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Lama Gongdu. The cycle of black Hayagriva, the defender of the Teaching. Secret practice

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of a teacher-guru

The Secret Practice of Black Hayagriva, the Protector of the Teaching

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    I prostrate before the assembly of the Dregpa, the lords of the mantra!
    This is the practice based on the mind of the secret black Hayagriva, together with the retinue of the black Hayagriva, the protector of the Teaching. In general, it is similar in all respects to another, internal practice. But in particular, [make up] the chakra of life force inside the black-wrapped dry silk with three long vessels that do not hide inside the rotten heart of the deceased being strong and powerful, having no white lines, a black horse.
    Draw the life force chakra with the jewels for the father in the middle, for the mother on the right, and for the son on the left. Having done so, put it [inside]. On the white silk, draw the shape of the eight classes and tie the heart in five-color silk. Together with an acceptable basis, link the accumulation of all [things], such as jewelry, cereals, medicines. This is also put in a skin bag.
    Similarly, as shown earlier, in the middle of the free [space], put the magical substances on the set bed. Tying silk or woolen five-color threads, mark for the interval of the session. Having done so, hold the corner during your own recitation. When you are not reciting, concentrate on the heart of the primordial wisdom deity that is performing the suppression.
    Ask the main [deity] to stay in the remaining place, where the semicircle is destroyed. Scatter the torma, set limits [or lines]. From above, install a canopy made of the great hide. Decorate the sides with tiger and leopard skins and black silk curtains.
    Inside the practice room, place the [image] of a powerful deity, weapons and substances, the skin of a predator, etc.. Additionally, set up objects and all common things for the enjoyment of the senses, such as shapes, sounds, smells, tastes, for the sensations of contact, etc.
    In accordance with the text about the activity of the defender of the Teaching, proceed to the approximation.
    Self-generation [is]. In the heart of Padmavajratsal, the father and mother of the mighty Hayagriva, the chief [deity] from the northwest, appear in accordance with how the father and mother appear from the visualization in the general text. In front [appears] an immeasurable cemetery palace, the mind as a palace, where fire and wind swirl, appearing as an opening for the homa. Within that which manifests itself like that which arises in external practice, there are three-the father, the mother, and the son, the defender of the Teaching, the black Hayagriva. Their life force chakras each individually appear according to the visualization. Practice contemplation by imagining the eight classes drawn on white silk as real.
    Then the red syllable hrīḥ, the seed of life force, the mind of Hayagriva's father and mother, appears in one's own heart. Rays of light radiate from it. Stretching out, being twisted in their own heart like ropes in a session, they touch the heart of the father and mother of Hayagriva uma. Through contact, the king's servants, the minister, and the servants are impelled to become powerless. In this way, they appear [as hearing] the speech and listening to the commands. In accordance with this, the father, mother, and son, together with their retinue, appear as being in speech, listening to my commands.
    When you imagine this, add the mantra that follows the life force from the inner practice to the Three Roots life force mantra and repeat. Due to [repetition] for five days or more, unthinkable consecutive magical manifestations will occur. In particular, in the middle of the mandala, fire will break out on the substances of the practice, or light will swirl, sparks of fire will radiate, the bodily bases will gather, light up, shake, smoke will swirl in the practice room, wind and fire will swirl, the screams and laughter of eagles and the cries of horses will be heard, numerous large scorpions will fly, predators, tigers, leopards, black and red bears, wolves, wild boars, etc. will appear and move. Numerous wild birds will gather. In addition, there will be a magical manifestation of the eight classes that is not covered by the mind.
    All of them stand with faith, listening to my commands, performing activities, removing obstacles, and [showing] the boundless gift of siddhi. In the best case, [it will] be obvious, on average, as manifestations of experiences, in the ordinary case, boundless perfections will arise in a dream.
    When such a thing appears, perform the bestowal in the form of auspicious torma and ganapuja. Gather for hymns and offerings. And although you will be a magnificent and majestic hero yourself, and all aspects of magical manifestations will appear, do not show disappointment in heroism.
    Then send the jnanasattva and dissolve the samayasattva in the base. Adhere to the commitment that the foundation, the substance, and the mind are not seen by people. Bring the torm. Also, hide the bases of the body in a secluded place. If there is a base of support, then cover it with a curtain, etc., so that people do not know. Say good wishes and make the subsequent actions invisible. Bring torma daily without attachment.
    In particular, during the practice, do not return to the offerings. At this time, [offer] torma, perform the prayer for correction, without attachment. Through this, the black Hayagriva, father, mother, and son with their retinue, will show friendship without moving away like a shadow from the body. Actions will be carried out to form acceptable conditions, avert opposing conditions, and so on.
    Samaya. Dhathim. Body seal. Speech seal. The seal of the mind. Hidden seal. Seal of the trust. The seal of the treasury. Khatham.
    The terma of the supreme manifest body of the Sangye Lingpa.
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (O. E. Filippov).

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