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7.1 the First cycle. Cycle of Garuda, king of birds

7.1 the First cycle. Cycle of Garuda, king of birds

     First. For the king and ruler of men - "the Cycle of Garuda, the king of birds". Starting with the Bird, the enemy of the element calculated, and up to the calculated count up what is obtained. Since the five, Mewa of birth, Lungta, Wang, Lu, and Sor [from this account] — conflict with the five of the calculated one, the white [stone] will be at the inner meeting of mother and friend, earth and water. In an internal [meeting] of the son and of the enemy, wood, metal and fire — black.
     Also, the payment [shall] set forth the five points the beginning: to empty or not the location; clears or not sharp grins that tiger and leopard; you will be released or not silk knots of the Kingdom; depleting or not the Palace people, will be or no rot on the fabric of the hat..
     First. If the white stone of Sog - does not stop the king's dynasty, it is impossible to devastate the Kingdom, longevity and the body will be stable, like the vajra rock. If black — for the king and Prince will appear cemetery demons from the land of his father and paternal grandfather. The five Shen are not directed to suppress the Si demons. It is necessary to carry out the redemption of Sog, the king to remain on the throne.
     If the white stone of Lu - it will be free from diseases. There will be a virtue for the Princess from the bright smiles of tigers and leopards. The Prince will appear, which suppresses the greatness of the revealed being. The whole Kingdom will be happy. If black - the king will be captured by the disease. He will be free from the faces of his father's son and the Princess. It is written that the Kingdom will be like water in autumn. Gifts should be offered, the body changed, and vows kept.
     If the white stone of Wang, then the wealth will spread. Since you will not be free from the silk knot of the Kingdom, it will be good if the power of the two traditions increases. If black - then there will be criticism from other lords and people. Sons, horses, jewels, cattle, riches - will come to poverty. Call for prosperity, perform hymns to the hero-Vira, read Kangyur.
     If the white stone of lungta - since the Palace of the king is not emptied by people, the victorious banner of learning and fame will rise. Ministers and servants will carry out all that is said. If black — the Kingdom will waver in the wind. The Kingdom will be unhappy, and there will be disputes in the Royal Council. Restore luck, suppress enemies, set gifts, and so on. Work with great speed in the great power of service.
     If the white stone of Mewa - there will be no rot on the crown cap. And it will be good, because the line of the ruler's family and the king's commands will be extended. If black, then among the Royal people there will be diseases, the era of thirst and weapons will spread. It is important to perform the General cross-thread ritual for Mamo and [chant] powerful mantras.

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