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6.6.3 Revenge of meva

6.6.3 Revenge of the Mewa

     White One — if there is a disease beyond it, then there are diseases of the eyes, the head is dizzy and there is a wind. Boils and tumors, whistling in the body, stinging the heart. The negative impact of harm from the gods, Gyalpo, the local rulers of the place and Sudakov. Your enemies are cheese and beer. Perform penance and deeds, Dharani of the deities and Nagas. Perform the ritual of paying off karmic creditors, raise the crossed threads from the Gyalpo number one hundred.
     Black two. Serious illness. There will be diseases of the eyes, upper body, colic. The negative impact of harm from the demons of Mara, scandals, Yakshas, Nagas-demons, violators of the vows. From the direction of widowhood comes sorrow. You are in danger of turning away from men. Perform the ritual of eliminating the misfortunes of the black, the ritual of crossed threads, unfold the face of the demons-Mara.
     Blue three. Diseases: tumors, dropsy, liver disease in men, urinary retention. Negativnye influence: negative influence of Nagas, sinmo, Sadags of the fields, land, cemetery land. Dangers: the spring will unfold, fangs and claws. You, man, will make mistakes in trading and there will be scandals. Do the rituals of the Nagas, offer Torma to the Nagas, do the ritual of crossed threads for the eight Nagas. Hide the vase-the treasure of the Nagas and Sudakov.
     The green four. Disease: pustules, leprosy, paralysis, arthritis, diseases of the limbs. Negative influence: the harm from Nagas and Sadags in the North-West, that dwell in trees and springs. The sengma flower (gseng ma) will be destroyed, you will get the destruction of trees. You will have erroneous charges and losses. Even if you are paralyzed and the pustules dry out, it is temporary. Prepare the Naga medicine, recite a hundred thousand Nagas, perform the crossed thread ritual for the eight Nagas.
     Yellow five. There will be severe heaviness, deafness and numbness, sweat and vomiting, abdominal diseases. You will sleep a lot, but there will be no joy in your heart. Negative effects: harm will result from Gyalpo, Gong, drala, light-bearing substances. Because of the dangers and destruction of the stupas at the base of the sky, you will have a heaviness and a decline in cattle. Restore harmony with Sakagami and eliminate the demons of the substances.
     The white six. Diseases: stabbing pains in the heart, infectious diseases, diseases of the mouth, teeth and bones. Negative influences: harm due to an empty house, treasure keepers, demons of passion, hidden demons of women. Danger from an unclean hearth and incest. You will develop bone diseases and ulcers. Perform ablutions, exercise and repentance, and make offerings to the gongpo.
     The red seven. Diseases: pain in the blood, fever, severe tumors, errors in bloodletting and moxibustion. Negative effects: damage from knives, Prices, and Tree. You will get various cattle kills and a hearth with red blood. You will have arrows and nails of Tsen. Harmonize [the relationship] with the Tsen, bring salted beef, perform the ritual of crossed threads for diseases and those who scratch.
     White eight. Diseases: severity, insanity, pollution due to the wrath of the deities. Negative influences: the rage of the five inherent deities. Danger: impurity will put pressure on the deity. You will have knives and methods with nails. Perform ablutions, restore the five inherent deities. Implement good luck wishes for your opponents and [invoke] longevity and well-being.
     Red nine. Diseases: epidemic diseases, women will have very strong bleeding. Negative influences: harm from demons-Mara and Tenma. Danger from incest and eating the widow's food. You will have latent laziness and epidemic diseases. Perform the General ritual of crossed threads for Mamo, invoke prosperity, guard the deity of Buddhism and Bon and dark purple.

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