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Lama gongdu. Comment on the seeds of the mantra that unites the three Roots

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of the teacher-guru

Comment on the seeds of the mantra that unites the three Roots

Sharing texts together with the good

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!

    For all the Assembly of deities of the three Roots and perfection the nine mandalas Collection of thoughts [will explain] the mantra of the practice of unity [the three roots]. The seeds of the mantra, beginning with oṁ āḥ hūṁ and up to hūṁ āḥ, destroy the seeds of the [perceived as] real. And although it is said about actions as an experience of the possibilities of the mantra, but some people, because of the love of ornaments, act with embellishments on the essence, because they repeatedly [indicate] the presence of necessity, etc., to quickly achieve the essence by eating various embellishments.
    oṁ āḥ hūṁ hrīḥ – rains that arise as the beginning. They are the syllables of their own essence and the unchanging blessing of the body, speech, and mind of all the Sugatas of the Victorious three times and sons. But even then the syllable hrīḥ appears as the beginning, since it is the seed of the cause of the appearance of the deity of the lord of speech.
    vajra guru. The essence of this is the absence of changes in the form of birth, death, old age, etc. The master-guru, the true essence of the absolute level, has the essence of nature, which appears miraculously because of compassion as versed in methods for the sake of beings. Manifesting in the body of form together with matter, it fulfills the goals of the disciples, beings. So it is said.
    deva ḍākini. They have perfect power in all that is infallible, the essence of temporal and final meaning. Since they are constantly stable, [they appear as] a deity who gives fruit, truth by the truth of the essence. [Everything] arises on the basis of their power. They act by appearing and leaving in the force of the essence in the space of the beginningless dharmata. When this happens, any activity is carried out spontaneously and effortlessly, whether it is pacification, increase, submission, powerful, etc. So it is said.
    sarva siddhi. These are the siddhis of all teachers-gurus, devas, dakinis, and protectors of the teaching, and the unchanging siddhis that emerge from the tantras and the form of the body. [Also it is] the siddhis of non-repressed [speech] that emerge from the melody and sound of speech. [Also these are] the true siddhis of the absence of delusions that emerge from the vastness of the mind. And additionally siddhi of longevity, where there is no birth, old age and death, siddhi wealth, where there is no depletion in any of the times, the Siddhas of food, which occurs in accordance with the mind and without effort, the Holy Siddhas of the Treasury implementation intentions.
    phala hūṁ āḥ. [It] means the good, which has the possibilities of the good, which is carried out spontaneously. Let a strong stable foundation and immutability be revealed from the space of your mind in the center of your own heart!

    In short:
    You are a blessing Tathagat three times together with the Lord of the family Amitayus, the great bliss, the enlightened mind of all teachers, the guru, Deva and Dakini, a collection of great Vajranatha and peaceful [deities]. [Manifesting, arising together] with the emanations of all heroes and heroines, [bestowing] all the siddhis of the body, speech and mind of all [deities], [abiding] together with Jnanasattva, the lord of their family! I ask you to bless my heart!
    I ask you to realize the maturation and liberation of the flow [of being]!
    Grant the good siddhis of the primordial wisdom of longevity and completely pacify the net of my delusions! When he does so, I ask for your blessing to remain in my heart!
    Show stability that does not change and does not turn away for a single moment!

    This is also the generation of intention from texts about the good.
    The text of the Precious Tantra speech "Sounds of the Dragon" says: "In short, it is about the characteristics of the teacher-guru. There are three grains-syllables of essential life force. All this is sealed together with management-management. If someone works hard with faith, he will make the body, speech and mind of the guru-teacher and his own body, speech and mind inseparable. If he desires something in the form of fruit for himself and others, he will quickly find it. And so it is necessary to work so hard with understanding."
    It is said: "In short, [all this] is formed as noble in the mind. If you do not deviate from the key points regarding the lack of taking and dropping and heartfelt commitments, then the meditative immersion will increase and you will quickly realize the devata."
    Said: "According to the word dakini, you will carry out the motivation based on the key points about the essence of the name. By zeal in this, together with fulfillment, you will come to the fruit of deeds."
    Said: "Since it is a common combination of actions and achievements, [it appears as] the essence of diligence, like a stream of water. Also, the son that keeps the mind contented forms an increase in happiness, goodness and qualities."
    It is said: "The union of the general and the individual [are]. The union of the common is virgo, etc. Individual transformation of siti sounds. Since having realized one, you realize completely and Victorious, is what collects the enumerations in one."
    It is said: "If the truth arises in the key instructions, then even every syllable of the life force and the seed manifest as fruit and all that is desired. So don't look at the words, but look at the essence. All the enumerations of mantras that have essence truly end in one." So and so on. It is said repeatedly.
    Additionally, the tantras say: "This is the mantra of uniting the three true Roots, tie it somewhere, read it, write it down, analyze it completely [in your mind]. [Then] in this life you will act in happiness and glory. Anyone who violates moral discipline, damages the obligations of the heart, contradicts the three types of vows-will be restored and will not be hidden by mistakes. The evil of an immeasurable epoch will be cleansed. After leaving life ,he will be born in the land of the Victorious, vidyadhara. And it will go there instantly. Analyze the true meaning of this in your heart." There is such a thing in many other texts and arguments.
    Therefore, let the yogi in the future make a promise regarding this practice of unification that follows me, the Lotus!
    Ordinary and higher siddhas will easily appear in this life. Any creature will be freed from a bad state everywhere, if you hear about it with your ears. And he will certainly be born in the land of Vidyadhara the Victorious. Let it therefore be kept in the heart!
    Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal.
    Treasure-Terma of Sangye Lingpa. Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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