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The practice of a single hero. External, internal and secret practices "Heart of the Jewel"

Lama Gongdu

The practice of a single hero

External, internal and secret practices

"Heart of the Jewel"

     Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
     Having collected nine piles of the mandala of the assembly of thoughts, you realize the main essence. Even then, in accordance with the Kusulupa tradition, I will proclaim the practice of approach and the path of liberation.
     It explains the preliminary steps, the main part, and the conclusion. The preliminary part and completion correspond to the general ones. The main part is three-part: external, internal and secret. In each part there are three by three [points] that are carried out by someone in a nine-part way. Through blessing, siddhi, activity, etc., the great goal of the relative and absolute level is realized.
     Based on the implementation of external, internal and secret [practice] in the nine main [points], [shows] three, external, internal and secret for external [practice]. [Shown] three, external, internal and secret for internal [practice]. And three-external, internal and secret for secret [practice].
     External of external, internal and secret are as follows. [Manifestation] of the body of the blessed Vajrapani. Dark blue, with one face and two hands. The right hand raises the vajra to the sky. The left one holds a bell on her hip. Decorated with snakes, tiger, precious ornaments. Mouth open, fangs bared. Three eyes open. The hair on the eyebrows, beard and head is yellow-red and lights up with fire, rising up.
     On the basis of the attributes of an angry yaksha, he tramples with two feet graha and the lord of the area-sadag. It has a large body and large limbs. Meditate on the center of the heart. And even this heart of the Master of the Innermost is born as its own awareness. Be diligent in this and recite:
     oṁ vajra caṇḍa mahā rośana hūṁ phaṭ
     his is a real external practice. Implement it until you realize it. Having realized, carry out the desired yogic actions.

     Carry out the generation at the level of the neck. There appears the great and powerful Hayagriva. With a red body. On top of the horse's head is a pure green color that is intimidating. In his right and left hands he holds a mace and shows the scorpion mudra. Mouth open, fangs bared, tongue spinning. The three eyes are angry and flash like lightning. Has the blazing attributes of the king of wrath, such as a braid of hair that is loose, etc. The two legs are in the hero dance pose. Flouts of the Nagas and gyalgong. The body has eight graveyard attributes. As you practice, strive for the essence of this heart:
     oṁ padmata krita vajra krota hayagṛiva hūṁ phaṭ
     By [up to the implementation] , quickly get involved with the action. This is the inner practice of the outer.

     Part of Buddhakapala is this. Begin at the top of your head. It is dark blue, with one face, four arms.
     The right hands hold the severing dagger and the damaru. Left holding the Kapala with blood, and the scepter-khvatanga. Angry and smiling, with three eyes wide open. The upper part of the body is covered with the [skin] of an elephant, wears a tiger skirt. Decorated with a diadem of five families and a beautiful crown. Appearing as a rishi with six bone ornaments, he is in a dance pose with half-crossed legs. When dancing, it stays in a pose on top of the released enemies and obstacles. This is the heart of the secret:
     oṁ buddha kapāli a hi he hūṁ phaṭ
     As you strive to repeat this, make it happen through recitation. Having accomplished, perform the desired yogic acts. Realize that which is a secret practice.
     Even if you have created three hero-deities in three places of the body in this way, then you should create them in asceticism as your own awareness. And perform with force the recitation of the heart of the swift [deity].
     Seal. Seal. Seal.

     Inner outer, inner and secret are like this.
     The Blessed Guru Dragpotsal. Dark red, with one face and two hands. With his right hand, he raises a vajra made of celestial iron. Left-commands the messengers with the help of scorpio. Mouth open, tongue twirling, fangs bared. His eyebrows and beard burn like fire. Eyes in the form of a triangle that is filled with blood. In the space between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead — angrily compressed eyebrows. It has bone ornaments and cemetery attributes. Two legs, extended and bent, in a dance pose stands on top of the crossed male and female forms of yaksha. It has the attributes of an angry rakshasa. Through meditation on [staying in] the center of the heart, speak like a dragon mantra of vitality of Dragpo:
     oṁ āḥ hūṁ arcig nircig namo bhagavate hūṁ hūṁ a hūṁ hūṁ phaṭ phaṭ
     [Do this] up to the implementation of [recitation]. Having realized, perform the yogic acts of contemplation. This is true external practice.

