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6.1 Five main stones

6.1 Five main stones

     First. The five main stones determine the disease, which is eliminated by vision. Arrogance, arthritis, goiter, warts, swelling from the spikes with pain, hemorrhoids, rupture of ligaments, geog (sgyogs), phog (phog), thordis (thog rdib), constipation, falling out of a tree, [the disease] in the tree view, the sense organ eye, the object's liver - all these diseases of the wood and green stone tree.
     Infectious diseases, smallpox, measles, varieties of seizures, colic, swelling in the throat, black Pit (ya ma nag), countless varieties of [diseases] that are commensurate with the wind of the heart [or depression], colic due to heat, abdominal pain, provocation from above, snake venom, dog rabies, provocations [from snakes and dogs], cancer due to fire days, bowel diseases, tongue, and heart diseases, etc.-all these are fire diseases and the red stone of fire.
     [Everything] related to bile, depression, senseless movements, swelling, zatrug (za phrug), constipation, leprosy, boils, cancer, etc. Spirits that stop pregnancy, diseases of children, heaviness in the body, distemper, forgetfulness, falling from laughter, organ skin, the object of diseases spleen, stomach, eyebrows, etc. - all these are diseases of the earth and the yellow stone of the earth.
     Weakness due to a weapon that is not a fire arrow, bad breath, Glo lu, nose organ, and lungs are all metal diseases and white metal stone.
     [Diseases] cold, dropsy, blisters, edema, sur (sur), yachhu (ya chu), diseases of the lymph, diseases of the bladder, diseases of the female genitals, lack of discharge from below, diseases due to water, depression of the Nagas, etc. The sense organ-the ears, the object-the kidneys-are all diseases of water and the blue stone of water.

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