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Lama gongdu. Root practice is "the Jewel garland of lotuses»

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of the teacher-guru

Root practice is "the Jewel garland of lotuses»

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    The essence of deep, peace and equanimity has the nature of emptiness and mercy! Since the non-composite is free from polluted happiness, [you appear as] the vajra of bliss! I prostrate myself before you!
    The root of the supreme blessing [appears] as the treasury of the great treasury of all siddhis. He composed the "Garland of Precious Lotuses", a root practice that arose miraculously and activities that subdue beings. Many particular points of practice are explained on the basis of the final essence of the collection of thoughts. This root practice shows a lot of great and small in the particular [moments] of water that is poured out in the records. It originated from the treasury of the great ocean.
    Thus, by doing this in the beginning, you will gain warmth, signs, and visions. So quickly you will reach the fruit, the essence of everything desired, realizing everything and everything in the implementation, etc. What, then, is the need for ordinary subtle acts? If you do not find stability in this, then even using all the exercises and activities, you will be tired. And a childish mind that has no purpose will become a cause of suppression because of small and small desires. It is important to be diligent in this, understanding the essence.
    When immersed in the blessing of a master guru, it is important to have unwavering faith and devotion. This is the root of the guru-teacher practice. If there is no faith and devotion, what else is there to exercise with the mind? When one desires two kinds of siddhi, it is important to practice diligently without distraction. This is the root of devata practice. The delay in siddhi is due to the entanglement of distractions. To carry out a variety of activities, heartfelt commitments and the absence of hypocrisy and hesitation are important. This is the root of the dakini practice.
    If the heart's obligations are damaged, then the eternal kingdom will not exist. When you have faith and devotion, you protect the mind. Reach [of all], with diligence in respect of the Devata. Gather the dakini with heartfelt commitment. If you do not have faith, zeal, and heartfelt commitment, then for a long time you will collect a cyclical existence and will be overwhelmed by words. Therefore, it is important to persevere with faith, heartfelt commitment, and diligence in practice.
    Even if one practices for an age with duality of mind and doubt, there will be no attainment. So said the Lotus King.
    Here [is] a perfect practice that fully unites the essence of all gurus, devas and dakinis. Being a source of the necessary and desirable, it is like a jewel. Clearing the face and being quick in a certain sequence, it appeared miraculously, like a garland of lotuses. [It is] the actual source of fat from Padmasambhava's body.
    In the sequence of this practice, there are three [points]: preliminary actions; the main part; completion.

1. Preliminary part

    Here are three [points]: collecting substances; the sequence of composing the mandala field; entering into practice.

1.1 Collecting substances

    As the material basis of the body, set the image of the body on red silk, which corresponds to what appears from a clear understanding. As the material basis of speech, draw the chakra in accordance with the pattern that appeared from the images. The material basis of the mind is the foundation of the guru's mind. It is a polygonal crystal, clear and clean, without chipping or damage.
    Also put the chakra composed of jewels as the base of the mind devata, vajra, jewel, lotus, crossed vajra. It is acceptable for all of the five attributes to be as big as four fingers or as big as a finger.
    The foundation of the dakini mind is the undisguised phenomena of the dead [or urban] women of the heart.
    The material basis of qualities is the five nectars-amrita. The material basis of activity is five types of multicolored silk. The material basis of the blessing is the bodhisattva relics.
    The material basis of siddhi is kapala, which has the characteristics of various kinds of jewels. The material basis of wealth is a variety of jewels, cereals, food, fine silk, various tree fruits.
    The substances of subjugation of manifestations are a mirror the size of a thumbprint. The substance of the euphonious sound is a flute made of femur and a drum made of kapala. The material foundation of longevity and vitality is the five essences. The material base of the palace is the incense-gau made of copper.
    Additionally, for the base of the guru — a beautiful and elegant cap, kapala, tied with red silk. The material base of the devata is a cloak of flowing fine silk. The base of the Dakini — a wand of Khatanga and shut off the dagger, dripping and drum with two sides. The basis of the heart's commitment is the vajra and the bell. The foundation of the guardians of the teaching who have vows, the heart of the knife, fine silk, a hanging standard and tent, a large drum, sharp swords, etc.
    Additionally hung stuffed animals, external, internal and secret offerings, all sorts of torma. Collect everything you need.

