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7.11 the Eleventh cycle. Cycle of yellow gold pig

7.11 the Eleventh cycle. Cycle of yellow gold pig

     Eleventh. For storage and fortress - "Cycle of the yellow Golden pig". Starting with the Pig-enemy element calculated, [mark] the conflict from above and below. Five principles of calculation: any the need to leave the earth; rise up or not the deity, the top of the fortress; realized or not establishing proximity the hearth: will crack, or there is a spear made of turquoise and gold, set or not the records of men and people.
     First. If the white stone of Sog, it will be good, since the son will hold the Foundation of the father because there will be no need to move to [another] country. If you are black, it is bad, because you will leave the country. Since there is harm from the sadagas, Nagas and Nyen, perform the ritual of crossed threads for the sadagas, collect one hundred thousand [offerings] to the Nagas.
     If the white stone of Lu, then the deity will spread on top. It will be good, since you will not be free from the Lord and the fortress. If black, the fortress will be suppressed by filth and dirt. The Foundation will be destroyed or the human race will be cut off. Perform hymns for the surety of Drala and eliminate the deities.
     If the white stone of Wang, it will be good because you will not establish proximity to the hearth. An ocean of oil will boil in the hearth. If it's black, the food will dry out and you'll be surrounded by the essence. So hide a vase with everything you want under the hearth.
     If the white stone of Lungta, it will be a stable element of the country, since the peak of turquoise and gold will not split. There will be virtue because of the absence of diseases and scandals. If it is black, the earth will split and the house will fall. Gather together the hearts of Sadags, install and restore lungta.
     If the white stone of Mewa, then there will be no disputes over demons and people on the father's land. It will be good, because there will be an increase in seeds and a good year. If black, then in the middle of the earth will be hidden serag. The fruit and essence will not spread, and your luck and well-being will be damaged. Make offerings to the deities of the area, bring down the essence of the earth.

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