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2.5 Mewa

5 Mewa

 Fifth. Detailed explanation of mewa.
 White One - mirror of the spirits of Men, metal. Black deuce - mirror of demons-Mara, water. Blue Three - mirror of lake spirits Men, water. Green four - mirror of the Nagas, tree. Yellow five - mirror of the spirits of Drala, earth. White six - white, mirror of Gyalpo spirits, metal. Red seven - mirror of Tsen spirits, fire. White eight - mirror of the deities of locality, metal. Red nine - mirror of well-being, fire.
 Next [follows] the definition of Mewa in the cycle. Three groups of sixty mevas are established, [associated] with sixty full years [of the cycle]. The first group [in the established order of communication] begins with one and ends with five. The second one starts with a four and ends with an eight. The third one starts with a seven and ends with a two. Then we go back to the first garland of Mewa. Similarly, if we follow in an unmistakable reverse order, we do not have any delusions about the heavenly mewa.
 The celestial mewa [year] of someone's birth is the mewa of one's own birth or the mewa of Lu. The fourth up, calculated from it - Sog. Fourth down - Wang. In the middle between them is Lu.
 Also [optional] one, the beginning of the mewa cycle. Placing in the middle that which is the celestial mewa, [we pass] from the center to the sky, metal, mountain, fire, water, earth, wood, wind. Then we come to the center. Counting the number of years, we find the birth date.
 Also, counting one, eleven, twenty-one, and so on-jump [to the next mewa]. The remaining balance is calculated as intervals when counting years. Just as shown above, we place the birth Mewa in the center. To the southwest is mewa of Sog. Mewa of Wang is located in the North-East, Health-in the center. Location of the three whites — white directions. Black and blue are the black directions of mewa. What is the Mewa of luck? The three harmonious ones are related to mewa of Sog Lungta (for Example. For the Tiger, Horse, and Dog, mewa Lungta is the black deuce of the Snake - Metal. For a Rat, a Dragon, a Monkey — the white eight of the Tiger tree. For a Bird, a Bull, a Snake-a white eight of water - a Pig. For Pig, Sheep, Hare-yellow five, mewa of  Sog fire - Snake.).
 Then [follows] the tradition of finding Babme. Place the birth Mewa in the center. From the center we move to the East. Men's year - Bon rotation. The rotation of the Dharma. Rotating along the Bon, we reach the South-East and return to the center. Rotating along the Dharma, we reach the northeast and return to the center. Re-move to the East and rotate to the right and left, as before (Counting one, eleven, twenty-one, etc.). Counting the number of years, we find babme. Every year we move to a new mewa (Counting one, eleven, twenty-one, etc.). Any babme corresponds to this obstacle. The white unit is a black two for small children. Deuce black — black deuce for everyone. Blue three — black two for young people. Four green — black two for widows. Five yellow — black two for monks. Six white — black two for bonets. Seven red — black two for people in adulthood. Eight white — black two for managers. The red nine is a black two for old people.


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