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Padmasambhava. The prediction by the magical manifestations

The prediction by the magical manifestations

Proclaimed by [the teacher] from Uddiyana

    Take one white stone and sixteen black stones in your hand. And whatever arises in the end as existing or non-existing, first perform the invocation:

     I take Refuge in the Three Roots and Three Jewels!
     I create the [enlightened] mindset for achieving enlightenment [for the benefit] of all beings!
     In the middle of the lake in front of me, on the top of the Lotus, is the three-time knower Padmasambhava, surrounded in a circle by Vidyadharas, dakas and dakinas. The light radiates from three places, the primordial wisdom is invoked and dissolved [in them].

[Then recite the prayer, starting with ]


     You are sitting on a seat made of Lotus, sun and moon! Praise the body, speech, and mind! I offer external, internal and secret offerings! I sing the hymn with faith and devotion! Padmasambhava, which unites all three Roots! There is no hope for anyone else but you! I offer my prayers with heartfelt devotion! Please grant the highest and ordinary real achievements-siddhi and make clear your sharp vision!е!


    Let the gates of the eyes open, [that are] like a river! Let the clear lamp of acute vision flash!

    Perform recitation of a prayer [of this kind. Further:].

    Rays of light radiate from the guru's heart and clearly show all the desired goals

Imagine this. Further:

    Praise! An ocean of three Higher, Three Roots, Protectors and Protectors! Based on the powers and abilities of the possession of clairvoyant deities, predictions with clear vision, - I ask that I can clearly and without veils show the desired goals for the" name"

    Recite the heart of the interdependent-arising and vajra guru mantra. Then throw a pebble. Then [determine the result].

1. Precious Guru (gu ru rin po che)
     [This prediction] is very favorable. Your mind will be strongly involved and will be in touch with the teaching. Harmful and non-virtuous actions will disappear. Strive constantly in the offerings on the tenth day. Also, be diligent in the prayer of the seven chapters, the prayer of spontaneous realization of thoughts, and receiving siddhi. Perform the worship of the three Jewels. You will be blessed by me, Padma. If you die, you will appear among the Vidyadharas.
2. Stupa (mchod rten).
     This prediction is favorable and shows stability in engagement [in teaching].
     Life force: will be unchangeable and extremely stable.
     House: will increase wealth, substance, power (dbang thang)
     Guests: will be without regret and with great pleasure.
     Diseases: life is stable, but long-term diseases.
     Being: corresponds to the perfect planet and woman
     Provocations: the impact due to the magic of the Buddhist or Bon
     Enemies: you will be depressed because of the meeting with the head of the enemy
     Goals: if something is very good, it will come true.
     And so comprehend the manifestation through knowledge. Establish the body of the acarya-teacher, proclaim the teaching. Make an offering of water tormas, hanging lungta, a drop of magic.

3. Vase (bum pa)
     Life force: inside the vase vessel is life and life force. It cannot be damaged by the demon Mara, the Lord of death.
     Home: the ocean of nectar-Amrita will be bubbling
     Guests: guests will be available for three days starting from this time
     Diseases: if there are diseases, you will be protected by the deity
     Being: will disappear outside or end up in the cemetery
     Provocations: provocation through the substances of Buddhists and Bon.
     Enemies: no enemies and no worries
     Goals: goals will be implemented quickly, and so on.
     Perform ablutions, ask for initiations, and offer prayers to the deities.
4. Dry wood (shing skam)
     Is the highest of the worst omens. Like parents in the past and the growth of trees, this is likened to decline in the form of a withered tree and sick children.
     Life force: like the fall of an old tree.
     Home: the wall of wealth-prosperity has dried up. And even if there is a house, there will be no power in it.
     Guests: will not come and there will be regret
     Diseases: go to the cemetery.
     Being: the best will be cut off
     Provocations: provocation from the spirits of the prices and theoryhow
     Enemies: a cluster of enemies.
     Goals: goals and everything else-will not be realized. The heart will be sad.
     Establish three bases, read special statements-instructions. Be diligent in discarding-dogpa, invoking well-being, etc.
5. Jewel. (nor bu)
     Even if there is suffering from predecessors, children are possible.
     Life force: life force and longevity-ocean of wish fulfillment jewels
     Home: growth of branches of a dead tree
     Diseases: there will be a quick cure
     Being: a fountain will appear among the dry rocks
     Provocations: demons of the earth will come, Buddhists and bonts from the temple will come
     Enemies: there are no enemies and you will meet friends
     Goals: goals and so on will correspond to prayers for jewels
     Guests: will arrive within three days.
     Reciters collection of spells-Dharani, make four hundred offerings, Vajravidarana. You will meet the happiness of an old man.

