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7.8 the Eighth cycle. Cycle of loving light jewels

7.8 the Eighth cycle. Cycle of loving light jewels

     Eighth. For young men - "the Cycle of the loving light of the jewel". Starting from the enemy Tiger to the calculated element, there is a conflict when the score is up. Five principles of calculation: destroyed or not an indestructible wall, will disappear or not a gold fish on land; to be or not filled with water petite clothing; depleting or not the fencing with the boys games; will crack, or there is a little arrow and a little bow.
     First. If the white stone is Sog, then the brothers and sisters of the infant will be happy and virtuous, since the indestructible fence will not be destroyed. If black, there will be obstacles and suffering. Since the son and the house of glory will be hidden by the body, then arrange a holiday for the child, carry out the procedure for eliminating troubles, and receive initiation.
     If the white stone of Lu, it will be a good color, because the Golden fish will not leave the land. It will be good, because there will be no diseases or negative influences in the body. If black, the size of the Golden fish will change. From al harm from the demons of his mother and aunts on the maternal line — make offerings to the Nagas, to suppress the demons of Si, the structure of the stupa.
     If the white stone of Wang, then food and jewelry will increase. Since small clothing will not be covered with water, the child will be protected by deities and guardians. If black, the surface of the silk pattern will split. Since the face of the forces of a small child will appear, then grant clothing, suppress demons and babies.
     If the white stone of Lungta, then the deities will enter the lines [of images] and the Playground of the child will not be emptied. Indeed, it will be sung by other beings. If black, the servants of the deity will [pay] less [attention]. Since there will be sorrow, death, rejection, perform ablutions, prayers to the deities, and building the path.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then La and longevity will be stable. Since a small arrow and a small bow will not split, it will initially be free from bad conditions and obstacles. If black, the fortress of the child's body will fall. Since there will be great dangers to longevity and La, then receive the longevity initiation, recite the longevity Sutra, and reject your enemies.

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