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Small entries. The sequence of actions on the purification of the skandhas of the deceased

Lama Gongdu

Small entries.
The sequence of actions on the purification of the skandhas of the deceased

     Praise to the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
     If you wish to perform the ritual of burning a corpse to purify the veils on the basis of the skandhas of the deceased, perform the preliminary actions related to the section of the large or short ritual of purifying the veils, which also arose from other texts.
     Having done so, [proceed to] the main part of burning the corpse.
     Since it is acceptable if you rely on the tradition of calculations or there are no calculations, then carry out the sequence of the ritual, including the analysis of the outer earth, installation (or redemption), purification, protection, etc. After burning the gifts, complete everything according to what has appeared in the appropriate way.
     After completing this, make a mandala of colored sand according to the text. But even if you don't, set up mounds of [cereals] equal to the number of deities.
     In the middle of the mandala or in one direction, build a house for burning. Establish in accordance with the peaceful burning of the gifts [homa] substances for burning and various offerings.
     Then do generation on the top of your head a collection of teacher deities-guru, devata and dakini. With the help of the method of meeting with the deities, carry out the invitation with the help of musical instruments. When you do this, dissolve the deity in your own heart. Enter the house for the burning of the corpse.
     Then, being in the yoga of the deity as yourself, give birth to the mandala of samayasattva. Enter into the jnanasattva mandala. There, perform everything perfectly according to the text, including the offerings, the hymn and the recitation.
     Then, thorough of the mantra and the pride of King Hayagriva, perform the expulsion of obstacles in the house for burning [as follows].
     The wind on the right ignites the flame. By the mantra of Amritakundali is cleansing. On top of the seat with the immeasurable palace and the sequence of elements, the deity of fire appears in the form of a white deity, as in the burning of gifts, pacifying all clusters of deities. From the south-eastern direction, the fire deity of his own nature is captured. When you have done so, show satisfaction with the offerings from the preliminary actions. Realize your abode as the fire deity of samayasattva.
     Then [say:]
     oṁ bhāvaka agneye svāhā
     Saying this, [take] the substances to be burned by preliminary actions with a spoon filled with oil. In accordance with the sequence that emerged from the "Great Burning of Gifts", perform the offering twenty-one times with a soothing addition to the very mantra of the fire deity.
     Having dissolved all the pernicious and the veils of the deceased in black sesame, [say:]
     oṁ bhāvaka agneye sarva papaṁ śintaṁ kuruye svāhā
     Let all the veils and pernicious of the body, speech and mind of the deceased <name> be pacified!
     Saying this, perform the burning one hundred and eight times.
     Then make offerings to the fire deity and sing a hymn. [Perform the prayer for] the prescribed activity. When you bring water to wash your feet, ask for patience. All this corresponds to what has emerged from the peaceful burning of gifts.
     Then make offerings to the assembly of mandala deities.
     With clarity, realize the birth of the assembly of deities within the vast and vast belly of the fire deity, or also in the palace that emerged from the melting aspects of the blazing fire deity. When you have done so, perform the invocation of jnanasattva and the prayer of abiding. Perform the offering of gifts and the hymn.
     Thus, [using] for the Assembly of deities of the mandala of the substance for the burning of the preliminary action with a spoon for Homa, etc., [tell:]
     oṁ āḥ hūṁ hrīḥ vajra guru deva ḍākkini hūṁ
     Bring it using the complement for [this] mantra.
     Having done so, in accordance with the sequence that emerged from the "Great Burning of Gifts", bring everything that corresponds to the tradition of appeasement along with firewood.
     As a complement to the mantra-dharani to purify the veils sometimes in such cases [use:]
     sarva papaṁ śantiṁ kuruye svāhā
      Let all veils and pernicious body, speech and mind of the deceased <name> be pacified!
     Saying so, also perform the burning one hundred and eight times.
     Then, successively burn these veils of actions and obscurations that reside in the all-basal [consciousness] of the deceased, and the skandhas along with the seeds of the six kinds of beings. Thanks to this, they are dissolved in the nature of nectar. Coming with the pure sounds of white [nectar] to the mouth of the assembly of deities, cut off the roots of all accumulations of pernicious, veils and errors. Imagine that.
     Recite the dharani-mantra over white mustard, sand, or water and scatter it in the house for burning.
     Then perform a hymn for the assemblies of the deities, make offerings, and [say:]
     Guru, deva, dakini and a collection of mandala deities that has great compassion! I ask you to show the purity and purification of all the actions of the body, speech and mind, all the harmful obscurations and all the veils of the son of a [noble] family, < name>, who died and changed his body! Please appease all the bad nonconforming aspects, obstacles and conditions that confront the levels and paths! Protect from the great fear of samsara and lowly existences! I ask you to make a quick acquisition of the jewel of unsurpassed, truly perfect enlightenment!
     Say so.
     Additionally, fulfill the prayers for the desired goals and everything acceptable. Perform a prayer for patience.
     Through to a hundred syllables, restore the shortcomings and excesses. Send the jnanasattva. Dissolve the samayasattva in your heart.
     Then again, with the help of mantras Amritakundali cleanse all by [appropriate] method.
     Instantly visualize the white fire deity. Use the remaining substances for burning, as shown above, and offer with the addition of the mantra of the deity of fire. Perform a hymn, [prayer] for the prescribed activity. When you have fulfilled the prayer for patience, send the fire deity of your own nature. Imagine that the fire deity of jnanasattva becomes invisible in the hearth.
     Then put the sachcha on the bone. Throw the coal and ashes into the great river.
     At the end, it becomes invisible.
     This was taken from small notes from the instructions. The extensive version [uses] the text of the ritual of cleansing the veils and the tradition of the pacifying burning of gifts from the "Great Burning of Gifts". The excerpts on offerings and activities [use] extensive and concise versions. Exercise understanding by connecting with the time [for the ceremony].
     At the end, make an offering of merit and extensive prayers of benevolence. Stay in the invisible nature.
     Hidden seal. Seal of trust. Seal of the treasury. Seal. Seal. Seal.
     Terma of Sangye Lingpa.
     Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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