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Lama gongdu. Stanzas about the origin of the termas

Lama Gongdu

Stanzas about the origin of the termas

    Om mani padme Hum!
    The essence of the body, speech and mind of the milestones of the Enlightened three times! I address a prayer to the Lord of Uddiyana, which establishes beings [in a state of] happiness!
    By the power of the blessing of his compassion, a rain of treasures of holy Teaching is raining down on the monk Sangye Lingpa, the son to whom the Teaching was revealed and the prediction was granted!
    The first one is here. According to him, in the gate of the place of Chari, which is the highest, during the implementation of the secret practice of dakini, the experience of direct [vision] was revealed. In a dream, I met a dakini and the comprehension of the experience was lit. The infinite and wonderful have appeared because of the deities who are in blessing, etc.
    Especially when the gods and demons asked for the radiance, the practice of the holy Teaching of the terma, keys and predictions were granted. There were the elimination of fears, warmth and joy.
    Then he pointed out the keys and so on to khenpo Cholo and so on, teachers-gurus, brothers and sisters. It was said, " Not true and false." After saying so, there were some attacks and instructions regarding the body.
    He Chokyi Lodro said: "However, since it is not hidden by the edges of being, the teacher's speech is shown by rolls of paper. Let the maintenance of the practice of I, such as the practice of terma by guru-teachers, of substance, etc., be enjoyed and carried out on the basis of this!»
    Then, because there was joy and bliss, in the mountain solitude on the top of Lhundrub, everything began to be carried out in accordance with the practices and texts of the terma. And for those who had the signs of realization, which are explained accordingly, thanks to the teacher-guru, deva, dakini, guardians [vow holders] and protectors of the teaching, blessing, initiation and siddhi were granted explicitly or in dream experiences. Was subsequently given a prediction, the next [practice], etc. Obstacles were dispelled and obligations descended.
    This is the first chapter of the appearance of divination and teaching.

    Then, according to the sequence of the transmission line, the method of teaching the holy treasury teaching is [shown].
    First in Sulthren on a mountain in Central Tibet The great one of Uddiyana subdued everything with his feet. At the place where the dakini and mamo gather, there was a strong movement of naga and prices. On this road in a high place, Puri Phugmoche on the first day, in the morning of the twenty-fifth day of the middle autumn month of the year Wood-male-dragon [opened] the cycle of teachings "the Jewel of wish fulfillment" of Avalokiteshvara. [Also discovered] cycles of practices corresponding to kriya tantra, [teachings] Lama Gongpa Dupa, dark red devata Hayagriva, "Shining Mirror of the dakini". Thirty scrolls were extracted, including those of the red Lokeshvara, etc., practices based on generation and completion, etc. At this time, there were signs of the presence of blessings and magical manifestations of the defenders of the teaching, nagas and tsen, such as sounds and rays of light, earthquakes, etc.
     This is the second Chapter of the emergence of the term from Puri Phugmoche, extensive home practices [teacher] of Oddiyana.

    On the eighth day of the waxing moon of the last month of autumn of the same year, [he was] at a place called "Kar Zugthrang"  [dkar zug 'phrang]. And extracted the keys of the red Kongpo Tsechhen [kong po rtse chen dmar] and Gyeorong [dgye 'o rong].
    At this time, there were magical manifestations of the rough wind and the sounds of " So " on Mount Pari Tshur. There were also visions of the defenders of the teaching, the Nagas and the Mara.
    This is the third Chapter of extracting keys from Kar Zugthrang.

