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6.6.2 Revenge of parkha

6.6.2 Revenge of parkha

     Second. Revenge of parkha. If the disease starts from Li, you get a fever from rotting meat or oil. Also, epidemic diseases of the upper part of the body-the head, etc. Negative influences-harm from Tsen, celestial theurangs, tree demons (gre bo), poison spirits (rbad 'dre), hearth demons (gzhob 'dre). Harm comes from the South or North side. The gate is located to the South. Place of a dark red dog, red horse or cow. There are four or six wives. The abdomen is red in color and a lot of women. Conversations are joyful and hopes are scattered like hair. For the name-the light that blazes with clear wisdom. The appearance of [something] is from the earth. Decline from the fire. Make Ushnisha, the ritual of crossed threads for the Tsen, the commandments of the heavenly Tauranga.
     From Khon comes to the severity. If the direction is on the left, you get a black residence, black clothes, and you will be crushed by mud. Negative impact — the harm of Sadigov, Nagas of sermo, female spirits(mo gdon), jangman. It has a pair of gates from the intermediate direction South-West. Yellow dog, triangle. Two or four wives. The mouth is soft, but the actions are rough. The Name Is A Jewel. There are the names of the heart of the stupa, etc. Similarly, harm arises from the earth. Perform the ritual of crossed threads for Mamo, Tenma, sinmo, rotation of nine Chinese dongtse coins, commands for demonesses.
     About Dwa say "Heart and ribs are turned out". [Harm] to the body if you divide the top and divide the bottom. Negative impact-damage from Tsen and Drala will get if you take a red or a knife. North-West direction. The gate-explained as the West. White dog and monkey. The jewel is an armor made of metal. Wives number five or seven. Numerous markings such as billowing hair, long or loose. Harm from a name [containing] an angry, metal, or fortress. Perform ablutions, offerings of smoke to the deities, and hymns in praise of Drala.
     Khen. If the left leg or a contagious disease, you will get food from a woman or an old maid. The negative impact of harm from Gyalpo and Sudakov. Harm from the West. You have a pair of gates in the North. The dog is grey-yellow. Jewelry-horses and turquoise. The wives will disappear or be by agreement. The harm of names [containing] the heaven or the deity. Perform the rituals of crossed threads for the three-billed, Gyalpo, perform the deeds for the sadag.
     For Kham disease of the lower part of the body, kidney washing. You'll get sick from dry food. The negative impact of harm from water demons Mara and Chomen. The gate is located in the North or South. The dog is dark red, and the jewels are numerous herds. Three or five wives. Color-black, happy to move to red hair. Harm from names [containing] water base, black in the past. Make ablution, read the thousanders of the Nagas, the ritual of crossed threads for choman.
     Pus, tumors, and boils come to the Gin. On your right foot you will get a hearth to burn on the ground. Negative influence-Nien and not happy gods, harm from Gyalpo, serag and ghosts with knives (gri shi). Although the gate is in the northeast, the dog that shows up there is gray-yellow. [Jewel] yellow elephant. There is a great meditation and the suppression of the kind [in relation to] wives. The head is round, the color is yellow. It is bad when analyzing the name, [since] the harm is measured with the master-Jo, meditation, and the jewel-conchogue. Restore harmony with Sakagami, subjecting orders Sarah.
     Zin. If the ribs are on the right side of the body, you will get metal or you will get a tree cut off. The harm from Nagas, tsen, the demons, the Nagas, gongpo. The gate is facing East, but it faces West. Dog-acceptable as blue-white, there is a chest, a tiger, a leopard, a monkey. Wife one, color of the body white. Hair-scattered. Name-blue. Harm from the actions of the Nagas, Gyalpo. Recite the Dharani to correct violations, command the assembled gongpo.
     Zon. You will not be happy because of the wind, intoxication, the right hand, the upper part of the [body]. You will get [trouble] for getting fine silk and demon food. Harm from Mamo, demons of women's death, tree and slumber. The gate in the South-East, with decorations of the gate. The dog is very yellow. Jewelry-cows and bulls. As for wives, because of the belly, there will be a lot of women. A man with an intoxicated form and an element of wind. Harm to the name of a mad woman or a prostitute. Perform the ritual of crossed threads for Mamo and Gyalpo, break the tree.

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