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7.4 the Fourth cycle. Cycle of yellow gold snake

7.4 the Fourth cycle. Cycle of yellow gold snake

     Fourth. For holders of vows and holders of mantras - "Cycle of the yellow Golden snake". Starting with the Snake-friend of element calculated, count up and down until the conflict. Five principles of calculation: will be free or no the essence of deep consideration; it is dirty or not clear light in the posthumous meditation; clears or not the radiance of the mandala; broken or not top kylai; coming or not suppress teachings of the dakinis.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, then since you will not be freed from the essence of deep concentration-Samadhi, then yoga will clearly descend on the basis of the practice of approximation. Great will be the longevity and a good transmission line that has radiance. If black, then the essence of yoga will fluctuate. You will come to violations of heart obligations and the holding of the transmission line will be interrupted. Since there may be obstacles to Sog, practice approximation, restore and purify the heart's obligations.
     If the white stone of Lu, it will be good to hold the transmission line. There will be no contamination of the clarity and clear light of postmortem meditation. You will be freed from diseases and subdue the manifested being. If black, the clear light will be polluted by darkness. Will not develop abilities and will be pricked by diseases. Establish the bodily form of Devata, perform ganachakra.
     If the white stone of Wang, the glow of the mandala will not be dispelled and it will be good for the transmission line of the mantra. The eight classes and elements will act as servants. It will be good, because ten countries will be in prison. If black, it is very bad for the mantra transmission line. Even if you touch a rock with a kila, there will be no mark, like a child in oil. The power and ability will not come, the house of practice will be emptied. Change the place of practice and practice a powerful mantra.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then you will have a good point-the top of kilaiya. You will be quickly known for your destructive activity. If it is black, then kilai's sorcery will be abhorred. Collect scandals and questions. Implement dogpa and deploy scandals that link the goal.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then there will be no suppression of the teachings of the Dakini and you will keep awareness-leading. It will be like the sun rising in the sky. If black, the lead holder will not be suppressed by the ground. Since there will be harm from the sounds of SvO and Phat, then unite with the protection and service of the deity-Devata.

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