    On the fifteenth day of this month, from the red rock of Kongpo Tsachen were extracted [teachings] called the generation Stage " the source of all that is desired and necessary." Also [was] learned the practice of peaceful and wrathful [deities] "Eight teachings," the essential Tantra [spyi ti] Great Perfection and complete stage practice Kilaya "the Quintessence of mind", the cycle of practices of wealth "Holder siddhi and wealth", the cycle of increasing the procreation of fools "Important series" cycle of the protector Bernagchen "life Force", three "Blades" and so forth. [Were extracted] The sending tantra "Knowledge of the destructive poison", the black Tramen, etc. [Were extracted] numerous methods of discarding bad visions, the white aspiration to happiness "Leadership of the sheep" , etc.
    In short, it was extracted a hundred and twenty-seven scrolls in the [activities] of pacification, increase, subjugation, and powerful. Vow substances were also extracted, such as a crystal from the hand of [the Teacher from] Uddiyana, pills with a powerful blessing, three measures of golden substances, an image of a lotus cap, an image of a torm, a mask of the face of [the Teacher from] Uddiyana. At this time, limitless realizations and nonconceptual experiences appeared in the prayers [or establishment], great sounds of Hum and so on sounded, the space was filled with rainbows, bodily forms, letters and syllables were radiated. There were magical manifestations of the defenders of the Teachings of Rahu, Dorje Legpa, Tsen and Tenma
    This is the fourth Chapter of extracting Terma of the red rocks of Tsachen.

    Starting at midnight on the fifteenth day of the first month of summer of the year of the Tree-man-Snake from Puri in Gyeorong [dgye'o rong] [was extracted] a table for the "black turtle" predictions. In the temple Cjthrul Gyalpo [was received] the add-on of oral teachings of the "Golden spoon", the elimination of the designated "cut off the flow of birth", a magical substance of life "Boiling poisonous water," keys of face of Karting and other scrolls of paper, four measures of gold, knife, iron kila, thin silk and so forth.
    Bad mantras were extracted along with substances. There were terrifying magical manifestations of the defenders of the Teaching.
    This is the fifth Chapter of extracting Terma of black Puri in Georong.

    At midnight on the first day during the first month of the winter of the Snake Tree year, from the top of the rock, Karting Dong extracted the dakini Throma cycles, general predictions about the teachings, the predictions and precepts of the king, the tantra of the Trak etc. [Also extracted] one hundred thousand names of dakinis. In short, I received five scrolls, etc., and extracted the golden vajra of heart obligations. At this time, there was a large dragon, a strong wind, etc., some visions, such as magical manifestations of the defenders of the Teaching, guardians [having vows], nagas, tsen, etc.
    This is the sixth chapter of the extraction of the term from the face of Gokarting, the place in the Tsari.

    On the morning of the twenty-seventh day of the middle month of spring, year of Fire Horse from the top of the mountain of Gyada Langpo received the Keys of Samye Chimpu, Covenants of the King "Keys", Keys "a Narrow passage in Kava". When this appeared, the sound of a strong wind arose and magical manifestations of the defenders of the teaching and Mara appeared, such as a blaze of light in the center of this [treasury] , etc.
    This is the seventh Chapter receiving the Terma of the top of Gyada Langpo in Nyangpo.

    On the morning of the first day of the last month of spring of the same year, he retrieved twenty-one Sugata relics from Puri in Longwo Jangti. At this time, there were many magical manifestations of humans and non-humans, conversations about volumes caused by blows, destruction, robbers, etc. Constantly until the eighth day, there were magical manifestations of the eight classes of defenders.
    This is the eighth Chapter of extracting the term from the vessel Longvo Jangti.

    Late in the evening of the eighth day of this month, Kavathrang extracted records from the center, such as Avalokiteshvara's "Keys of the Supreme Mystery", etc. At this time, there were magical manifestations of the gods.
    This is the ninth Chapter of extracting the term from the founding deities, as recorded in Jowo Kavathrang.

    Early on the morning of the fifteenth day of the first month of autumn this year was removed from Jango Dungla of Tsari the blessed cycle of Vajrapani, also received the sacrament of Garuda, the cycle "young Men" engaged in life and the cure of leprosy, the only white protecting the planets "Opportunity," Bad mantra "the Movement of nine types of darkness", a cycle of General ocean of Tantra Dakini, twenty-five scrolls, the substance of the father and mother of Uddiyana, substance black Phungthal. At this time, various magical manifestations of blessing appeared, such as the magical manifestations of the planets-graha, meeting with the face of the five classes of dakinis, etc.
    This is the tenth chapter of the extraction of the term from the rock of Kyen Dungla.

