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Compendium of the Teacher's Mind (Lama Gongdu). Sixth volume

Lama gongdu or Compendium of the Teacher's Mind

Sixth volume

Number in the volume Name Tibetan Location pdf  html
  Contents of the sixth volume gter ston sangs rgyas gling pas pu ri phug mo che nas spyan drangs pa'i gter chos bla ma dgongs pa 'dus pa'i chos skor po ti drug pa (cha) pa'i chos tshan -    
A separate cycle of the action collection "Treasury that increases thoughts and jewels" 'thor bu las tshogs kyi skor: nor bu bsam 'phel gyi dkor mdzod 1-30    
Overview of the general context and important sutras. External content. Note above the door " Needle of light of the Moon and Sun" spyi chings gal mdo'i skor: phyi'i dkar chag them byang nyi zla'i spar khab 31-68    
Predictions about the future. Description of secret content ma 'ongs lung bstan gsang ba'i dkar chag bkod pa 69-654    
Pure texts that were bestowed as personal instructions on key points and important for the son of the deity "Practice through Level and Blessing" lha sras la gal po che gnad kyi zhal gdams su gsungs pa'i: lung byang byin rlabs gnas 'gyur gyi sgrub pa'o: lung bstan bka' rgya'i bu yig 655-682    
The internal content of the "Entry above the door". Listing the grounds of "Garland of Lotuses" nang gi dkar chag them byang rkang grangs pad+ma'i phreng ba 683-704    
Compressed deep essence. Secret content "Delivered for execution" zab don bsdus pa gsang ba'i dkar chag thems su bzhag pa 705-716   in progress
Enumeration of substances, a sequence of pegs of the practice method rdzas kyi dkar chag spyod tshul dang them gyi rim pa 717-723   in progress
Teachings about the cap "Pile of precious Lotuses" zhwa chos rin chen pad spungs 725-734   in progress
One hundred Thousand Vajra Armor Defenses (possibly translated) bsrung 'bum rdo rje'i phreng ba 735-799    
10  Six cycles of the lamp of the good for others. Analysis of the earth "Lamp of the Jewel" gzhan don sgron me drug skor zhes bya ba'i spyi don dang po sa dpyad rin chen sgron me 801-832    
11  Six cycles of light for the good for others. Destruction of leprosy "Lamp of Power" gzhan don sgron me drug skor zhes bya ba'i spyi don gnyis pa mdze 'joms stobs kyi sgron me 833-879    
12  Six cycles of light for the good for others. Destruction of poisons "Lamp of Nectar" spyi don bzhi pa dug 'joms bdud rtsi'i sgron me 881-889   in progress
13  Six cycles of light for the good for others. . Protection from the planets-graha "Lamp of the Mind" gzhan don sgron me drug skor gyi gsum pa gza' srung thugs kyi sgrin me 891-905    
14  Six cycles of light for the good for others. Prayer-benevolence "Lamp of luck" gzhan don sgron me drug skor zhes bya ba'i spyi don lnga pa smon lam bkra shis kyi sgron me 907-932    
15  Six cycles of light for the good for others. Elimination of all errors "Lamp of Blessing" nyes pa kun sel byin rlabs kyi sgron me 933-939   in progress
16  One hundred thousand mantras "The emergence of all that is desired and necessary" sngags 'bum dgos 'dod kun 'byung 941-958    



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