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7.2 Second cycle. Cycle of blue turquoise dragon

7.2 Second cycle. Cycle of blue turquoise dragon

     Second. "Cycle of the blue turquoise dragon" for Bonpo-victorious Shen. Starting with the Dragon of the mother element calculated, count up to the conflict by [number of years]. Five began to calculate: rise or will not rise ushnisha on top; no Shine or signs and marks of grandeur; it will appear or not melody Golden drum; to be sustainable or not the level of the throne of the word; it will clear or not deep concentration-Samadhi initiation and completion.
     First. If the white stone of Sog - the power of Bon-Shen will rise in space. Will become clear in the space of explanation and practice, the sun and the moon. Long will be the longevity and the body of the Lord She that holds the line. Bon will spread everywhere, in the center and around the edges. If black, then ushnisha will become darkened by clouds. It will be a short life of Shenpo that [holds] the line of practice. Show the protection of deities, practice approximation, attract longevity and prosperity.
     If the white stone of Lu, the radiance will spread. There will be clear signs and marks and there will be no [need to eliminate] diseases and negative impacts. The Shen transmission line will be a long unbroken river. If black, then this is important, because the shining moon will be poisoned by diseases, negative influences and Rahu. Build temples and receive the great initiation as an antidote.
     If the white stone of Wang, then the drum will sound. You will be known in the three worlds and in all the worlds. The gods and demons would follow the command. You will have benefits for all beings. If black, the drum will be entangled by birth. You will come to the elimination of the heartfelt obligations of the [higher] being. Restore errors and violations, strive for good luck and prosperity.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then the Yungdrung throne and the Lotus feet of the Shen practitioner himself will be magnificent. Fame and students will spread in ten directions. Acts-activity will be equal to the edges of the celestial space. If black, then because the protecting deities are angry, there will be disputes and a lack of reverence by others. Perform the ritual of crossed threads for the three-headed and discarding demons-Mara.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then the vision of Shen deity will rise like the sky space. Meditation will become clear, like the sun and moon. The heart's obligations will be pure, like a crystal. If black, there will be great prosperity and decline in the Bon transmission line. There is a father's targeted power and cast magic. Understand this as the realization of the great dropping in four directions.

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