    At noon on the twentieth day of the middle month of autumn of this year, he extracted from Gongpo, the black rock of Puri, four scrolls in the cycle of the innermost cycle of the generation and completion of Avalokiteshvara, mother and son "Perfection of Hands". At this time, there were magical manifestations of the planets, noisy sounds, Muni phenomena, etc.
    This is the eleventh chapter of obtaining the terma from the black rock in Puri.

    Early on the morning of the twenty-second day of this month from the mountain cliffs of Gaga shong extracted additional teaching of Avalokiteshvara, the text rasayana "Endless nectar", the Great Maheshwar "Lasso the wind", a Concise empowerment "Garland fire lightning", the Blade of the devourer Pits, Black Rahu "Blows around", "Movement nine black acara" a lot of other lists, the "black Keys", Luck "Keys of Phugring" and so forth. Extracted thirty [scrolls] in the form of large, medium and small scrolls.
    Something was collected six times six, something was on a hill. He also extracted the substances of the vows, the pills of the seven men, the vision of the "Mirror with a poisonous composition", the substances of the vows "Pure Magic that forms clarity". At this time, there were boundless magical manifestations of the defenders of the teaching, such as happiness, joyful experiences, an explicit meeting with the dakini, etc.
    This is the twelfth chapter of the extraction of the terma from the green mountain rock of Jago Shong, Tago Jong.

    During the heat of the Sun on the twenty-third day of the middle month of winter of the year Fire-Sheep, from the rock hermitage to the House of Tshangrong, [places] Nyingma, the highest place of Tsari, extracted a scroll the size of an elbow, which contained the substance of the vows "Keys of the Water of Life" along with the practice "Good Guests of the Nagas and Gyalpo". At this time, unchanging manifestations such as Mara, the Lionhead protector, clearly emerged. Additionally, there were numerous magical manifestations.
    This is the thirteenth Chapter of extracting the term from Gonpo Kyitho in Tsari Nyingma Dom Tshangrong.

    Starting late in the evening of the eighth day of the growing months of the first summer month of the year Earth-Mankey, from Lagpo Jemakarpo extracted substances vows "Water of longevity and nectar", pills of longevity "the Crown of Brahma," the jewel "Mirror of heart", etc., substance of the vows, "the Structure and substance of the submission of the Nagas", the practice of longevity "the unity of the Sun and moon." At this time, there were numerous magical manifestations of the Nagas, such as sounds, clusters of light, etc., the sounds of prayers, music.
    This is the fourteenth Chapter of extracting Terma from the edge of the cliffs of Churong on a vast mountain in Dagpogyer Jema Karpo.

    In the early morning of the twenty-fifth day of the last month of summer of this year, thirty-four scrolls were extracted from the top of the Samye Chhimphu rock, such as Avalokiteshvara "Tradition of the King", the Jewel "Threads of Tradition", etc., the substances of vows, amrita. At this time, there were magical manifestations of Pekar, houses of light, an earthquake, etc.
    This is the fifteenth Chapter of extracting the term from the lion's face atop the cliffs of Samye Chimpu.

    In the evening of the thirteenth day of the middle summer month of the year Iron-female-Pig from the bottom of the ledge Shinje Dongkha extracted thirty-four scrolls, such as Tantra, peaceful and wrathful lords of the life of the Pit, not the full text [of the meeting] mother and son separate additions and actions. At this time, there have been countless earthquakes, noises, visions, magical manifestation, magical manifestations of the eight classes, the twelve Tenma, the magical manifestation of Dorje Dratsen, etc.
    This is the sixteenth Chapter of extracting the term from Badongva in Shinje Dongkha.