1.2 The sequence of composing and drawing the mandala field

    Collect the substances in this way. When a favorable constellation comes and the planets grow [i.e. increase] on the day of the growing month, also acceptable in any of the first months, [be] in a secluded place with joyful experiences. Purify the injuries and fears that correspond to the mind of the yogi. Perform purification and mash the clay. Sprinkle with drops of fragrant water and scents. If there are types of decorations, such as celestial ornaments, drapery, etc., then also draw.
     In accordance with what has emerged from the great practice section, draw a properly perfect mandala of the guru, deva and dakini, the palace, the nine continents, and perform the earth ritual.
    In the middle, on top of a small stand or seat, place a copper rook filled with barley. Inside put, drawing in accordance with the drawing, the chakra of the dakini inside the "Heart of the virgin". Put the heart, tied with red silk. On top of this, in kapala, draw the life force chakra "Devata Heart" according to the pattern. Put the five attributes, fill them with the material foundations of wealth, the foundations of longevity, etc. On the surface of the kapala [, that is, on the opening opened from above,] as a mirror, which subordinates the manifestations, put, drawing in accordance with the image, the chakra of submission.
    On top of the copper incense-gau put the chakra of the guru's life force, drawing in accordance with the drawing. [And also put] the bases of the blessing and the crystals, binding them with colored silk. Fold, filling completely with different kinds of things that correspond to things, sources of blessing.
    On top of this, set the base of the activity, tied with colored silk. Also put a small package inside everything where amrita and the substance of qualities are embedded.
    Since everything increases due to mixing with the drawn substances, this covers everything.
    Wrap the chakra-drawn bases of speech and the base of the body and decorate the top with a silk crown. This shows the existing basis of practice.
    Additionally, even if you collect all the bases of the body, speech and mind of the guru, deva and dakini, then set it as acceptable to the mind.
    Similarly, establish a torma outside for gurus, devas, dakinis, protectors of learning, deities of wealth, guardians of vows, lords of the land, bhutas. Establish also that which corresponds to the general of external, internal, and secret offerings, such as medicines, rakta, etc.
    Everywhere within the house of practice, establish everything that gives joy, everything that exists in the form of objects perceived by the eyes of the five senses.

1.3 Entering into practice

    Having carried out the sequence in the right way, including this practice, during the growing month, make offerings while contemplating the Jewels. On the waning-make offerings, contemplating the lower portions. In between, increase your savings by contemplating your brothers and sisters, etc. Exercise the various kinds that are acceptable in relation to accumulation and things.
     Set up the sachcha, bring the water torma. Give the ransom of the life force because of the certainty of death, such as protection from fears and so on. Perform discarding, purifying the difficult path, reciting and reciting the teachings of Prajna paramita, restoration and repentance, etc.
    Then practitioners should perform ablution. You should wear clean red clothes. Tie the purple kapala. Anoint sindhura on the face. Pick up the red rosary. Sit in the position of playing king on a cushion on the seat. By staying in this way, one should awaken awareness, eliminate the blindness of the senses. And on the basis of Pyrrhoda, which has the power of suppressing the greatness of all manifested being, to carry out in a vast way the direction to Refuge, the origin of the mood, the seven branches [of accumulation of merit] corresponding to the general [actions].
    Then, by means of samadhi, as Hayagriva, seize with the iron hook of mercy the haughty gods and demons of the universe, the lords of the terrain, the gods and nagas of the terrain, the accumulation of hindrances, karmic creditors and bhuta. When you have done so, place it on the edges of the great mandala and make it stay there. Through an enlightened attitude of mind, realize the blessing. And to command them as Upasakas, say:
    We, yogin, vajra, < name> - we practice guru, deva, dakini for the benefit of all beings that you control! And since even you are all in the land of the great supreme and unsurpassed practice, then also all of you do not deviate from listening to the secret commands of the orders of the great and powerful Lotus, the glorious lord! Without deviating, show the friendliness of the practice until everything is achieved, starting with the crown of this practice!
    Say such commands, etc. Having said that, perform the expulsion from the outside by offering a torm of what is not related to what is gathered inside, an oil lamp, wine and a hook. Imagine as in the preliminary actions of the text on acts.
    Bless Torma and perform for those who are not exiled, actions with directed zeal towards friendliness, which is consistent with the teaching. From time to time, in the three periods of the morning and evening, also make a torm offering without attachment. Meditate on the protective circle that is not separated from the vows. It is also important to establish clarity about everyone as gods and goddesses. And until you have completed the practice that follows, do not withdraw from external actions when you perceive yourself as close to the root of the mandala. Don't stop anything that doesn't move inside. Without stopping, [perform] separately the acts of approximation. And whatever appears in the form of enjoying various kinds of food and drink, act as with [substances] siddhi. Having love, on the basis of the nature of mercy, practice without being agitated and in relaxation removing [manifesting] in the stream of consciousness.

