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Practice walking around. Oral instructions for daily practice

Lama Gongdu

Practice walking around

Oral instructions for daily practice

     Praise to the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!

     Working on the path of faith in the guru, deva and dakini, in between practices, practice daily walking around the bases of the body, speech and mind. Through diligence in this, you will increase the two accumulations and clear the veils. In particular, you will clear the veil of actions.
     As for the temporary [fruit], in this life you will also pacify all internal and external obstacles and conditions. So work hard at it.
     This is the sequence of actions.
     First, it must be in the temple, the seat of the sangha, the foundation of the mind, the foundation of speech, or the foundation of the body, etc., which is before you as the foundation of contemplation, which you will circumvent. In short, [find about] various kinds of foundations of Buddhism, also good causes in the form of stupas the size of an elbow, etc. In the simplest case, everything is manifested, starting with a single sachcha, a syllable of speech, the grains "Om Ah Hum". Perform the ritual of consecration in the right way. When you do this, it will [appear as] the foundation of achievement. Although there are different kinds of this in Sarma and Nyingma, [but do the following:]
     The palace of the guru, deva, and dakini appears from the essence. This surrounded by an unthinkable gathering of Bodhisattvas and Enlightened Ones of the three times and ten directions.
     Imagine that.
     Offer real offerings and those made by the mind. Bring about the movement to Refuge, the birth of the mood and the seven branches.
     Then perform the hymn, say the heart [of interdependence] , etc.
     When it is time to walk around on the basis of the devotion of the body, speech and mind, radiate light from your own body. He is in contact with all living beings. When all the hosts and congregations that have no power of their own are gathered, they will make a noise around you. Due to this [noise and environment], limitless rays of light will appear from the body, speech and mind of all the bases of guru, deva, dakini, etc. When they appear, they come into contact with the body, speech, and mind of me and others. Through to this, all the actions accumulated since the beginning of the cyclic existence in the lives of all, me and others, the harmful and the veils of obscurations-klesh, the diseases of this life, harm, bad conditions, obstacles, all inharmonious directions will be cleared and illuminated [with light]. When we are purified, we will all appear as devata deities who correspond to our own faith.
     When you do this contemplation, walk around.

     Additional. Exercise the urge for actions of circumambulation around everything and for all beings.
     namaḥ sarva tathāgata nan mahā karunan mata nan namo bhagavati śila mati bhuramae śoriraya śila mame sidatayā kina niṣṭha sira bhuddho bhagavan dharmā sāmita saṅha jñāna bhayati svāhā
     By chanting the mantra and walking around, you will restore even the craziness of your behavior.
     Additionally, repeat the various dharani mantras repeatedly and walk around. When you act in this way in the interval between sessions and move in any direction, perform the same contemplation as shown earlier from walking around the palace where the king of the Teaching resides. After that, and during the interval between sessions, perform extensive and all the desired prayers. Offer in a vast way for unsurpassed enlightenment the virtue that arose from it. Even if you come before the real foundation, do everything with the help of samadhi.
     The benefits of this are proclaimed in many sutras. As the limitless different kinds of qualities and benefits are explained, practice with special diligence.
     These are the oral instructions for daily walking around between sessions.
     Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal. This is the terma of Buddhavajra. Mangalam.
     Translated by Lama Karma Paljor




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