    In the morning and warm time of the eighteenth day of the first month of autumn of the year of the Tiger from Dzongring Trashi Phugring when the cluster of light appeared, vidyadhara Garab Dorje himself, he appeared rays of light of the mind by virtue of compassion. After the disappearance, Manjushrimitra appeared along with the stamens of the flower. And what was hidden by the teacher from Uddiyana as a terma was extracted for the sake of thinking about the good of the future. At this time, a house and tent made of rainbow light, a rain of flowers, noisy sounds, earthquakes and other visions appeared.
    This is the seventeenth Chapter of extracting the terma from Dzongring Trashi Phugring.
    All of this is a condensed history of terma extraction by terton Sangye Lingpa from the age of twenty-five up to the age of thirty-five.
    Thus ends the history of the terma.

    I, Sangye Lingpa, an novice monk [from] Uddiyana, extracted terma that have no falseness, according to the tradition that appeared according to the predictions. Even when he has extracted it, in the decadent age, the present time, which is bad times, numerous good friends [rejoice] in the great higher [own] face. The assemblies of lowly men rejoice in the pernicious. Congregations of the noble ones who follow the Teachings seek pleasure. Most come under the power and control of demons-Mara. Because of this, there are separate [sectarian] dogmas that are separated from the view and behavior. In this hour when individuals deviate from the teaching, no one is in the cutting off of doubts and conceptual analysis, forgetting about the formation of faith and devotion. Staying so, they again reveal secret thoughts about the teaching of terma.
    How wonderful! Some sing hymns! Some men listen to such teachings! Through to these cunning and deceptive speeches of the tertons, people's heads turn because of the chakra of magic. Thanks to the extraction of the term, they say about the absence of essence in the texts. What is there in a lie, if there is truth from the extraction of the term? On the basis of the creation of lies, they forget about the entire essence of the texts. All of them hear numerous empty conversations. If they talk about lies, why don't they talk about this [true teaching]?
    And through to the happiness of happy conversations, soft speech and sinuous language, all the city gates and drums gather. They distort and forget the customs of the speeches of the higher Siddhas. [Those who possess] three kinds of dharmic garments will be wrapped up as separate women. Discard as sputum Vinaya, laws and commitments of the heart. They will look upon the preceptor, the acarya, and the parents as angry enemies. They will rely on recordings of various sayings [instead of] teachings and instructions. In particular, those who follow the cause and result, the roots of virtue and the practice of teaching will be killed. Rumors and prattle will spread about the view, meditation, behavior, and fruit. Those who act like charlatans will lie about benefactors who have faith. Friends who practice the teachings by mixing the higher and the lower will be looked upon with condemnation and contempt because of passion, anger, and darkness. If they tell lies, why don't they tell them about it?
    Some say, " I am a manifestation of [the teacher from] Uddiyana." They write down perverted teachings with herbs that are boiled in water, on poisoned paper. They practice the teachings of the higher teachings on corrected cotton. Rely on Gyalrong and hiding in the rock otshelnichestvo in the same direction. After spending several years there, they talk about the appearance of a treasury from a casket. Extracting this, they say "I am a terton". Gathering fools, they form their faith and loyalty. How then not to contradict the Teachings of the Victorious One?
    When they are in such conversations about the utterances of the Uddiyana teacher, they are acting for the benefit of the beings of the time of decline. I, Padmasambhava of Uddiyana, manifest unlimited tens of millions of manifestations. I hide boundless tens of millions of treasures. In times of decline, the era of the future, there will be an unlimited number of tens of millions of Tertons. Relying on them, even the Mara will enter into the parts of those who are like me, but are not me. When they enter, they will deceive beings with lies made of substances and terma. My tertons, the Lotuses, will appear as three, five, or seven. Most, except these, will not be Tertons. How then not to contradict the teachings of the Victorious One?
    Now and in the future they will say "There are tertons above, below and in the middle". They will say, " There are twenty, thirty, etc., who guard the welfare of beings." There will be visible wanderings in such numerous utterances. Those among them who have knowledge will see the good. But if there is a master of the Teaching, then it is perceived as not being such. When the treasury is clean, then there are no methods, [what] to remove in purity?
