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2.3 Logmen

3 Logmen

 The third. The calculation of Logmen. From a Tiger-son to a man, according to their own Wang, count down. For a woman - count up from the year of the mother Monkey (for Example. Logmen of the year of the Tree Rat. For men, it corresponds to the fire-Tiger. For women — Monkey-water.). Count down according to the number of years of age. So you can accurately determine the Logmen. If it falls on a Tiger or a Hare - purchase. If a Rat or Horse is an obstacle. A Bull or a Sheep — the destruction of a Bird or Monkey — Parting. Dog or Dragon - heaven's gate. A Pig or a Snake — the earth gate.
 For the tree - calculated [for] the father, uncle [on the father's side], grandfather [on the father's side]. For fire are calculated [for] son, mother, and daughter. For the earth — calculated [for the] countryside, country, city, or fortress. For metal are calculated [for] jewels, friends, deities, and protectors. For water - calculated [for] close, path, and four extremes. For example, if a Dragon tree falls, then the heavenly gates will open in the area of the father and uncle.
 When you determine which Logmen falls, move five up. This is the sky fixing rope. Five down - wedge-ground support. When you count eight up, the sky is wide. When you count eight down-the earth's expanse (Carry out remembrance of the period that is explained in this way).

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