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1. Introduction


The science of astrological calculations

The mirror of revealed the existence

Explanation of Chinese astrology

(Black calculations or astrology of the elements)

1. Introduction

 I give praise to the teacher Lion of Speech!

 The one who has a hood with good drawings [signs] of well-being and jewels! One who has hands with chakra and supports the sky, being magnificent! Those who are the highest among the Siddhas, the heroes [who overcame] the demons-Mara and others! They all bow to the all-knowing, which is the object of their offerings! 
 Through diligence and the fact that he studied a lot, out of the ocean of astrological Sciences, the [treatise] "Mirror of revealed existence" was born, which is free from pollution. [Further] the divisions of this [labor] are explained.
 After this all-knowing teacher [revealed] the act of spreading the teaching, the earth goddess Tenma bestowed power with a precious vessel-vase. [And the master was] invited to the Turtle Palace, the Royal Palace of the sadags in the lower direction. [In the Palace] the king of the earth, the all-encompassing Lord, presented a Golden chakra with a thousand spokes. [Having] made an offering, he asked for the propagation of the teaching. Then the head of the teachings [Shenrab] in the full moon of the black month of the year of water-Pig, proclaimed a powerful Kalachakra for the environment of people, Nagas, gods and eight Shen who asked for [instruction in] astrological science. [Among them] were bodhisattvas, Kanakamuni, Kashyapa, and others.
 Also [the teaching] is explained in three aspects. [These include] the great Kalachakra Sutra, [which deals with] kalpas, sutras about the formation of types of the universe, etc. [Further, this is] the king of the Kalachakra tantras, [where] the equal taste of the external, internal, and other [time] is indicated. [Third, this is] Kalachakra from oral instructions, where the calculations of years, months, days and time are set.
 Also, [such as teachers] of the great successor and victorious lion of the Shakya — again and again and proclaimed [this teaching].
 If someone says: "How is this possible? There is no connection, because I did not meet the Victorious one!» There is no flaw. Thanks to the blessing of the Victorious one and the clairvoyance that is free from contamination, they will have their own power of giving unmistakable explanations. And even if they say that this is wrong, it is impossible to dispute.
 At one time, the six ornaments of Jambudvipa spread [this teaching] to all the pure lands. A little earlier, in a country called Great China, in the Eastern direction, the magic king and sage Kongtse explained three hundred and sixty calculations about changes that are based on the Kalachakra of oral instructions. [Further] from the transmission line to the sage Legtang Mangpo, Chinese calculations spread to Tibet. But the four sons (are Known as the four astrological Sciences among the four Dharmic medicines and calculations about predictions.) [science about] the universe, astrological science, from Shang-Shung, Tibet, China, etc., - do not coincide in translations and terms. But although [such differences] occur in small numbers, there is no dispute [about them]. After all, even if you make an image out of gold, it is impossible that its nature differs from gold. Therefore, one does not contradict the other. All of them [contain] the essential essence of all [others].
 [Further] some [sages] who are strong in unquestionable statements have compiled texts. [Some of these texts] were included [in the congregations], [some] of the teachings were not included. Everything that is done that is explained by science is a unity.
 First, the source of being is explained. Since the bonze way of manifestation [of phenomena] that arise in interdependence is not covered by thought, [it is divided into three aspects]: being as the original existence and its own nature; being that is made by actions; being that arises according to causes. All of them are being, which is revealed in terms of the vessel and contents by the compassion of the Enlightened and Victorious and by the benevolent manifestation of the karma of living beings.
 Also, for the sake of explaining the non-repressibility of the relative level and [demonstrating] an introduction to astrological science, the yellow lion of Speech, [showing] being, supported by charity to the universe, appeared as the Golden Turtle, the Foundation.

 So the [Golden Turtle] is lying on its back. The head points South, the tail points North. The four limbs are stretched in intermediate directions. It is said that it is the basis for the appearance of the whole world. From the flesh, blood, heat, and breath of the tortoise [manifests] being for the four great elements. From the twelve external and internal ayatanas, twelve main cycles [years] are formed. Out of the eight types of consciousness, eight parkhas are formed. From the nine holes [formed] nine Mewa. From the eight great joints, eight great planets are formed. Twenty-eight constellations are formed from twenty-eight constellations.
 Also, how do they exist?
 A tree element is formed from the liver canal in the Eastern direction. There are also Tiger, Hare, parkha Zin, Jupiter and six Eastern constellations such as Krittika, Rohini, Mrigashirsha, Aridra, Punarvasu and Pushya. The element in all of them is a tree.
 From the channel of the heart, in the southern direction, the element of fire is formed. There is also a Horse, a Snake, parkha Li, the Sun, Mars, and six southern superstars such as Magha, Purhvaphalguni, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Chitra, and Swati. The element in all of them is fire.
 From the channel of the lungs, in the Western direction, a metal element is formed. There are also Bird, Monkey, parkha Two, Venus and six Western constellations such as Anuradha, Jyeshtha, Mula, Purvashadha, Uttarashadha, Abhijit. They all have an element-metal.
 A water element is formed from the kidney channel in the North direction. There are also Rat, Pig, parkha Kham, the planets Moon and mercury, the six constellations of the Northern direction, such as Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada, Revati, Ashwini. The element of them all is water. 
 The earth element is formed from the spleen channel in the intermediate directions. In the South-East is the Dragon, parka Zon, Ashlesha. In the South-West — Sheep, parkha Khon, Visakha. In the North-West — Dog, parkha Khen, shravana. In the North-East — Bull, parkha Gin, Bharani. The element in all of them is earth.
 Saturn-has the element earth and resides in four intermediate directions. Rahu-covers all and [has] completely five elements.
 In parkha Li - nine purple shining lights. In parkha Khon, there is a shady mountain, black on both sides. In parkha Da - seven blazing jewels. In parkha Khen, a white man with six Royal [virtues]. In parkha Kham — the only bubble on the water. In parkha Gin — eight white peaks of the king of mountains. There are three tree fruits in parkha Zin. There are four wind streams in parkha Zon. The yellow five is hidden in the turtle's belly.
 Among the year, month, parkha, mewa, planets, constellations, etc.-there are no Bon phenomena that are not United by the five elements. Therefore, their divisions are as follows.
 Growth [is characterized] by wood, burning-by fire, stability-by earth, rigidity-by metal, wet and liquid-by water characteristics.
 Oblong — wood, triangular-fire, square-earth, semicircle-metal. Round is explained as the shape of water.
 [As for the characteristics] of the five colors, wood is green, fire is red, earth is yellow, metal is white, and water is blue.
 [As for] the numbers of elements, wood is one, fire is two, earth is three, metal is four, and water is five.
 Five, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water - the five mothers and five sons of the elements are calculated.
 Five, fire, water, earth, wood and metal — five enemies and five friends of the elements are calculated. Also, as for the five fingers, they are distributed according to the descriptions of the five elements.
 The mother of wood is water, the mother of water is metal, the mother of metal is earth, the mother of earth is fire, the mother of fire is wood. Son of wood-fire, son of fire-earth, son of earth-metal, son of iron-water, son of water-wood. The enemy of wood is iron, the enemy of iron is fire the enemy of fire is water the enemy of water is earth the enemy of earth is wood. Each wood — land, friend of the earth — water, friend of water is fire, the other fire - iron, each iron — wood. The next up [or top] is the mother, the next down [or bottom] is the son. Grandma is the enemy. The grandson of a friend. This is the basis of all calculation rules.
 Thus ends the first Chapter - an introduction from the Black calculations of the "Mirror of manifest existence".

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