    Some say, " One who has insight, siddha." But do not move around as naked, being dressed in various dog skins.
    They say "footprints are marked with a seal". But rely on Teurang or use blush.
    They say about clairvoyance or say "I am a siddha". But they are prone to hunger and explain how to train in asceticism. Even if they did not practice for one year, they claim that they have found realization. Even if you have not meditated for one day, you are said to have " insight." For those who use a variety of [methods] that are not teaching, offerings are made with devotion on the basis that they collect beings, their parents. How can one not be misled by perverted friends who are like that?
    Even if it is said, "Terton pleases with earth and stones," this is a representation of the essence of the teachings of [the teacher] from Uddiyana. Even the sages and teachers of Utsang, who possess the good, said,"No [good] friend will come out of a barbarian country." Even if a certain number of detractors of the teaching appear, what is the tradition of those who arise from the Utsang side, which is not important? Even there, those who have knowledge ask for the essence. In the time of the decline of the age, the present time, the persons who conform to the Teaching are like udumvara. Those who do not act in accordance with the teaching are like summer herbs and fruits. The magical manifestations of Mar are like a snowstorm. Creatures that do evil are like stars in the dark. Charlatans of both sexes are like a garden with herbs and trees. The life of friends is like ice at sunrise. The noble forms of monks and nuns are like the agitation of an anthill. Scammers looking for jewelry are like clusters of insects. The guru-teachers who run monasteries are like women walking around. Teachers who explain the teachings are like conversationalists. Great meditators in mountain hermits are like bees that gather honey. Those who are free from private actions are like birds smeared with seed. The followers of the Bon of the mantras are like butchers with red hands. The divine of the Lord and the doctors are like salespeople that are waiting for good. Siddhis and those who have insight are like butchers who are versed in songs. Offerings to guru-teachers and reading experts are like unmarried women in congregations. Experts in records and divine crafts are like menacing protectors. Men and women who meditate and take monastic vows are like thieves who search for jewels. Homeowners and do-gooders like the tears of Mary. All these similarities and omissions are clear and clearly visible. Similarly, most people who have come to a perverted [vision] look at it. So how does everything appear in the decline of the Teaching? Is not my face also unclean?
    Kyema! Kyehu! This way of seeing the present time is contrary to some and to the mind of some [people]. But even then the impurity of my face is subject to a false vision. Therefore, it seems a very bad way to act that is similar to this. I think that I don't correspond to the essence of what is built in this way. But it is also possible that I am also wrong in some aspects.
    May all such false thoughts and delusions be quieted and the beings practice the Teachings of the Great Chariot!
    The very manifest body of Padmasambhava of Uddiyana! Lord, mighty lord, who holds the power of speech! Thanks to the teachings from the treasury of thoughts, you bring about the maturation of those who have destiny! Sangye Lingpa, Victorious from his crown!
    For trulku, the supreme being, Sangye Lingpa made a dakini prediction in a dream, in the evening, about making copies of the aspects of the heart of oral instructions about the stage of completion from Lama Gongdu, golden writings, essential explanations, experiences of practice, the commensurability of signs, holding the measurement [sign] from the "Golden pure Melt". It was said: "When one adult woman who has goodness and radiance reaches the age of thirteen, she will receive the name 'Perfect Liberation' [or Tshangpa Tharpa]".
    Due to this, starting from the age of thirteen, he will consistently stay at this level. She will be called by good names associated with the names of Legdrub Men [legs grub sman], Paltsho [dpal mtsho], Yeshe Bum [ye shes 'bum], Gyamtsho Kyi [rgya mtsho skyid], Darma Dron [dar ma sgron], Dorje Tsho [rdo rje mtsho], Gangkar Cam [gangs dkar lcam], Tsultrim Gien [tshul khrim rgyan], Rinchen Padma [rin chen padma], Yungdrung Kyi [g.yung drung skyid], Sangye Dren [sangs rgyas 'dren], Cho bum [chos' bum], Gendun Men [dge ' dun sman]. Speaking thus, this mother will have thirteen reds and volumes, poti, Teachings.
     If we consider from the point of view of the thirteen parts in this collection of thoughts, then we think about the acceptable interdependence and the syllable E.