6. The wolf or Jackal (spyang ku)
   Life force: die from a knife
     Home: red meat, red hands
     Guests: even if they come, there will be enemies and diseases.
   Diseases: blood and heart pain.
     Genesis: a daughter will appear
     Provocations: provocations from the blood family [spirits] with daggers
     Enemies: there will be weapons and blood
     Goals: goals will not be fulfilled and you will meet enemies.
     Good for collecting blood, hunting, etc. Bad for anything that isn't.
7. The lion (seng ge)
     The lion jumps from the top of any of the peaks and subdues all the wild animals.
     Life force: will be free from all destruction.
     Home: you will get power, wealth, food.
     Guests: coming soon
     Diseases: there will be a quick cure
     Genesis: a small child will be born
     Provocations: provocations from the Nagas, Nyen spirits, and sadag lords of the area. For women — provocations of impurity. If there are scandals-make sachcha (swell), make    offerings to the Sangha of infestations. Also perform ablutions, rituals of performing the deeds of the defenders of the doctrine.
     Enemies: there will be no harm from enemies.
     Goals: will be fulfilled soon.
     Bad in the case of predictions about accompanying a spouse or a woman. Good in all other cases.
8. Monkey (spre'u)
     Life force: will not be stable, large fluctuations and changes
     Home: various types of prosperity and decline.
     Guests: will not arrive immediately
     Diseases: very severe diseases
     Genesis: even if there is a small child, there will be various conversations, distortions
     Provocations: provocations from "monk-demon" spirits (rgyal 'gong) and vow breakers
     Enemies: will come and spread with shouts
     Goals: even if the goals, etc., are difficult to achieve to some extent, only a small part will be achieved quickly
     Practice the cross-thread ritual against the Gyalpo, repeat the Golden light Sutra, practice longevity, make Sacha (swell), and so on.
9. Buffalo (ma he)
     Life force: protected by a divine protector.
     Home: food and drink will gather and increase
     Guests will quickly arrive and remain
     Diseases: possible long-term illnesses
     Genesis: the water eye of being will open
     Enemies: thieves will come to steal wealth
     Goals: will be achieved, even if it is difficult to meet them
     Earnest in your prayers to the deities and in the practice of attracting wealth.

10. Demoness ('dre mo)
     Life force life force and longevity will be enmeshed in demons.
     Home: demons will arise and wealth will not be formed
     Guests: will not come and there will be gossip-conversations
     Diseases: you will be captured by the hands of the demon of death
     Genesis: even if you cling to the water eye, it will dry up.
     Provocations: none due to the presence of gongpo spirits
     Enemies: enemies will appear and use weapons
     Goals: will not be achieved and there will be grief.
     It will be favorable if you practice dogpa-discarding, the practice of longevity, burning gifts-Homa, water Torma, setting up stupas, etc.
11. Green tree (ljong shing)
     If this symbol falls out, it will be like the ringing speech of a small Golden child at the top of the wish fulfillment tree.
     Life force: like the growth of a green tree.
     Home: you will get the land and will benefit in the desired amount of jewelry.
     Guests: will not stay for a long time
     Diseases: you will recover according to the order of [treatment]
     Genesis: the number of sons and daughters will increase.
     Enemies: you will have the radiance of fearlessness
     Goals: all goals will be fulfilled soon, and so on.Be diligent in reading special instructions and establishing the foundations [of the body, speech, and mind]
12. Parrot (ne tso)
     There will be conversations from people's misinterpretations about you.
     Life force: it will be like a silk flag in the wind.
     Home: there will be quarrels, conflicts
     Guests: will not come and you will be overwhelmed with grief
     Diseases: you'll be dead within three days.
     Genesis: there will be talk of a daughter
     Provocations: quarrels over the provocations of vow-breakers and demons
     Enemies: there will always be conflicts over enemies
     Goals: goals and so on-will not be implemented.
     In case of conflicts, it will be good to make a prediction with analysis-research. Perform discarding-dogpa, suppression of enemies, and prayers to the deities.