2. Main practice

    In the main part seven points: implementation as the main origin of deity yoga "the Union of the essence of the family of the body"; the implementation of both the main magic wheel, the mantra "the Union of the essence of the family of speech"; the cleansing energy of awareness, that is as important, "the Union of the essence of the family of the mind"; performed as the main radiation and picking up in the contemplation of, such as collecting the dissolution etc., of the qualities, possibilities through the good things of the world and overcomes the world "Association of the essence of the family qualities»; linking with actions as the main "Unification of the essence of the family of activity"; establishing signs and signs of achievement; the stage of actions in the intervals between practice sessions.

2.1 "Union of the entity of the body family»

    First comes the "Union of the essence of the body family". There are also two points in the origin of the deity: the immeasurable palace and the deity proper.

2.1.1 The Immeasurable Palace

    In the immeasurable palace there are also two points: the immeasurable palace, which is generated in front of itself like the external; it is generated as itself, which corresponds to the internal.
    First. After performing all the sequences of actions from the preliminary practices, say:
    oṁ mahā śuñāta jñāna vajra svabhāva atma ko haṁ
    In this way, [imagine that] all phenomena that come together in two [aspects] become empty and without essence. On the basis of this nature [say]:
    dharma dhara du vajra svabhāva atma ko haṁ
    Saying this, generate by shining in the stream of [mind] great heartfelt love, which is not shared in all living beings. Relying on the radiance of the heart of love [say]:
    bhrūṁ viśva vi śuddhe ratna maṇḍala bhrūṁ
    Speaking thus, radiate only the syllable bhrūṁ, the seed of the cause. It touches the palace in front of it. The palace is transformed with things, the skandhas with matter, everything fixed, permanent, and place. Because of this, everything is perceived as an immeasurable palace and deities that arise from an aspect where one's own nature is not established in the manifestations.
    Also, when the syllable bhrūṁ becomes perfect, from it, in the expanse of colored sand in front of you, an immeasurable palace is born along with space. Within the imaginable, which appears in accordance with the emergence from the great visualization, [appears] a copper incense-gau, which dissolves in the light. It is made up entirely of the guru's palace and a cluster of rays of light that gathers as a building. Kapala dissolves in the light. From this [appears] the seat of the devata, the immeasurable palace. With four sides, four gates, decorations, arches, steps [levels]. The mind dissolves in the light. From it [appears] the dakini palace. It [possesses] nine completely terrifying cemeteries. See how it gathers in space. Everything inside and out is clear and lit up with fire. The aspects of the two palaces, together with their own seats, are generated by the mind in immeasurable size, connecting with each other.
    Second. The inner, immeasurable palace that is generated in itself.
    From the immeasurable palaces that are born in front, rays of light appear, radiating like the sparks of a blacksmith. They are in contact with the city of elements of their own body. And like the smallest particles, an immeasurable palace is born, which is made up of what has been destroyed and gathered together.
    On the basis of what corresponds to the most sacred heart practice "The Unity of the Sun and the Moon", an ocean of nectar and blood [appears] in the heart. In the middle of it there is a heart canal like a lotus trunk, the surface of which is the seat of the guru.
    In the house of the head, the fire of primordial wisdom burns with force. In the middle of it is the immeasurable palace of the kapala of the brain, illuminated by five kinds of light. In this sphere [is] the seat of the devata in the brain.
    The secret place is the lower part, which combines three channels. [So is] the graveyard palace of the messengers, which is absolutely terrifying. In the midst of the assembly of those who display arrogance, [is] the seat of the dakini.
    The second chakra also [is] the place of residence of the ambassadors of speech in the larynx (There is Hayagrīva, surrounded by four mothers, such as Angkusha, Pasa, Shrinkhala and Kinkindhara).
    The navel is the seat of messenger that works to increase inexhaustible qualities (born deity, which seems like any reasonable deity that creates increased wealth [as concerning] the family deity of wealth).
    And also all the immeasurable palaces that are like such are primordial and manifest on the basis of the establishment by virtue of their own nature. Look upon them as terrifying, free from veils and veils.

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