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Lama gongdu. Tying the Guardians and Protectors of the Teaching

Lama Gongdu

Collection of thoughts of a teacher-guru

Tying the Guardians and Protectors of the Teaching

    Praise the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    This is how the guardians and protectors of the Teaching are entangled and bound together for the yogi, which is clear in relation to general and particular teachings and instructions that collect the essence of the thoughts of the completely perfect guru, deva and dakini.
    When the time of the mighty hour comes, being near the root mandala of the assembly of thoughts after any practice and initiation, a common torma of male and female guardians and protectors of the teaching should be established in the hands of the disciple. Burn the great fat and incense. Play musical instruments, such as the tibia flute, and so on.Create splendor. The guru-teacher should say the following:
    Hum! Hrih!
    I call upon the male and female defenders of the Teaching, who defend the Teachings of the Enlightened One by the power of faith and heartfelt commitment! Without being bound, quickly come to this place!
    I offer substances that are acceptable to you! I offer external, internal, and secret offerings, etc., which are actually present and fully revealed by the mind! I bring medicine, rakta, nectar, and torma!
    I trust you! Protect the teachings of this < name> in accordance with the vows and promises [given] as before the Victorious in past lives!
    [Perform all the activities entrusted to you and smash into dust the enemies, obstacles and bhutas that cause damage and harm to this supreme being!
    From now on until enlightenment, constantly exercise protection! Avoid external and internal obstacles! Perform the prescribed activities!
    sarva dharma rakṣana duṣṭan samayā svāhā
    In this way, the teacher and the students represent how the worldly and worldly protectors are carried out, that they guard the teachings, the goals according to the precepts and the deeds of the vows of the protectors, that they abide with devotion and listen to appearances. [When presented], they will make offerings of torma to the defenders of the Teaching and forcefully carry out the prescribed things through such understanding.
    These students must also constantly dispassionately make offerings and prayers to the guardians who protect the teachings. Thanks to this, because of the power of the obligations of the past, defenders will act, just as the shadow is friends with the body.
    If there is no partiality for aspects among the defenders of the teaching, all those who are in vows, teachings, formed by virtue of deeds and primordial wisdom will be such. Since the reason for this is the heart that unites the essence of all the Victorious, all the protectors that guard the teaching are also united in the nature of sandalwood and pleasant scents.
    Perform the bestowal of offerings and torm in this way. Then carry out the commandment of the Teaching for the guardians, together with the powerful protectors. And on the basis of what is carried out for the true holders of the tantra assembly of thoughts, it will not be heard in action for all who are acceptable for it.
    Dhathim. Thus ends the binding of the guardians and protectors of the Teaching. Samaya. Seal. Seal. Sealt. May it be good!
    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor.

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