13. The white conch shell (dung dkar)
     Everything will be covered with pleasant sounds.
     Life force: excitement and desire, like a horse with its hands closed.
     Home: will be happy and joyful
     Guests: you will hear pleasant conversations
     Diseases: if there are, exercise protection by the deity
     Genesis: there will be big conversations about children
     Provocations: provocation from Tauranga and spirits gongpo
     Enemies: enemies will come, but will not be able to influence
     Goals: goals and so on will come true and you will hear pleasant speeches
      When you bring the leftovers, throw out the Sitatapatra chakra. It will be especially good if you receive the initiation of Hayagriva.
14. Raven (pho rog)
     If this symbol falls out, it will sound a cry of bad omen and evil from the black crow.
     Life force: you will be enmeshed in demons
     Home: will be like a cemetery and a place where corpses are burned
     Guests: will come and listen to bad conversations
     Diseases: you will die soon
     Goals: there is no doubt in the implementation of goals, etc.
     It will be very good if you receive initiations, perform a ritual with crossed threads, as well as offerings to the defenders made by Torma, etc.
15. Old raincoat (ber rga)
     Life force: will be like pieces from an old cow
     Home: various demons will come to the house
     Guests: will not come and there will be grief
     Diseases: you will not be cured, but you will not die
     Genesis: it will be like cutting off an old trunk
     Provocations: provocations from crowned (rgyal po) and rakshasas of both sexes.
     Goals: goals and so on will not be achieved even with diligence.
     Enemies: even perfect graha planets will appear as enemies.
     Perform the ritual with crossed threads against the crowned ones( rgyal po), powerful practices and at the end of the Sutra about emptiness. It will be good if you pray to the guru-teacher.
16. The cure of the Nagas (klu sman)
     Life force: like a green tree
     Home: will be bubbling like an ocean of gold
     Guests: will come if they are women. Otherwise there will be great tribulation
     Genesis: the flower will be completely beautiful
     Provocations: from the Nagas, Nyen spirits, and sadag lords of the area.
     Enemies: will come
     Goals: goals and so on will become perfect after a while.
     In case of conflicts with the sadagas, try to practice the rituals of the "hundred thousand [records of] Nagas", the five sections of the Kathang Chronicles, etc.
17. Happy mountain (ri bo bkra shis)
     The steady basis, there are no shifts and changes.
     Life force: solid as a vajra or rock.
     Guests: Guests will arrive within three months from this time.
     Home: you will have your own home.
     Provocations: provocations against gold, silver and jewelry.
     Enemies: even if they do not come in small numbers, a great army may appear, which is more than three times.
     Diseases: all diseases will be as heavy as a mountain.
     Goals: goals and so on will be fulfilled like a wish fulfillment jewel.
     You will be supported by the power of the guru-teacher's compassion and Jewels. There will be protection by good divine protectors. You will quickly gain the level of Victorious.

     Perform the worship of the Three Jewels. Touch Padmakara with your mind. You will quickly become cheerful and happy.
     By means of this knowledge, realize the comprehension of magical manifestations. Repeat three times. For the first time — the level of the gods, the middle one is the external level, the last their own level. If there is no doubt, then everything becomes clear.
     Through practice, which corresponds to the method of such magical prediction proclaimed by the teacher from Uddiyana, the knot of doubt is self-freed. Let them manifest clarity of all phenomena and the fact that there is!
     Translated into Russian by the lazy yogin Karma Paljor (O. Filippov) on an ordinary day, not remarkable for anything.
     Good! Good! Good!
     Sarva mangalam!


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