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Lama gongdu. Kapala practice "Treasury of realization of thoughts"

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of the teacher-guru

Kapala practice

" Treasury of realization of thoughts»

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!

    If you want to possess kapala, which has the appropriate characteristics, and do not adhere to that which has essential instructions, then siddhis will not be granted. And in addition, due to the cyclic existence, many undesirable things will appear and anger will appear in the defenders of kapala, yakshas, dakinis, etc.
    If one has the essential instructions, then all the activities that are indestructible and the desired siddhis will be achieved accordingly. Therefore, adhere to such essential instructions and oral instructions.
    [If there is a good kapala, in a favorable constellation, and the time of increase of the planets, full moon, new moon, on the eighth day, etc. - take it in your hand. Remove the obstacles. Smoke incense. Scree with magical substances, such as white mustard, black sesame, etc. When you say with the power of the powerful mantra of the wrathful [deities], to overcome obstacles.
    Then on the day when the constellation of prosperity appears, or on the day when there is any auspicious constellation, if there is none, pour a good cup of wine mixed with amrita into the kapala. Having done so, perform the extensive blessing of nectar, etc., the practice of guru, deva and dakini, together with the ganapuja chakra.
    Then put the base of the guru, deva and dakini's body inside the good kapala, which has no oily spots, dirt, etc. on the outside, and write in silver or gold the sacred mantra and prayers for the desired, along with additions from the practice of wealth. [Put] one hundred thousand names from the lineage [brgyud pa'i mtshan ' bum], numerous types of mantras-dharani, various medicines such as camphor, saffron, sandalwood, musk, ghihang [ghi hang], jati [jati], etc. [Put] various cereals, various jewels, various tree fruits, various fine silks, relics and remains [from burning] and other substances of blessing. [Put] five nectars-amrita, the purest volume of Learning, a piece of cotton, [skins] of a tiger and a leopard, eight symbols of good luck, seven symbols of the kingdom, etc. Fill everything with all the collected wealth of [objects] of the senses. Wrap it outside with colorful thin silk.
    When you do this, pray for the guru, deva, and dakini to be in the center of this space. Clean up the voids with the svabhava mantra.
    Within kapala, the great immeasurable palace, arise the guru, the deva, the dakini and his retinue. Perform the invocation of jnanasattva and also dissolve again. Perform recitation for the guru, deva and dakini according to what has emerged from the [text] of the individual [practices] "Iron Hook of Compassion".
    To the ambassador of the practice, perform prayers for the appearance of the sign of siddhi, stanzas of good luck wishes, prayers for power. When you say the heart of interdependence and the Sanskrit vowels and consonants repeatedly, perform the sanctification. When you contemplate kapala as the supreme, [form pleasure by] showing all the achievements for the guests in the good ganachakra.
    Then, so that this kapala is not seen by anyone, it should be [stored] in the cave of the treasury, without passing it into the hands, put in front of you or at the level of the bases of the body, speech and mind. It is shown for itself and at its own level.
    When the time comes between the full moon, the new moon, the eighth, third, or tenth day, do whatever is appropriate for the practice and offerings, and clean your mouth. Thus kapala becomes like the mighty king of the desired and necessary, the jewel of wish fulfillment. Presented as such, [becomes] the source of the desired siddhis. It appears as the implementation of all the desired activities.
    Additionally, although any kapala is acceptable, use a kapala that has no flaws. Some hide without any use in yogic activities kapala, which is made for practice. Through this, all that is desired arises.
    For example, for the existence of a multitude of cattle, food and jewelry, the satisfaction of food and drink is carried out. If you do so, you will understand that you are asking for euphonious verses, then everything you want will be granted. If it is not, then you will be like one who has not been given anything.
    If you are like this, then offer the good kapala and it will become the source of everything you want, because ordinary and higher siddhas will appear. Fill the inside of the kapala with important substances, such as jewelry, etc., and things. This is essential.
    The method of obtaining siddhi on the basis of good kapala is called the Practice of kapala "Treasury of Wish fulfillment".
    This has now been compiled by Padmasambhava, the great bhikshu of Uddiyana, for the benefit of the mighty lord in the present, the father and the son, and for the benefit of the followers in the future. Based on this, everything was recorded by a similar me, Kharchen Za Tsogyal. After the recording, it was hidden in the Terma Yongjong, a secret rock.
    Let the son of the speech [Teacher from] Uddiyana be met by one who has destiny and good fortune!
    Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal. Hidden printing. Seal of trust. Seal of the treasury. Ghadim. Received Tulku Sangye Lingpa himself.
    Subhamasthu sarva jagatam.
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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