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2.4 Parkha

4 Parkha

 Parkha section. Own line starts with a father Khen and mother Khon. The eldest son is Gin and the youngest is Dwa. The eldest daughter is Zon and the youngest is Li. When the older siblings, Gin and Zon, got together, [there was] a grandson, Kham, and a granddaughter, Zin. So four male and four female parka — [form] eight.
 Elements of parkha: Li - fire, Khon - earth, Dwa - metal, Khen - sky, Kham - water, Gin - mountain, Zin - tree, Zon - wind. Since the sky, the mountain, and the wind are united in the earth, there are essentially five elements.
 Men counted in a circle from it in the direction of Khon. Women are counted in a circle from Kham in the direction of Khen. As many parkhas as there are years to count. Count dozens without saying each one separately. Tens are counted as four branches-limbs. After removing the remainder, follow the chain.
 Parka are four good and four bad. Since the pairs of fire and water, sky and earth, metal and mountain, wind and wood have overlapping possibilities, they are the heavenly medicine, the best of the best. Since the pairs of wood and fire, wind and water, sky and metal, earth and mountain — feed each other, interacting, they are the food of Sog, the average of the best. Since the pairs of fire and wind, earth and metal, mountain and sky, wood and water mutually generate splendor, are the generative of splendor, the last of the best. The directions in which their own parkhas are located are messengers of fate, when the best and the average are equal. From the side of the heavenly medicine, they seek benefit and happiness. In the direction of food for Sog are located to sleep. From the side of the generation of splendor, prosperity and wealth are invoked. In the direction of the messengers of fate, virtue is shown on the basis of words. All these are four good parkhas.
 Since the pairs of fire and mountain, wind and sky, metal and water, wood and earth-harm each other when interacting, they are harmful, the last. Since the pairs of metal and fire, earth and wind, sky and wood, mountain and water do not correspond to each other when crossing, they are five demons, special from the worst. Since fire and sky, wood and metal, earth and water, wind and mountain are hostile and obstruct each other in the interaction, they are cut off by Mara demons, the average of the worst. Since the sky and water, fire and earth, wind and metal, wood and mountain deceive each other when interacting, they are a health hazard, the last of the worst. In the direction of harm, perform rejection and aversion. In the direction of the presence of the five demons — relate the ransom and offerings. In the direction of cutting off demons-Mara-perform the [ritual] of crossed threads and throw out the magic Torma. From the side of harm to the body-health - carry out the purchase of La and Sog. These are the four bad parkhas.

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