     The great vidyadhara Thopatsal. Red-green, with one face and two hands. With his right and left hands, he raises his sword and kilaya. Absolutely terrifying. It has eight blazing attributes. Decorated with jewels and bones. Completely perfect in anger attributes. Being on the seat of the structure of the burning hole, he is in the position of performing powerful deeds. Practice the root mantra:
     oṁ acarya mahā yoga kapāla hrīḥ hūṁ phaṭ
     Saying this, [repeat] up to the perfect signs. When you have done it in a good way, connect with actions.

     At the top of the head is the great and mighty on top of the half moon. Blessed one with the body of the Lotus Lord. It lights up with red [flashes], like the trunk of a coral. With one face and four hands. Sitting cross-legged. The main hands are at the heart with the palms crossed. The lower right hand controls the rosary. The lower left hand holds a red lotus.
     Openly smiling, decorated with silks and jewels. He has a tiara and black hair on his head. Decorated with five Sugat families. It has signs and markings. Repeat with the king of the king of secret mantra:
     oṁ āḥ hūṁ hrīḥ oṁ maṇi padme hūṁ
     After completing the signs of realization, connect with the deeds. This is the highest and unsurpassed secret practice.

     Thus, give generation  to the deities of the external, internal and secret [practice] in the three places of the body. And to bring contemplation and activity, the oral instructions of the only hero are shown.
     Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal.

     These are the three-secret external, internal and secret [practices].
     Blessed in the body of Akshobhyavajra. The color of gold, with one face and two hands. The right and left hold the jewel and chakra. For the sake of realizing the increase of longevity, fame and wealth, fully perfected through the attributes of the body. Decorated with jewels, bones and cemetery attributes. Angry and smiling, with three round eyes that rotate. The yellow-red hair on his head, eyebrows, and beard billows like fire. Being on a seat built of jewels, he stays with his legs stretched out and bent in a heroic pose. Imagine it in the center of your heart. Perform a perfect recitation of the root heart [mantra]:
     oṁ vajra akṣyobhyaḥ hūṁ phaṭ svāhā
     When completed, set the change of face and activity. This is the true external practice.

     In the neck is the Buddha Thothengtsal. Shining white, shining, radiating rays of light. With one face, and two hands. In the right-chakra. Left holds a vessel with nectar. Mouth open, smiling. In robes of broad silk, beautifully decorated with five kinds of jewelry. It is located on the disk of the full Moon. It is in balance and steadiness with crossed legs. Peaceful, relaxed, radiant. Look at this approximation with clarity:
     oṁ āḥ hūṁ buddha thod phreng rtsal samaya ja siddhi phala hūṁ
     After completing the account and receiving the signs, contact the actions. So understand the inner practice.

     Meditate on the top of your head. [There appears] the supreme nature of the Three Jewels and the assembly of teachers-guru, devata and dakini. The essence that unites everything is on top of the stamens of the lotus, the Sun and the Moon.
     Blessed Padmavajratsal with one face, two hands, sitting cross-legged. With a body of red and white color, radiant, has an open smile. The right hand holds a vajra near the heart. In the left hand dripped with nectar. Staying in a position of balance, relies on the side. The body is wearing a brocade robe and a monk's robe.
     On the top of the head is a thin [cap] made of deer. Decorated with a vulture, colorful silks and a mirror. Dressed in a train, majestic and elegant. It is beautiful because of the ornaments and patterns of various jewels, such as ear bands, golden chakra, smoky bracelets on the hands and feet, etc. Is generated as the overwhelming phenomenon of the Genesis of greatness. Until the desired essence in the form of signs of the deity is realized, perform the recitation of this heart with zeal:
     oṁ āḥ hūṁ vajra guru padma vajra hrīḥ sarva siddhi hūṁ
     If there are signs from this, carry out separately all the desired actions from the collection. This is the highest and most secret of secret practices. With a mind that is marked by faith and devotion, do it without laziness. Approach and contemplate by imagining [the deities] in the three places of the body.
     Seal. Seal. Seal.

