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Lama Gongdu. Dzogrim. Chod. The essence of Prajna-paramita. Oral instructions for daily practice " A drop of space encompassing all the nectar"

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of a teacher-guru

The completion stage. Deep cut-off of Mara

The essence of Prajna-paramita

Oral instructions for daily practice

A drop of space encompassing all of the nectar

Bestowing offerings of the illusory body.

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    Yogis who wish to practice the daily precept of choda-cutting should practice diligently in accordance with the oral precept of offering the gifts of the illusory body.
    All undefined locations are acceptable for this purpose. Any time is acceptable, which is also undefined. It is acceptable and not a certain person, whether it is [having] special [abilities], medium or simple, male or female. There is no specific way to practice. For practice, any time when you remember is acceptable.

    The actual practice is as follows.
    When you stick to everything with mindfulness, instantly with the help of phaṭ cut off what is other thoughts. When you say this, go to awareness through the experience of surprise. Begin on the top of your head in accordance with the path of the root teacher-guru. Show the heat of devotion.
    Due to the fact that this ordinary self-consciousness goes into the distance from the Brahma hole on the top of the head, it dissolves into the heart of the teacher-guru. Due to the fact that the guru-teacher dissolves in the light, bending, he dissolves in the body. This manifests the blessing of the body as pure nectar. Everything you come in contact with, everything you experience, is essentially a level of unsurpassed enlightenment. Imagine it like this.
    By radiating upward the waves of the body melted in the nectar, you make an offering to all the teachers-gurus, devatas, dakinis, Enlightened Ones, bodhisattvas and other noble assemblies, as well as to the guardians and protectors of the teaching, who possess the holy primordial wisdom. Because of this, imagine that you are praying in a joyful way.
    Once again, rays of light radiate from the hearts of all of them. By touching only the nectar, the enjoyment of the objects of the senses becomes equal to the edges of space. All those who do not dwell in the inexhaustible samsara until the stream of samsara is emptied are the protectors, the guests of the qualities, and the protectors of the universe. Thanks to the gift of offerings to all of them, they rejoice and become satisfied.
    Six families-guests of mercy. By offering gifts to all living beings that unites six families of creatures, five ways movements and the four kinds of birth — acquire and enjoy no disputes and conflicts, victories and defeats all comers, that fills each and all at once. Because of this, they have happiness and are freed from suffering. Once freed, they quickly acquire the jewel of a truly perfect, unsurpassed Enlightened One. Imagine it like this.
    Guests of karmic creditors. By offering gifts and offerings to all and all demons, negative influences, bhutas and temporary ones, who are found as the chief of the one thousand and eighty families of obstacles, they become possessed of the pleasures of the individual senses of their own. By the power of pleasure alone, the mind, speech, and mind become possessed of happiness. Freed from suffering, they quickly attain the level of the Enlightened One. Imagine it like this.
    Additionally, bring in accordance with all such nectar. Having magnified in a great way the inexhaustible, which corresponds to the gifts, he pours out like a stream of rain into space. In space, they gather like a swirling cluster of clouds. On earth, everything appears like grass, trees, and gardens. After that, everyone enjoys their separate pleasures. Those who have no food eat. He who has no drink, drinks. The one who is without clothes, gets dressed. He who has no place and no foundation becomes [possessed of] a place and a foundation. Those who do not have protection and shelter, there is protection and shelter. Those who do not have medicines that treat diseases are filled with everything necessary, all medicines for the treatment of diseases, etc. When everything and everything that is useful appears, everyone will have happiness. When the mind is freed from suffering, it calms down and obeys. With an enlightened attitude, they quickly attain the level of the Enlightened. Imagine it like this.
    When you have completed this offering of gifts, be free from all thoughts and remain in balance in the nature of nonconceptuality. The particles of spiritual merit from exercising mindfulness over and over again at any time for all aspects and times that correspond to such a method will not be eliminated in the edges of space either. And even the Vajra language can't say that. Here you surpass the objects that are measured by appearance and disappearance. It is a bodhisattva practice. Clears the veils of the three gates, increases the accumulation of spiritual merit and primordial wisdom, etc. due to the absence of causes, actions and diligence of the remaining acts from all this, an understanding of such key points is realized. When you show understanding, do it daily with constant diligence.
    The preliminary steps here are: the generation of faith and devotion through the mindfulness of guru yoga. The main part: after blessing the body as nectar, you make an offering of gifts. Completion: the entry of the three cycles into the invisible nature of the absolute [level]. The essence of spiritual achievements: it has the qualities for the final level and in temporary conditions. The heart of commitment: a lack of attachment to reality. Ritual procedure: an action based on an entity that is similar to an illusion.

    These are the oral instructions for daily practice. The offering of the gifts of the illusory body is "A drop of space encompassing all the nectar".
    Padma, who is like me, described for the benefit of the mighty lord, the father and the son, in the present and for the benefit.
    Let him meet the lucky one who has a destiny!
    Samaya. Seal. Seal. Seal. Hidden seal. Seal of the trust. The seal of the treasury. Khatham. Mangalam.
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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