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Meditation on the body of the deity

Lama Gongdu

Meditation on the body of the deity

     In the meditation on the body of the deity, the symbols of the twelve examples of illusion are mentioned on the basis of "Extracts from the entire Jnanavajra". Twelve: illusion; Moon in water; hallucinations; mirage; dream; echo; Gandharva city; magical manifestation; rainbow; lightning; bubbles on water; reflection of form in a mirror. And since there is no one else that is received as an example of illusion, it is said about "twelve examples of illusion".
     The first example is that which is an example of an illusory body or manifestation as something else. If you appear there only with mind and wind-prana as the body of Vajradhara, etc., then there is no prana and mind only, even with perfect parts and small aspects. Therefore, like an illusory person.
     It embraces everything that manifests-like the moon in water.
     Since it is free of meat, bones, etc., [is] a hallucination. It's like a dirty human body.
     Since it moves instantly, it is like a mirage.
     It is the body, which is achieved only on the basis of prana and mind. And on the basis of the large body in the dream, is similar to the body of the dream, which is formed as a unity.
     Even if you understand the unity of tantra and the body of perfect maturation, the manifestation of this for others is like an echo.
     Since the mandala of the base and the base of the vajra body are generated, it is like a city of Gandharvas.
     Although it is single, it manifests itself as plural. It is like a magical manifestation.
     The five types of body color manifest as indestructible and do not mix. Therefore, like a rainbow.
     It is formed from the skandha of the body of full maturation. Therefore, it is like lightning in the midst of clouds.
     Spontaneously manifests from the nature of emptiness. Therefore, like the water bubbles on the water.
     All the limbs and parts [of the body] are completely perfect. Therefore, it is like the appearance in a mirror of the reflection of the form of Vajradhara.
     All this is a way of [indicating] the symbol of the illusory body in which one trains. Being such, it is associated with the symbol of an illusory body in which one does not train. At this time, the relationship is indicated, which corresponds to the section of examples numbered six and ten.
     "Contamination "[or covering] is the essence of hallucinations. When there is a correspondence to the magical manifestation, clouds arise. Since it is free from clinging to the real, it does not exist. Since it appears as corresponding to the absence of nature, it is not non-existent. And so an example of an illusion is recognized. When one is free from recognizing the absence of one's own nature in the manifestation of clarity and emptiness in the body of the deity, it acts as an illusory body.
     Since this is said about symbols through the twelve examples of illusion, it is like the reflection of a form in a mirror, etc. And it says: "When you recognize them, you recognize the illusory body for that reason."
     Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (Filippov O. E.).

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