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Lama gongdu. Oral instructions on calculations

Lama Gongdu

Oral instructions on calculations

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    Oral instructions on calculations.
    According to the burden of the constellations and planets, one can restore what is established as the order of excess for one's own time. In particular, when there is a subordination of the Sun [nya zhom], heaviness and emptiness of the day — creatures of discord with perverse and erroneous actions appear to rise and fall elements from the disappearance of time, which appears from the submission. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the tradition of calculations or establish evidence of a good time. When you stick to the intersection of the day and hour of the planets and constellations, the decrease and increase of the Moon, the signs of constellations and signs, it is important not to make mistakes. Because of mistakes in the hour, you will also make mistakes in the count of days. Because of them, you will make a big mistake in the month. Thanks to such calculations, you will make a mistake in [counting] years.
    Because of all this, because of the power of the past [in the form of errors will appear] and the power of the future because of the sequence of constellations, planets, sadags, the penetrating factor [khyab byed], movement, elements, occurrences, etc. there will also be various movements and changes. There will be numerous increases, decreases, ups and downs.
    There are flaws that manifest in the two kinds of mind as good and bad in the form of fruit, which has certainty. Therefore, the certificate of the 360-lingtse is presented.
    When the Sun and constellations intersect, it is important to stick to this, without making mistakes about the hour. It is important to be diligent about the good and bad fruit, which collects the absence of errors, the planet, the constellation and the hour. Why? On the basis of the many gates of appearance of external and internal interdependence, there are actions and many methods of combining the interdependence of causes and conditions in relation to good and bad birth, prosperity and decline, good luck and failure, the desire to achieve liberation. If they appear, depending on the occurrence, then acting in accordance with this with acuteness, show diligence. Be resilient in the subtle aspects of combining bad and good actions in one time period. Partake here of some important and key points about being through the water obtained from the period of increasing being [or procreation]. In this way, you will find what is acceptable in relation to the power of good interdependence.
    Samaya. Seal. Seal. seal. Hidden printing. Seal of trust. Seal of the treasury. Extracted by Terton Sangye Lingpa.


year Mouse Bull Tiger Hare Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Bird Dog Pig
Constellation of La Purva-ashadha Anuradha Mrigashirsha Purva-phalguni Krittika Hasta Anuradha Pushya Pushya Citra Ashlesha Bharani
Constellation of sog Ardra Citra Revati Revati Shatabshiha Uttara-phalguni Uttara-phalguni Ashvini Ashvini Punarvasu Revati Pushya
Constellation of wang Krittika Uttara-phalguni Ashlesha Uttara-phalguni Anuradha Ardra Ardra Bharani Bharani Purva-bhadrapada Mrigashirsha Purva-phalguni
Constellation of keg Uttara-bhadrapada Bharani Citra Uttara-bhadrapada Pushya Pushya Purva-ashadha Purva-ashadha Ashlesha Krittika Purva-phalguni Уттара-бхадрапада
Constellation of Mara Magha Pushya Uttara-phalguni Svati Ashlesha Ashlesha Mrigashirsha Mrigashirsha Mrigashirsha Purva-phalguni Krittika Krittika
Constellation of she Dhanishtha Mrigashirsha Bharani Jyetshtha Purva-phalguni Ardra Revati Revati Anuradha Shatabshiha Uttara-phalguni Uttara-phalguni

    If you follow the dance to the constellations of La, Sog and Wangthang, you will achieve your goals. It will be favorable for everything.
    If you follow the dance to the constellations of Keg [obstacles], Mara and the enemy, you will not achieve the goal.
    For one person, the six constellations are very important. After all, even the time of death is death for him. Even the time of the appearance of the disease is explained to him as its appearance.

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