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2. Preliminary actions. Actions for calculations

2. Preliminary actions. Actions for calculations

 Then follow the steps for calculations. In accordance with the sequence, the element, year, logmen, parkha, mewa, prosperity and decline, month, day, hour [or time], planet, constellation will be explained.

1 Element

 First. Element. Keg - wood, JI - fire, Kung — earth, Shang — metal, and U — water are known as the [elements] of the great families.
 All of them are defined separately.
 The voice is broken, hoarse, and uneven-a Keg, an element of wood. Belongs to the Ga family, La [is] in the Sheep.
 Says through her teeth - JI, element of fire. Belongs to the family of Go and La in the Goat.
 Constricted breathing from the inside of the abdomen — Kung, the earth element. Belongs to the Dong family and La in Deer.
 The mouth is open, the tongue is pressed down, [sounds] come out with the breath through the nostrils - Shang, the metal element. Belongs to the family of Ra and La in the wild ass.
 The lips are compressed [or] the lips are drawn out like a tube - U, the element of water. It belongs to the genus Dru, Which is located in Yak. These are all five great families.
 Some (Some followers of Phugpa, Karma Ngeleg, and others) say that if you don't understand [what family it belongs to], then [it belongs to] Dong. But this is a tradition of fools. This is contrary to the texts, refuted by logic, and very absurd. [Why?] If you do not understand the source of the genus, then what can be said there about the definition based on the essence. If you combine Dong originally, the flaw would be that the majority [of people] is [related to the genus] The Dong and [all] clans of Tibet become one. Also, there is no need to define [family].
 Some (Dharmabhadra, Shilabhadra and others.) [it is said that] since the source of the genus is not visible, most calculations of the genus are seen as unnecessary. It is also a tradition that presents stupidity. [Why?] Because there is no one in Tibet who is free from the five elements of the genus. The wise man must first ask about the origin of the family. If it is difficult to understand, then it should be determined [by characteristics]. Having decided on this, it will make a prediction.
 Although this method seems to have no connection [with anything], it is the nature of the calculations of astrological science in relation to any presentation of the miraculous known by the apparent appearance on the basis of the hidden.

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