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7.10 the Tenth cycle. Cycle of four unchangeable nails

7.10 the Tenth cycle. Cycle of four unchangeable nails

     Tenth. For carrying out the actions of the servants and the servant - "the Cycle of the four immutable nails." East-Tiger, South-Dragon, West-Bird, red, North-Pig - four unchangeable nails.
     Also, regarding the thin calculations, among the three, the Tiger, Horse and Dog, Tiger-friend, among the three, the Rat, Dragon and Monkey the Dragon as the mother. Among the three, the Bird, the Bull, and the Snake, the Bird is like a son. Among the three, the Pig, the Sheep and the Hare, the Pig as a harmonious element. Then we move up and down from what we received. Five began calculating that conflict with the hope will disappear or not a single bow and five arrows; any suppression orders of the king and the Minister; covered or no dark men's house; will or not loaded yoke of misery; put to rest whether or not the provisions of the servants.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, then since the arrows and bow will not disappear from your hands, you will be in contact with the benefit of the servants for a long time. If black, they will resist the master's commands. Prosperity will be damaged, longevity and vitality will be destroyed. Establish support for longevity, and strive for servants and prosperity.
     If the white stone of Lu, then any action will be taken. Since there will be no suppression of the orders of the king and the Minister, there will be no diseases in the body and there will be happiness for the family of servants. If black, then there will be disease and suffering. There will be scandals. Make offerings to the deities.
     If the white stone of Wang, then the moonlight will rise, because the man's house will not be hidden by darkness. It will be good, because food, jewelry, and wealth will be collected. If black, there will be great devastation over everything, servants and jewelry. Bad luck will come to the horses, herds, and jewels. Perform ablutions, recite the Golden light Sutra, and get well-being.
     If the white stone of Lungta, there will be no scandals. Since it is not loaded with the yoke of failure, the king is not angry and loved by the Ministers. If black, it will be loaded with the yoke of sorrow. Pacify scandals and enemies, set the road-the way.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then you will have the essence. Since the servants provisions will not be cut off, you will have the wealth of the servants retinue, and your Health and longevity will be stable. If you are black, you will be poor in wealth and there will be failures in jewelry. The actions of the servants will be contradictory in everything. Pray to the deities, spin your luck, bring Torm.

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