowerment of texts from the volume po ti'i lung dbang bskur ba'i cho ga 683-694
17  Overview of enumerations and clear differences shan 'byed rnam grangs kyi skor 695-720
18  Concise essence of the essential explanations of the instructions. Cycle from "Garlands of the Mind" zhal gdams dmar khrid don bsdus thugs kyi phreng ba'i skor 721-908


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