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6.4-6.5 Three hundred divisions of leaves and Sixty fruits

6.4 Three hundred divisions of leaves

     Fourth. Three hundred petals — five sections of sixty branches on the root stones of the five elements. Since they are combined, [we get] three hundred petals. In General, following the coniferous trees, Golden from the inside, adhere to the important because of the analysis of the good, which is similar to: 1) the boiling of white sheep 2) the rise and movement of white silk 3) the fall of overflowing wind and water 4) the construction of a Golden mountain 5) the decoration of a precious necklace.
     In the case of black, the order is followed because of the analysis of the bad, which is similar to: 1) Garuda and black birds 2) capturing the shadow of the setting sun 3) destroying a necklace of medicinal plants 4) lifting a broken trunk [tree] into the sky. It is like sheep being driven away by wolves. It is bad if a lot of white is scattered by black.
     In short, it is good if there is a lot of white. Well, if a little black. If it is equally white and black, then there are no gods or demons. In any case, perform a ceremony to eliminate failures.

6.5 Sixty-fruits

     Fifth. Sixty fruits-said for the sake of infant death and disease. [Defined] individual conflict of the disease Sog and four Sog, such as year, month, day, hour. [Respectively] a white or black stone is generally selected. Even with the prosperity and decline of Sog diseases, indicate four, year, month, day and hour. With six good ones, it's white, and with six bad ones, it's black. Thus [indicates] the opposition to the four, year, month, day, and time, also by means of the Lu calculated. And the calculated value is indicated as shown earlier. Total among all-sixteen stones.
     Analyze all of them in this way. If the white stone is Sog of the year, then there is no agitation of the mind due to heat and death, because the longevity chakra is not destroyed. If black — splits coniferous tree Sog. Perform rituals of longevity, redemption. The gift of life force. If the white stone of prosperity and decline is Sog, then it will be good, because there are no temporary obstacles. If black, it is a credit Sog. Carry out a proportionate redemption of Sog, and the repetition of nyeu (nyeu).
     If the white stone of the month of Sog, it will be good, because the green Tree SOG is strengthened. If black, is captured by ropes demons-Mara. Chant spells-the Dharani mantra of longevity, Sitatapatra. If white prosperity and decline, then the peg is set-the Foundation and you, man, are protected by the deities. If black — you come to the Bank of the river of death. If you don't die, it will be useful to pronounce the sounds of death.
     If the white stone of Sog of the day, then you will move away from the flow of suffering and sorrow. If you are black, you will be punctured by disease and harm. Perform the crossed thread ritual for Mamo, discard what Dhanishtha has done. If the white stone of prosperity and decline, you will be free from disease. If black, lead the way, liberate life and eliminate it.
     If the white stone Sog hours, you will be in solitude [free from] obstacles to longevity. If black, then there will be signals-signs of demons and cemeteries. Install sachcha, suppress demons from cemeteries. If the white stone of prosperity and decline, then longevity and well-being will increase. If you are black, you will be decorated with a picture of sorrow. Perform the ritual of crossed lines from sorrow and meet the Wanderers.
     If the white stone is the year of Lu, then there will be no disease in the body. There is no need for medication, bloodletting or cauterization. If it's black, it will cause harm to the body elements. Turn your body around, change your name, guard your vows. If the prosperity and decline of Lu are good, it will be easy to live, even if there are diseases. If black, then there will be difficult-to-treat wounds and boils. Clean the place of burning from dirt, dirt and sewage.
     If the white stone of the month of Lu, then the peg will be strengthened-the support of the body and elements. If black, then there will be losses and destruction. Receive initiations, [repeat the Sutra] Golden light, summon prosperity, [build] fortresses, [receive] vows. If the white stone of prosperity and decline, there will be no suffering. If black, then give the ransom, be marked with protection.
     If the white stone of the day is Lu, then it will be good, since youth and body strength are protected. If it is black, then the splendor will be damaged. Come to the Shelter, receive the blessing. If the white stone of prosperity and decline, there will be no basis for disease. If black, the karmic creditors will be lost because of the Mara demons. Build a stupa or carry out restoration. Bring food and drink to the saints.
     If the white stone of time is the hour of Lu, then even if you get sick, you will be cured with medicines or methods. If black, it will be harmful to the body. Unwrap the body, bring food and clothing to a virtuous friend. If the white stone of prosperity and decline, then it is useful to perform service. If black, there will be wounds [from weapons] and boils. If possible, protect yourself from corpses and dogs in a good direction.
     Stick to consistent explanations of the procedure that I follow the stones of coniferous trees.

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