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Lama Gongdu. Togal. Empowerment to the energy of awareness " Unity of symbols and essence"

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of a teacher-guru

Togal. Empowerment to the energy of awareness

«Unity of symbols and essence»

    The empowerment of liberation by contact is related to this.

    Praise be to the guru, deva, and dakini! Hum!
    The guru-teacher, who has the power and capacity, [bestows] the togal energy bestowal for the son, who practices diligently.
    In a place on a hill with a vast expanse, one should manifest the satisfaction of the teacher-guru, deva, and dakini. Set up the torma, the offerings of ganapuja. Practice and make offerings, such as action text, correction, etc.
    Even if you give something for the students that is different from the words of initiation and has arisen from other [texts], make the acquisition of direct introduction to the trekcho.
    Then, when it is time for the peak of the Sun to rise in the morning at dawn, offer a mandala made of gold or silver to the teacher-guru, vajracharya. Generate faith and loyalty. Fulfill the prayer of the lineage of the teachings of Great Perfection. Speak:
    How wonderful! O blessed Samantabhadra! Support me and the other sons of faith with great love! Having supported us, we ask for the bestowal of the dedication of the energy of awareness! We ask you to show the original wisdom directly! We ask you, freed from words and analysis of the mind, to grant the essence of the symbol, the dharmata!
    Repeat this three times. The master-guru then bestows the essence of the symbol, saying the following from the Thalgyur tantra: "Relying on the symbol of empowerment shows the self-essence of radiant self-awareness and shows the skill and oral instructions in revealing the symbol. That which is absolutely unadorned opens the gates of the mandala of the mind. Use a certain body position. When you get used to it, connect with the position of the gaze. This is a symbol of texts about direct awareness."
    When you say that, look in the east direction. Look, train on the basis of the key points in relation to the body in the positions of the three bodies. Through the position of the gaze, subtle and unshakable, look into the rays of the rising Sun. Being solid, do not act and concentrate on the corners.
    The teacher-guru, speaking in this way, bestows the emopwerment of the symbol, dedicating it in words and revealing the essence of the symbol:
    How wonderful!
    Listen, then, sons of the family who have good fortune! The primordial wisdoms that are seen in this way [appear] in a single bindu that arises by itself. This is a manifestation of direct dharmata. This is how the face of the Enlightened One, the bodhisattva, the guru-teacher, the deva, and the dakini is met directly and without veils! It is said that the three bodies and the five primordial wisdoms become manifest. All the initiations of all the Enlightened Ones of the three times are acquired simultaneously, without exception. At the same time, the veils, the pernicious, and the habitual tendencies, [accumulated through] ignorance, deeds, and obscurations are exhausted-kleshas!
    Obscurations appear as the essence of primordial wisdom. The wind of deeds ends daily as the wind of enlightenment.
    Now, O supreme one who has fortune and destiny, the two accumulations of spiritual merit and wisdom will mature. At the same time, the levels, paths, and follow-through will be completed. You will gain the depth of initiations as a Great Perfection.
    When you look at the blue rays of light, you see the face of Vairocana. The primordial wisdom of the dharmic space becomes apparent. The obscuration of dullness is released on its own level.
    How wonderful! Phenomena occur in a miraculous way!
    When you look at the white rays of light, you look at the face of Vajrasattva. The original wisdom of the mirror becomes apparent. The obscurations of anger are released on their own level.
    When you look at the yellow rays of light, you see the face of Ratnasambhava. The primordial wisdom of equanimity becomes manifest, and the obscurations of pride are released on their own level.
    When you look at the red rays of light, you see the face of Amitabha. The primordial wisdom of individual comprehension becomes apparent, and the obscurations of longing are released on their own level.
    When you look at the green rays of light, you see the face of Amoghasiddhi. The primordial wisdom of doing deeds becomes apparent and the obscurations of envy [or jealousy] are released on their own level.
    How wonderful! Phenomena occur in a miraculous way!
    From this time on, those who have good fortune become one and inseparable from the Enlightened Ones of the five families of Sugatas!
    In this way, the set up of the introduction is carried out.
    Also, all the sons of the family who are gathered here, in the solitude of a high place, shining and free from conditions, set up offerings during the two rays. And perform the prayers of the guru, deva, and dakini until they appear. Slightly turned around, they are suppressed in the Sun. Bindu, rainbow light, and chain appear. Also make up a squatting position. Looking with the direction of the distance, such as turning to the side, turning to the corners, etc., you will begin to see bodies and clean countries. This is the empowerment of Samantabhadra awareness.
    Having such key points, constantly work hard in this. The body will completely dissolve in the accumulation of light. Will be fully enjoyed in the land of Samantabhadra. The fruit that ripens as the essence is the subsequent destruction of samsara.
    Gifts, rakta, and offerings are then offered to the vajracharya. Additionally, offerings are made to the assembly of mandala deities, torma is offered, and hymns are sung. The prayer for the departure of the mandala corresponds to the general one.
    The empowerment of the energy of togal awareness is called "Unity of Symbol and Essence".
    Padmasambhava, like me, for the benefit of the mighty lord, the father and son in the present, and the followers in the future, has collected [everything] from the tantras and the sayings of the guru. And what is hidden and hidden has become clear. It was entangled in the mind of Yeshe Tsogyal. And since the present is not a time for spreading, it is hidden in the terma in Sangya Rinchen. It has acquired the seal of a symbol and benevolence. It was sent in secret, possessing power and energy.
    Let the son of speech in the future, who has good wishes, meet with everything that corresponds to the texts.
    Seal. Seal. Seal.
    Hidden seal. Seal of the trust. The seal of the treasury. Khatham.  Guhya. Dhathim.
    Terma of Sangye Lingpa, the son of speech [of the teacher] of Uddiyana.
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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