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6.6.4 Revenge of days

6.6.4 Fourth. Revenge of days

    Diseases on the day of the Rat: there will be tumors, growths on the body or joints. Since he did not please the Nagas and deities with offerings earlier, it is said that it is difficult for a woman and a man to make offerings to the deities.
    On the day of the Bull: there will be heart disease and liver disease in men. The damage from the Tree and snooze and light and Serah. There will be disturbing and strong dreams. There will be heaviness, women's diseases, bad experiences in the joints of the limbs.
    On the day of the Tiger: the stakes will be on all sides, front and back. Will the harm from gods, Nyen, Nagas, Nyen, and Tauranga. They also talk about heaviness in men and women. Make offerings to the deities and smoke offerings to the Nagas with force.
    On the day of the Hare: diseases of the head and waist. The damage from the Gyalpo, Tauranga, Sindh demons, Nagas and rakshasas. They say that when this happens, it will be hard for both men and women.
    On the day of the Dragon: diseases of the internal organs of the heart and lungs. The deities are angry because of the hearth for burning and uncleanness. Make offerings of smoke to the deities, and make forms and supports for the deities. It is explained that it is difficult for both men and women.
    On the day of the Snake: diseases of the chest and ribs. There will be fatigue, sweat, [pain in] the intestines, chills, fever. Harm will come from the Nagas and Nyen in the grass and trees. There will be long-term illnesses in men and women.
    On the day of the Horse: diseases with loss of consciousness, stabbing pain in the sides. The damage from the deities of the horse and snooze and light. Carry out the [practices] of performing the acts of the deity. They say that it will be difficult for both men and women.
    On the day of the Sheep: it will be difficult to cure diseases in the middle of the body. It will be harmful if serangs, Dre and Tsen gather. Frighten the serag and pray for the dead with daggers.
    On the day of the Monkey: your heart will shake, you will have a good appetite, but you will be crooked. Will the damage from impure substances and Sudakov. What made sadami, it will be difficult for men and women.
    On the day of the Bird: the limbs and bones will ache. Because the hearth is emptied, there will be harm from the deities and Nyen. It will be good if you bring the smoke from the burning in the hearth and make offerings to the deities and Nagas.
    On the day of the Dog: fatigue will occur and it will be difficult to move. There will be harm from the celestial theurang, the keepers of the treasure, the Pehar. Perform the ritual of crossed threads for Pehar, command the celestial Gongpo.
    On the day of the Pig: there will be bloodshed and bad breath. There will be harm from the spirits of death from the direction of the brothers and sisters. Subdue the executioners and offer prayers to the family deities in the cemetery. Diseases for men and women will be severe.

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