    The virgins, having bestowed everything that is one cubit in size, in the form of numerous angular crystals, will put everything in my pocket. By doing so, everything in the dream will dissolve in the heart according to the sequence.
    When I woke up, all the manifestations of the syllable Tsa entered the mandala of light. In the middle [appeared] a sound, a light, a stupa of crystal. And that which is in the form of a standing person has appeared by dissolving into itself [i.e., Sangye Lingpa].
    In its own manifestation, which appears as such, the environment appeared with the thoughts "I am a stupa made of crystal". Thinking about the miracle, I wrote everything down.
    Heh! Heh! Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    Padmasambhava of Uddiyana brought together the essence of the Enlightened One. Having collected it, he hid it in the middle of Tibet on Jambudwipa. This [teaching] was guarded by the fated Terton of the time of decline! I give praise to Sangye Lingpa [from the line] from father to son!
    The very essence of the manifestation of the speech of [the teacher from] Uddiyana! You appeared as a special one in the form of Rolpei Dorje [rol pa'i rdo rje] in the year of the Dragon [, born] from a woman of [noble] lineage. I pray to the one who is marked by the name of Sangye Dorje!
    You have extracted the essential terms as [abiding] beyond the twenty-five [disciples]! You are spreading the Teachings of maturation and liberation! At fifty-three, you went to the pure land above! Among those who were consistently predicted as special beings, you were shown among the commands and predictions!
    His son, Yeshe Dorje, was chosen as the successor during the manifestation of the twenty-three [disciples]. And when the practices of the three Roots were being carried out, he heard all the cries of Hayagriva. The wholesome fragrance of medicine and practice encompassed everything and was known from a great distance. He rotated the chakra of the deep terma teachings. He also explained the texts for the benefit of beings in the eastern direction. When he reached the age of eighty-three, he went [to the pure land] for the sake of others.
    At the time of the present stay of [the teacher from] Uddiyana, he was known by the name of Namrol Yeshe Zangpo [rnam rol ye shes bzang po]. In all predictions for future times, it appears clearly in the midst of predictions and teachings. He himself is the supreme being, the real teacher. [Known as] the noble Kumara Simha, a charioteer of the family in Shang Shung.
    The practice of the teachings of the Assembly of Thoughts, until the [signs of practice] were received during the three months of approach and attainment, was seen in space in the form of incomplete texts. When the initiations of men and women in the house of practice were received and the condensed essential empowerment was not bestowed, all kinds of generation and completion stages were performed. And even most of the subtle instructions, [were not acquired] by those with destiny who hold the line of transmission, [since they were] like the horns of a hare. It is said that the wholly perfect deep special cycle did not begin to spread among those who possess the Teaching. Statements aimed at teaching and empowerment the life force were not found. And since another part of the oneness of generationand completion did not appear, it became unacceptable to write about the bad and the good among the small instructions.
    In short, all and all texts and teachings were received from the head and entered the middle and last part of the body. The separate thing that entered, manifested and changed. The poisoned food of Prices was listened to as the innermost of the common and subtle. At forty-seven, he went to the clean country.
    Since it was requested that the genus was marked as corresponding to the size of the elbow, it appeared as the remains and relics of the body. It appeared in the direction of Utsang.
    In the past, during the time of the teacher himself from Uddiyana, he was known as the supreme being Paltsun Zangpo [dpal btsun bzang po]. In the predictions for the future that are made by the Lotus of Uddiyana, it is shown in the subtle teachings.
    There are no boundaries in the Teachings of the Enlightened One! There is no exhaustion in the treasures of the [master] of Uddiyana! There is no core in the phenomena of cyclic existence! No time to stick to the face prints and gold papers! No reason to stop in the rain stream! There is no time later for stomach and back! There is no source directed at me, a beggar! No faith in do-gooders! There is no time for liberation in this monastery! May the times and directions of temporal existence be good and fortunate!
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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