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7.3 the Third cycle. Cycle of the white lion

7.3 the Third cycle. Cycle of the white lion

     The third. The white lion cycle for virtuous friends and monks. Starting with the Hare with the enemy element calculated, count up to the conflict. Five principles of calculation will rise or not in the gold sky vajra; disappear or not a vessel-a vase out of his hand, will break or not thread rosary made of crystal; will be made or not mandala of turquoise; collapses or not the base of the lion's throne.
     If the white stone of Sog, then since the Golden vajra will not be scattered in the sky, you will find youth when you reach immortality. This is the subordination of manifest being. If black, then there will be obstacles to longevity. Since you will not come to receive opportunities, you should purify the discarded and work diligently on the basis of the practice of approximation.
     If the white stone of Lu, then the precious vessel-vase will not disappear from your hands. It will be good and important if the orange-colored Dharmic garments Shine. If black, the body will have diseases. There will be a small teaching transmission line and a low level of students. Turn your body around and take your vows again.
     If the white stone of Wang, then the deep essence will be granted and the thread of the white crystal rosary will not break. Students and wealth will increase and spread widely. If black, the activity will not spread. There will be obstacles to bringing benefit to others. Get the initiation, make the recitation, you need to get the gifts and food.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then the disciples will spread and the mandala of luck will not be destroyed. Fame and power will blossom like a flower. If black, then the body will become heavy when dealing with students. Since there will be prosperity and decline in activity, then clarify the path of the teaching festival and make offerings to the three foundations.
     If the white stone of Mewa - the lion throne will not be emptied. A flood of blessing will fall. It will be good, because the teaching will spread in ten directions. If black - it will be necessary to leave the host country. There will be obstacles to Learning and longevity. Carry out the great practice of Kagye and come to the Foundation.

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