     Since there is nothing immutable or fixed in all these generations, [comprehend the unity of] manifestation and emptiness and the semblance of illusion. Look like a rainbow and a cluster of light.
     In all the hearts of recitation, read like an echo, [realizing the unity of] sound and emptiness.
     Even if your own body is an illusory city, then imagine it as Guru Vajrasattva, the union of initiation and blessing. In all general practices, clearly [imagine] the great hero, the devata.
     When you associate with deeds and activities, generate as a dakini, the great mother, Varahi.
     [There are] nine deities of external, internal and secret [practice] in three places of generation [of deities] of this kind. When you associate with samayasattva, perform the invocation of jnanasattva, capturing, introducing and mixing. Perform the appropriate initiations, sealing, etc., and bestowing offerings.
     The approximate number is one hundred thousand grains [of syllables]. The number for the fetus is nine in five groups. The approach period is three months. So understand everything together with the additions.
     Based on the fact that the signs correspond to the general ones, various signs of the deity appear. All of them are acceptable for the experience of practice. This is daily yoga. Since it is an approximation for the above, try hard at the beginning.
     Also such are the changes of actions. If you wish to subjugate sadags and Nagas make the recitation of Vajrapani. If you wish to subdue the Nagas and the fierce Tsen, recite the mighty Hayagriva. If you want to subdue Mara and mamo, then make an approximation of a piece of Buddhakapala. If you want to subdue gyalpo and Yama, then also the approach of the fire beads of Dragpo. If you wish to perform separately powerful activities, then perform the recitation of Thepatsal. When performing acts of submission, be diligent in the recitation of the Lotus Lord. If you wish to perform the acts of magnification, then perform the approach of Akshobhya-vajra. If you wish to perform acts of appeasement, then make an approximation of the Buddha Thothrengtsal.
     Even when you perform any actions of this kind, [carry out] the approach of the main among the highest. It is important to carry out perfectly. Meditate on the main [deity] in any acceptable place, whether it is the hearts in all cases or the top of the head. This will carry out all actions. There is no doubt that you will implement them quickly.
     When the time comes and the period for which the mandala, offerings, tormas, etc., show understanding in accordance with the individual text on the dedication, great practices, subtle practices, etc.
     Make the generation of Akshobhya-vajra to the heart, to the right - Vajrapani with a blue robes, to the left - Guru Drapotsal. At the level of the neck, do generation of the Buddha Thothrengtsal in the middle, Hayagriva on his right, and vidyadhara Thopatsal on his left. Similarly, on the top of the head, also give generation of the Padmavajratsal in the middle, to the right-a piece of Buddhakapala, to the left-the great Lotus Lord. When you act for the good of others, make that birth happen.
     If you are acting for yourself, then imagine as follows. Meditate on the top of the head where the center was Padmavajratsal, right - Buddhathothrengtsal, left — Akshobhyavajra. Similarly, imagine the following in the neck: in the middle-the energy of the great Lotus Lord, on the right — vidyadhara Thopatsal, on the left-meditate on the fiery beads of Dragpo. In the middle of the heart is Buddhakapala, to the right of it is Hayagriva, to the left is Vajrapani. Carry out the generation in accordance with the method that corresponds to the order.
     Also with mantras for the sake of yourself and others.
     For the sake of others, read in three time periods. In the morning, recite the mantras of the deity on the top of your head. At noon, the mantra of the deity in the neck. In the evening-make the approach of the deity in the heart.
     For your own sake, in the evening [recite mantras] of the deities on your head. At midnight, perform the approach for the deities in the neck. In the early morning, chant the mantras of the deities in your heart.
     Yoga exercises of mantras, circumambulation, offering internal and external torma, etc. - understand as corresponding to the general, which corresponds to the order of practice.
     In the practice of approaching such a single hero on the basis of the implementation of external, internal and secret [practice], you will be able to realize all the desired subtle actions on a relative level. If you do not practice this, you will not be able to use subtle deeds.

     The root realization of the outer, inner and secret [practice is presented] in the oral instructions on the armor of approach shown above, as removing obstacles for the sake of the practice of Kusulupa and novices. First perform a recitation of one hundred thousand times for the heart of each deity. This is extremely important.
     Through to this, there will be no obstacles for those who go to any actions and everything, whether it is the practice of approaching the teacher-guru, deva and dakini, the three acts, etc. [And through this, there will be] a need for the full achievement of the desired goals.
     Thus ends the practice of the outer, inner "Heart of the Jewel". These are the instructions of the perfect unification of the practice of devata, the only hero. Let him meet the son of speech [the Teacher from] Uddiyana, who has destiny!
     Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal. Hidden seal. Seal of trust. Seal of the treasury. Dhathim.
     The Lord of the dance, like me, Rolva Yeshetsal,  were recovered from the place of the practice of the Great Teahcer from Uddiyana, Puri Phurmoche.
     Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (Filippov O. E.).


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